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PostedJun 07, 2012 5:03 am
Verni wrote:
Avyn wrote:
@ Verni:

Are you trying to say that rudeness is, or should be, against Terms of Service?  

Not really, thats a failure on peoples upbringing and nothing to do with this game but disrupting an existing grinders loop is. So is entrapment/trolling to get someone else banned.  

I think you're trying to apply specific context to a general statement. A disruption of the game could mean many things and depending how how much you want to stretch it, almost any action you take in game could lead to a ban. Buying an item disrupts others from buying that same item.

The definitive line gets drawn when your disruption stops another person's gameplay. Buying an item doesn't prevent others from buying another item of the same type. Interrupting a grind loop doesn't prevent others from taking an alternate grind loop.

The only environment in which it is even remotely possible to remove all disruption of gameplay by other players is in offline games. Even then, you run risk of the phone ringing.

Not sure what you refer to by 'entrapment/trolling,' so I won't address that part.



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PostedJun 07, 2012 5:22 am
Bartering for items have nothing to do with disruption of game play. By definition it is a competitive activity. The fact that someone is playing the game, doing their own thing and someone else comes and messes it up is what i was referring to. And no, being pvp'ed doesn't come into it either since being pvp'ed in pvp maps is by definition competitive game play again.

What the 'no KS' rule has done is make grinding 'compensative game play' which I think is just ridiculous. I have seen some guys grinding in a spot for hours, then some other guys come and KS them out of that spot (without simply asking, etc), then the original guys call their uber 70 guildies and KS back the spot, then other Ubers come and do the same, etc vicious circle.. A great example of how stupid things can get and just rude people are.

The fact is that if someone already has a spot, what gives others the right to rudely interrupt their game play? They can just go elsewhere instead of messing with existing players who are already there - why does it have to be the existing grinders must move?

Sure, as this thread states, talking is the best option and if the players already at a spot are fine to share it, there are no issues. But i'm not referring to that. I'm referring to arrogant players going to a spot that already has players grinding there and forcing (through harassment or trolling or KS'ing) them to move, under threat of a ban or 'being reported' at the response.

A simple rule fixes all issues with taken spots. If someone is already on a group of mobs/loop, then simply move on. Unfortunately this doesn't happen in the game and i've seen people troll others out of an area if they can't KS them out.


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18 Sep 2012
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PostedNov 08, 2012 10:29 am

Re: A Guide to Avoiding Kill Stealing Conflicts

Tips And Suggestions On How To Avoid Those Sticky Situations
bleachybby wrote:
A Guide to Avoid Kill Stealing Conflicts

--Kill stealing, it can happen anywhere, anytime, any game. What could start out as a complete accident can quickly be turned into a fight however without the proper steps kept in mind. So with that in mind, I have decided to put together a small guide of hints and tips to avoid those sticky situations with other players.

**Note: This Guide is not meant to say that all kill stealing issues are accidental. There are and will always continue to be cases of purposeful kill stealing, and there are tips to manage those here as well.**

Part 1- Accidents Happen

--Everyone is human, and everyone will make mistakes every now and then. It’s very possible that your “kill stealer” might have accidentally attacked your mob by clicking on it without seeing you, or even auto attacked it without realizing that there was another person in the area. It’s even possible to have this happen to you two or three times if you’re in a small grinding spot. The best thing to do in this situation is to stop and negotiate before things get out of hand.

1) If you are the kill stealer and have stolen someone else’s kill, don’t be afraid to apologize! Just attacking a mob and killing it then making no effort to apologize might lead some to believe that it was on purpose. Sometimes it’s just a polite thing to do to apologize and try not to do it again.

Oh... Every now and then when im running around occasionally ill see someone getting ganked by mobs and, depending if im my mage or priest, I'll either aoe the mob or heal/buff the player. Also, if im in a grinding area, i try to avoid other players targets, however atm my current fave grinding spot is usually heavily occupied with large groups of higher lvls running around aggroing for massive kill.

I cant say that no ones complained to me, half the time I just have chat turned off, or im not even watching it. (the few times i do look at chat while grinding haven't ended too well...)

But I do know how irritating it is to be stuck in a place where your trying to finish getting a certain number of enemies for a quest and others are there for the same thing. Especially while in an instance. Such as CR, where respawn time is forever. One of the reasons I miss having each instance for each player/party/group seperate.
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