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10 Sep 2009
PostedApr 02, 2010 2:47 pm

a story about how marines got to be able to morph

a story of how marines got to be able to be wolves episode 1
I'm bored so please enjoy this story or I'll send my marshmellow army to kill you. >Smile

[/i]One day in April I was walking along a path in the forest when I heard a small noise, it sounded like a dog, one who wanted food,bad. I turned around and looked through a bush and there it was, a tiny little mix breed (with some very sharp teeth) huddled against the light rain I looked for tags and found one it said:
[b]Hello my name is Dave.
Please return me home to AMC labs if found.
[i]I froze that was where all sorts of strange lights, sounds and noises had come from. My sister being a vet I sort of felt guilty returning "Dave" to his "home" so I took him home. When we got home I fed him a gave him a bath(which he did not like) and then I took him to my sister. She took him into the X-ray machine and did some genetic tests to see who his mom and dad were when she came back she was pale as a ghost.....
To be Continued.........
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