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GameMaster: USA
11 Jun 2007
San Jose United States
PostedMar 24, 2010 1:09 pm

Feedback Poll 03/24/10

We run this monthly, to see how we are progressing (if at all).

The topic is: How would you rate Aeria Games Service?

5 is considered the best rating.
1 is considered the worst rating.

You are free to decide on your own what exactly this means.
You are free to post here any details that you would like to share.
Please feel free to state whether you have seen any changes in the past 30 days, and what you think about them.

The overall score of this poll, as well as a summary of the comments posted will be given to management.

Note: Random AP rewards may be to accounts that post comments.

---Additional Information---

We will be sending out email surveys again this month. We will be using survey monkey, and the email should look something like this:

Subject: Aeria Games Customer Survey
Body: Aeria Games is conducting a monthly survey, and your response would be appreciated. You're email was chosen because you have submitted a service request in the past 30 days.

Here is a link to the survey:

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Thanks for your participation!

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Note: Everyone's opinion is valid. Please no personal attacks. You must still follow the rules in HOW you express your opinions, so keep it civil.



GameSage: Forum
24 Apr 2008
United States
PostedMar 24, 2010 1:36 pm
Just a reminder to all who are going to reply with a text post with feedback, please also include the game(s) to which you are including feedback! Furthermore, if possible, please avoid outright flaming and post what you believe should have been done if you think something went wrong, as well as posting how things could be improved if you believe something went right.

Thank you all very much for posting your feedback!


Rank 1
01 Feb 2009
PostedMar 24, 2010 1:39 pm   Last edited by Olia.chan on Mar 24, 2010 3:14 pm. Edited 2 times in total

same as last month. feedback is generally concerning DOMO and im not going into too much detail as i got an exam on friday and its more important than your company o.o; sorry.


- casino night tomorrow! omg, the legendary stuff we've been hearing about (and were envious of) at GT is back to aeria. o__o wut! thats like.... a suggestion players have made was actually heard and implemented. and people who suggested it were not banned for "spreading false rummors and causing unrest". that never happened on GT. this place might not be so bad afterall.

things that went downhill / remain the same:

- ok. i'll say it again. slowly. in more or less proper english. domo eu (gametribe) was closed down on 31th of dec 2009. that means, it ceased to exist. it is no more. its in heaven. it filled its bancrupsy bill. its DEAD. ok, now you understand? good. lets more on. indonesian domo is also almost dead. that leaves aeria as the only english domo server. ok, im still pissed that you guys didnt save our chars, but that's not the point. PLZ get a european GM or i'll be making jokes about "talk to the GM channel and you can hear the ocean!!!" (<- popular joke from GT). and yes, that is a tread. now ban me for being rude and treatening the higher powers!
- domo is supposed to be a social mmo. login to it. find me 1 social aspect of the game that your promo's (think sara's! and hp/mp necklaces) and greed have not yet destroyed and i'll send u a pic of me on my knees begging for forgiveness. no seriously, im a doctor, a petmuse and a debuff dancer (all support jobs) and im playing solo all the time. soon i'll save up enough gold to afford my own perm nurse sara and then i can ignore 100% of the servers population till i hit lvl 58+. wonderfull <3
- lets make a bet, i bet that you'll shut DOMO down within a year (i think 6 months in fact, cause with nurse sara's you dont need docs anymore, you dont need muses anymore either and your being silly if you play a magical class too. i was lvl 63 wizard on GT, i can tell. that leaves tanks and phys dam dealers. which class shall this company destroy next? o.o). if i win, u'lkl give me my money back, if you win, you'll have to let me play domo for another year! Very Happy
- u still reading this? oh wow! o_o;;; did i already mention that all events happen at 1am for me? GT had no events. aeria has events at 1am. about same i guess. GT had no GMs, aeria has GMs past 22:00. also about the same i suppose... nah ok, you win. i have 1h per day where i can bother a GM. aaawesome!
- aeria buffs. love them. no seriously. i do love them. free exp buff <3 .. but... how do i know when they are on? O_o and when they are no longer on? and why do they happen at 23:30? (eek! past my bedtime -.-)
- domo is not very friendly for uni-students. compare: 6h badge 9which makes u stay on for 6h and play or waste ur money) costs $1.2 or something. yun pills, which allow you to stay on and grind for 1h and then log off and come back later and play for 1h more, cost $2 for 5h worth of pills. mmmmm.... im an economy student. your making my head hurt with this diffecult choices.. i'll settle for the easy non-thinking option: buy neither. u'll shut down the server before i'll ever get to high enough lvl to do a boss raid on this server (o__o wait... that means id actually have to start making friends and such.. omg, the social aspect is there and its being sneaky! D: ) so why bother?
- o.o~ a lot more stuff to rant on, but i think u gave up reading this looooong time ago.

edit: forgot to mention 1 thing that i think aeria did really well. there was a promo going on and people who participated (including me, the 1st and only promo i did) recieved the wrong promo item. at 1st we were told to send the "wrong" items to GMs, but later they said that we could keep the wrong item and get the right one. that was really great, as the wrong item was a very usefull one :3 unfortunatelly i had already mailed mine so i had to wait almost 2 weeks to get it back again... but still, thumbs up for customer service there.

edit2: casino night even starts at 2am for me. i got exam at 8:45 the next morning. can i vote -53 please?


