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17 Oct 2009
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Human vs Wolf guide

This is a guide for Humans on how to defeat wolves and vice-versa.


Corner strategies

When approaching a corner chances are a wolf is there. There are 3 ways to check.

1. (Music on) Throw a grenade if you hear a sound it means a wolf is there. However, the wolf will also know you know it is there.

2. (Special way; Wolf will not know) If you point your cross-hairs at the corner, even if there is no body part visible you might still see their name pop out. It has happened before. This gives the wolf no sign that you know it is there. This only works if the wolf is EXTREMELY near the corner.

3. (The "fakie") Approach the corner, and right before you reach it, move backwards without turning around. If there is a wolf there, they probably jump attack. This will expose them and you can shoot them afterward. If they survive they probably retreat back into the corner; and both of you are fully aware of the others presence.


If you have to fight a wolf head-on. Chances are the battle may last less than 5 seconds. The wolf will mostly focused on jump attack you to kill you. You focus on head shots.

1. Stay calm. If you panic your aim will most likely be off and you will spray at times that you don't need to. Aim the head all times.

2. (When to shoot) Shoot after a jump attack. During a jump attack; shoot the body and try to HS when the wolf is on the ground. If they charge try to spray near the chest; a lucky HS might come out.

3. When a jump attack is coming; duck. if they aim too high they will miss. If they miss turn around and spray, again try to aim a high to give a HS since their head will be above you. If they don't' miss you will most likely die.

Escape methods

Sometimes, a wolf will corner you and you won't be able to beat it, during that time retreat is your option. A wolf is fast so simply running won't work.

1. (Shoot and run) Just run backwards while still shooting the wolf. The stun slows them down and kills them. Noob wolves might continue the pursuit. A decent wolf knows that it might die before it kill you and instead retreats. If it does don't turn keep pointing so it stays hidden.

2. (Knife run) Turn and run with knife, you will escape guardian wolves. Other wolves will catch you, but if you have allies helping you, you might live.

3. (Special way) Run and hide in small areas where wolves can't enter. This works against all wolves instead of smart wolf. However, if they are smart wolves you might possible kill them as they go inside.

Hiding tactics

Hiding is sometimes the best way to escape wolves. And to get the preemptive attack on them.

1. (Hiding close) It works sometimes. If you hide behind a thin object and the wolf is on the other side, it might only look for humans that are in far distances with their guns ready, it might never think a human is on the other side of the object.

2. (Abnormal hide) Hide in a not very popular hiding zone. Wolves likely check the more popular hiding zones; use a not very known of place, chances are wolves might not check it.

3. (Enemy territory) Dangerous. Wolves don't actually expect an enemy in their own territory if the whole enemy team isn't as far as the middle of the map. Makes a good preemptive move.

Trick tactics

Tricking the wolf is sometimes the smartest move.

1. (Fake reload) Shoot a couple rounds at a spot, then reload. A smart (as in smart person) wolf will take the opportunity to attack you while you reload. Quickly change weapons then switch back; your won't reload but you can attack.

2. (Double look) If you are watching a spot where you think a wolf is hiding, go away. Then look in at the entrance with your fingers on those triggers. A wolf will try to ambush you. If a wolf comes out, it means it was waiting; shoot it. If nothing comes out in 5-10 seconds; 80% nothing is there. 20% they are just camping there so no human passes through that area.

3. (Ambush the Ambushers) Run to an area, then while there, quickly hide in a spot where you are not easily visible. A wolf might be trying to ambush you as you go in to the area. Wait for 5-10 seconds in your hiding spot. If no wolf goes through 95% no wolf is after you. 5% one IS AFTER you but it takes longer for it to get there because you were far from it.

Wolf specific strategies

Normal wolf: *No specific strategies*
Power wolf: *No specific strategies*

Guardian wolf

1. (Team tactic) Forget you gun, grab a knife and charge that thing!!! Jump around it as you get near and knife attack that thing! It will be damaged constantly. If it decides to go for you; your teammates have about 1 second to attack that defenseless wolf from behind. If it doesn't...keep knifing it, it can't live for more than 10 seconds with you knifing it.

2. (HS) Shoot in the head even if it guards, you still deal extra damage.

Ghost wolf

1. (Music on) Hear a heartbeat. Shoot in known ghost hide points. Camp spots. the walls. and in the middle of the area. Ghost can hide anywhere. If it is in a base; thrown a nade. ghost near the base will be uncovered. Always be alert when you hear the heartbeat.

Smart wolf: *No specific strategies*


1. (Far distance fire) Shoot over far distances with your pistol; you won't waste too valuable bullets and you might spot a far distant ghost-2. (((You can turn off "Blood" so it shows a white "spark" when it hits it which is more visible if you hit a far distant ghost-2)))


1. (The craziest thing ever...) Knife it. Yes I said it...Knife it! The berserker's attack doesn't hit you if you're too close to it; also it is EXTREMELY hard for a berserker to hit you anyways if you're too close since it take precise aiming to hit you and the closer you are the "faster" you appear to move. Knifing is like making you immune to it's standard attack so long you stay close [Which would be suicidal with any other wolf]. It might try to run from you so it can hit you. Don't let it, just CHASE it so it doesn't get distance. If it does; run, hide than when it gets close, get near all over again.

Don't use gun because they will most likely miss since you guys will be spinning around each other.

2. (Obvious) If it will suicide; get a knife and run and jump for cover, or simply jump out of the way. (((Most people run with guns, but a knife's speed boost can get you to cover quickly)))

Ice wolf

1. (Cover is crucial) The ice wolf can spam the ice bombs form cover, and when there is other wolves around; it is very dangerous. So always hide behind cover, retreat if even needed.

2. (Rush to success) If the ice wolf becomes to big a threat; charge it it will have to attack you and be forced out of cover, your teammates have to kill it then.

3. (Scatter) The ice wolf can't get all of you in 1 second. So scatter around it and kill it; or simply scatter around and get away.

4. (Ice wolf with no cover) If the ice wolf has to come out of cover to hit you, memorize it's head position and be ready the next time it comes out. Click once when it does, and if you were fast enough and memorized where its head is; 1 click will kill it.

Physco wolf

1. (Avoid hazards) Avoid any area where a physco can pull you off the map. If you have to get pass such an area to advance; rush pass the area as fast as possible. However, you may attempt to snipe it dead.

2. (Jump attack and finish) A physco's jump attack can't kill you. So wait for it finish it and shoot it at point-blank range. Do this at medium distance to avoid letting it hit you from the sides.

3. (Resist the pull) If you get hit with the physco's ball. Duck and walk backwards this reduces the speed in which you're pulled.

Wolf's strategy coming soon...
Requesting possible changes or new tips///


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27 Jun 2009
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PostedApr 11, 2010 3:41 pm
I would like to point out a few other things you can do, that you can add if you wish:

if a wolf does a jump attack on you, you can often run towards them and they will usually miss, leaving you free to shoot them in the back. this fits in "head on" tactics.

also, when you are using a high ammo gun such as the thompson, M60, or P90, you can start firing befor eyou turn a corner and the stun will quite often allow you to live, or at least damaging your enemy so teammates can finish them off. this fits in "corner strategies.

when fighting a Berserker wolf, get close to them, crouch, and move sideways. many bersker users will find it very hard to aim, and you can often kill them before they manage to hit you.

to detect a ghost wolf at a corner you can slowly approach, and listen for a heartbeat. this will only work if you have your sound decently loud.
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