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30 Oct 2009
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No place to Guard

"No place to Guard" - Part 1 - The war of PAIEN LAB

The ground stained with blood, walls with scratch marks and dents all around. I sit alone with the last of my comrades. Some still fighting off the infection hoping to regain there former form, I on the other hand know that i passed the point of return. Before I tell you the story of the war we fought let me take you back to the beginning.... my beginning.

The scientist at Paien already started their experiments years before I came around. I have heard the story's of soldiers being mutated and trained to fight for the highest bidders. Some of the "bidders" would even get together and battle with their new little toys. At first the soldiers mutations weren't all to bad all of them went to a single form and was able to return to their human selfs by mere will, this was the basic form of the mutation. Trained in both weaponry and hand to hand combat these are the originals that started the battles. Winners or better called survivors of these battles were paid nicely and given a higher rank then the one they possess. At first no one made it past the rank of staff sergeant, most thought it was impossible until the soldier called trini made it past and raised to the rank of captain. He was a legend around the time our platoon came in, but not to long after we began being experimented on did everyone receive the news that trini has fallen. Supposedly his team was to relaxed just knowing he was on their side and in that time of relaxations the other side made a flawless attack. Rumor was they ripped his arms off before they put one in his head but thats just speculation.

Out of the platoon of 100 only 75 made it through the first round to become the basic mutation. Out of the 75, 50 went through another round of advanced mutations. Out of all them 7 survived, I was lucky to be one of those seven. So a platoon stating at one hundred dwindled down to a mere 32. Being trained from the same basic camp us thirty-two felt the wolf instinct that we were each others pride, a family of wolfs. During our combat training they tried multiple times to separate us each time was a fail. Soon we were done with our training and it came time to appoint jobs for us, seeing our strong bond they felt it best that we stick together. They entitled us the protectors of Paien, We called ourself PoP for short.

During our first couple of years of service we have witnessed many experiments and halted many escapes. Although I would like to think we did a perfect job by our ten year we have had more then a hundred escape. I don't know why they left and abandoned their duty, was it the vaccines given or was it the mental strain of never being the same again. I pity the ones who ran away but i pity even more the ones that were caught.

Editors note:

This is just the beginning, i will continue each part and each chapter at different times i hope you enjoy what you have read. Character information will slowly be dealt out.
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