Rank 0
10 Jan 2009
PostedMar 24, 2010 1:58 pm
you guy need to talk with the developed of TS2 let the drop rate is good for elite a bit because all the crap elite you guy do for AP people is just out of hand what about all people can't buy AP ????

because why ?????????

because we poor and just want to play the game and relax but the game is just ................. with the elite raffle for all the AP people ......

can we plzz have something that can bring the non AP buyer get a chance at some good stuff...

Peace............. Very Happy

P.S TweleSky2


Rank 0
11 Dec 2007
United States
PostedMar 24, 2010 2:03 pm
I hate to do it , but I vote Poor this month.

Reasons : TS1 & TS2

TS1 , Has become a joke I think . Speaking for myself here, I think the company is trying to let the community kill off the game , instead of fessing up and admitting this game is in the toilet. It's clear ALT 1 has no more interest in saving this game . I may be wrong about this, but letting the community kill it off could be a way to save money/man hours , without having to compensate all the lost ap and in game items. But again, that holds no truth to it at the moment. Time will tell I guess on that issue . Sad

TS2, MONEY,MONEY and more MONEY ! And VERY little in return for it .
75% of this opinion is coming from my interactions with other versions of TS2 and the way their updates and information is handled .

1# AG&E updates and patch notes, dam pathetic if you ask me. For example , the latest update of god levels, LMAO . It was maybe one sentence , as well as other updates. 0 information and/or explanation is gave. Once again my comparison comes from other versions, and other MMO's I play.

2# Lack of GM's in game and shout box. That speaks for itself , since CTD departed , seeing or talking to a gm is VERY rare !

3# Account / Hacks security . Really, is there any ?

4# In game drops, one that really comes to mind here is the archive pages to create Heavens skills. Don't you all thinks it's about time they drop in game ? Seriously ?

Nangin transfers ? Way to go on destroying the Jinong faction on Redemption, in the matter of one week. Kinda proves my gm interaction in game complaint. Do you guys have any idea how long that faction was down ? And do you know how long it took to for them to feel balanced to the other 3 factions ? Well that faction is ruined once again .

I know your team has to rely ALT-1 for just about everything, But this could be a great sign to not bother doing anymore business with these game developers.

5# Amount of time it takes to get a reply from RT system. Needs a major improvement I think.

And last, The one thing I was happy with this month. How fast the dc hack issue was handled, Thank you very much for that speedy response. Smile

Maybe next month will be better .


Rank 4
20 Sep 2008
omg i have no idea somewhere in United States
PostedMar 24, 2010 2:07 pm
wow so many negative votes oh well for me it was good ^^


Rank 5
21 Sep 2007
Hillsdale, MI United States
PostedMar 24, 2010 2:10 pm
I voted 3, based on Shaiya and Grand Fantasia.

Shaiya recently had a nasty downtime. 31 hours. Some kind of hardware failure with the servers. GMs did a great job, holding an event in WolfTeam to keep people entertained and let them win exp charms for when the servers came back, and giving us real information about what was going on. And then 50% bonus exp for 2 days afterward. G'job.

On the negative side, it seems to have taken way too long for duping to be addressed. Obviously it's good that you've recognized it as an issue and started fixing it, but after apparently ignoring it for so long (I say apparently, since I can't know, but it did appear this way), it's kind of ticked people off that what they'd said all along wasn't admitted until now.

Grand Fantasia just had a rollback to fix a magic alchemy error that was flooding the market with (as I understand it) previously rare dragon mounts. The rollback itself I think was handled very well; it was only one day lost, and the compensation for it was the best I can remember from any Aeria game (bonus xp, item package, refunds).

On the other hand, it seems to me that the error with the alchemy should've been found (tested for) before it was released to the players. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all.

So, there's good and bad. Which is better than just bad.


Rank 3
28 Jul 2007
London United Kingdom
PostedMar 24, 2010 2:15 pm
i voted 3 because there was a major issue with turfbattles and there was an unfortunate rollback but you guys got it under control.



Rank 3
13 Feb 2009
PostedMar 24, 2010 2:44 pm
Voted 1.

Why? Because lately there's been alot of banning happening where the GM teams do not investigate properly.
Ex: The condemning screenie was obviously a fake, yet the innocent person was banned anyhow.

It would also seem AGE is reverting back to their old habits of "Oh-my-gosh-I-dun-know how/want-to-deal-with-this-ignores~" on some of the matters as well. o.o
We needz more forum activity from GMs pl0x. :3
SB no counts.

I'm left rather disappointed once again this month. It started to pick up a bit after the last poll because of the terrible scoring you guys got, but all of a sudden these events start happening, which caused everything to spiral downhill once more.
Me is sad. ;_;

PS. Where might I see the rules on Petitions/Account Sharing?


GameSage: Forum
24 Apr 2008
United States
PostedMar 24, 2010 2:48 pm
Terms of Service: Section 3 wrote:

When creating a user identity ("User ID") you agree to (i) provide true, accurate, current and complete information as requested in the required fields and (ii) promptly maintain and update such User ID to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. The information you provided shall be subject to our Privacy Policy.

You, as creator of your User ID, are completely responsible for your identity. AGE will not tolerate offensive or obscene user identities. If a User ID violates any part of these terms, we may immediately, temporarily, or permanently ban such a User ID.  

Terms of Service: Section 6 wrote:

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the Submissions that you provide and for managing your User ID. You, and not AGE, have full responsibility for your Submissions and User ID, including their legality, reliability, appropriateness, originality and copyright.  

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