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24 Jun 2009
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PostedJan 25, 2010 4:55 pm

Dropkick a GM Event - Monday, Jan. 25 @ 4:00 PST

Dropkick a GM with [GM]Dropkick
When: Starts at 4pm PST on 1-25-10 (Monday)
Duration: 1 Hour
Where: Channel 4 US-Central

How it Works:
Beginning at 4pm PST, [GM]Dropkick will create a room in Channel 4 and all players are welcome to join. The rules of the game will be told to the players and then the game will commence. Please note that if you play in a match, you should not play in another one unless the GM says that it is okay to do so. We want to let all players have a chance to play rather than having the same players play over and over again. The event only lasts 1 hour so please be aware of this.

Once a room is full, each team has a goal: DEFEND or KILL the GM! Do not expect the GM to hide in his base the whole match or to sit in the middle of the map to be blasted. Consider the GM a wild card that either must be protected or slain.

The GM will have 10,000 Health Points, so this will be difficult, however organized teams have made short work of the GM in past events.

Each team will receive a Reward.

Winning Team: XEM-OP(1 day)
Losing Team: XEM-PT(1 day)
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