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Rank 0
15 Jan 2010
United States
PostedMar 31, 2010 7:19 pm

Shaiya feedback

I give Aeria games about a 4 out of 5. The only issues I have with the game is the ever increasing prices at AH, which you have no control over, and the drastic advantage nostrums give people in PvP. The fact that 6 or 7 non-nossed but well equipped toons can mob on one lighty nosser and barely scratch them... well, kinda discourages people from even trying PvP.

Just my opinion.


Rank 2
07 Jan 2010
United Kingdom
PostedMar 31, 2010 7:38 pm

i vote very bad for this month

reasons why shaiya let down this month:

1.. bringing out a new top grade ring/amulet is unfair on the people playing pvp that already spent a lot doing there best set and it was not in the best interest of the players it was another way to get people spending money on ap

2.. 30+ hour maint and people lost 2 days of conti res and many other ap items like no lose of items charms. **why do you give only exp bonus thinking it will resolve things**

3.. i see no improvements to the high prices and when a GS refuses to help on a trade with the limit of 4bil in the game how can we buy or sell? your helping the scammers by not helping us.

sorry but even tho you react fast to the tiered events handing out items or have a good responce time to tickets sent your ruining the game for everyone with the 3 reasons i have given. i hope tonights eps4.5 improves things but my fear is having everyone in top guilds doing a lvl 7 lapis gear so many cant play and are forced to quit.


Rank 3
07 Jul 2007
moordrecht Netherlands
PostedApr 01, 2010 1:05 am
i voted 3 ,

i play grandfantasia, and the 3 gain ebcouse due of the rollback, and i didnt have had any problem with aeria i dont have to vote lower, even now when i didnt receive a package from them i asked for a key and 3 days later i received my key.

so i dont have a realy bad word about aeria, but not 100% good becouse i have to send twice my problem with contact button, but atleast fast helped Very Happy

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