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PostedMar 05, 2010 3:06 pm

Feedback Data

We have been doing monthly polls about our service for 16 months now. We don't usually go into detail about what we make of this data. However, this month, there was a clear concerted effort to affect the outcome of the scores, so I thought I would give some feedback about the data, and how we interpret it.

As many of you know, the survey here on the forums is not our only source of data. It is just one point among many that we use to see how we are doing, and to get your feedback about how we can do better. No one can give an incorrect response, because we are asking for your opinion.. and whatever you tell us is perfectly valid.

I take all of this various input, and I turn into numbers, graphs, and slideshows for our management. This helps to identify the larger scope of how we are doing. For example, I have graphed out the forum feedback, with that of TS1.

The comments made here (and elsewhere) have clued me into the fact that there are people unhappy with the service being provided to TS1. However, to judge the scale of this, I have represented the scores that we received from two different sources.

We can see that the forums took a sharp dive this month, and that the scores for TS1 were more gradual. I didn't include the data from direct surveys, but the decline is even more gradual there. When I read through the feedback from the forums, vs the feedback from the direct surveys, the tone is also very different.

The forum posters are very negative. They are hostile to pretty much everyone, and are not looking for solutions, but rather to inflict suffering.

When we look at the feedback from the direct surveys, they are looking to get this fixed, so that they can return to the game. They are generally positive, but disappointed.

We also see trends in volume. On the forum, there is a very small number of people, looking to inflate their value, by using multiple alt accounts to vote. However, even by doing this, the number of feedback that we receive is very small in comparison to the other inputs.

This leads us to the following conclusion. There are problems with how we are providing service to TS1. Most specifically with communication. This issue is also present to our other games in varying degrees, and is clearly a common problem for our company. The recent technical issues in TS1 have only aggravated the situation to a boiling point. Resolving the technical issues will return us to 'Average' but will not really address the shortfalls that prevent us from reaching 'Good' or 'Excellent'.

Now I have primarily focused on TS1, because the situation is pretty clear. We do review each and every game, and we do look at the overall picture. This is but a small example of what we do with that data that we get from you all.

I personally appreciate you all taking the time to fill out our surveys and polls. It goes a long way towards telling us what is needed to improve our service, and to help you, the community have a better experience.
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