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12 Apr 2008
Not telling you anymore!muwhaha! Israel
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Story(well maybe.....or maybe not....should read it)

Story( warning!!!Not for people under age 13-16(bad words) )
once uppon a time there was a wolf and a human,the human saw the wolf and screamed and he was turned out to be g@y so the wolf ran awway.
The Human was mad that people and animals run awway from him so he had this idea.
He did a *** change and not into a women, but into a wolf but there was a problem...............He still had his *****,so he had an another idea.
He killed a male wolf who was a female wolf and mated with it and some how a half wolf half human came out.
He was a werewolf ,
the human(well i mean the wolf with the human *****)Screamed and the werewolf ran awway.
so the "wolf" took a hand gun and said..........I had a "beutiful day" when the wolf saw me and waited 1! second before he left,that was a world record then this "wolf" changed hes *** again to a human then he saw a gaint needle(big as a horse)and tripped on it and it landed on his finger then he turned into a werewolf.
this wa son the new in how he did all of this to become a werewolf so
37.5% (0.5% a half cutted man) did the same steps,so if you want to become a werewolf do this!
1.Scream like a women mad and change your *** to a wolf with a human *****/va****
3.kill a wolf (female)
4.mate with it
5.say the werewolf is cute ina Happy way and wait for 1 second before he runs away
6.go to the Gym and find a gaint needle big as a horse and slipp on it. have to hit your lef until foot
8.Turn into a Werewolf and change when ever you want
9.the most importent! after being bored and having a sucky life put a gun and shoot your self!

Warnings! may never be a human again may be Happy

3.if needle hits you not on your legs you will get wierd things(a until the worst(I) ):

a.feeling a scratch on your @ss
b.always dream about bus boys your cat
d.eating the cat as dinner
e.farting the cat's bones out
f.trying to hang your self
g.sewing the rope company
h.going to Las Vegas
i.Drowning in your own pee

3.This isn't mine,a friend thought it was funny so he paid me to post it
what a sucker(well he was "kinda" drunk)

and anyone for thinking its aganst the law,i don't know tell me pls oh and i said the warnings.
But really this guy paid me 25 bucks so i said what the heck?
but if this violates anything tell me before thinking of reporting/banding


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17 Jan 2009
Wolf City United States
PostedFeb 20, 2010 6:54 pm
um.... interesting story to say the least....

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