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MegaTen Forum Event!

Game OVER! Congratulations Gaian Assassins!

Credit to Nermir! =D

It is now currently Congratulations Gaian Assassins!

Journal Compendium 1 - 7/13/2028

Yay! I finally figured it out! Well, I know these Demonic Compendium Memory thingies are supposed to be used to record information about the demons I captured or what not, but meh, that's booooring. So I decided to use this as a memory device, kind of like a journal instead! Much better don't you think? Anyways, I just got my demon buster license and was on my way towards Arcadia, where I heard cool things were happening. However, on my way, I ran into a group of other demon busters, scary looking ones in red robes and all of that stuff. I heard them talking about stuff like, taking over, or freeing the people, or liberating something or other I wasn't quite sure, anyways, the next thing I know there was a puff of smoke, and they were gone. I hope nothing happens during my stay there in Arcadia! That would make me a very sad fish. Anyways, I'm.... going to go now! Just wanted to share all that stuffs! BYE!

Welcome to MegaTen Forum Mafia!

This is a forum based version of Mafia! If you are unfamiliar with how Mafia works, please feel free to check out The template for Aeria Games Mafia!. I'll write out the rules again here, but feel free to browse the other mafia games (located at the bottom of the first post on that link up there) to try to get a feel for what is going on =).

Requirements to play

  • You must be able to send and receive private forum messages. To sign up, you *must* send me a private message saying that you want to participate in Mafia and you *must* be able to receive a private message from me. To turn your private messages on, please review the following - How to turn on Forum Private Messages.
  • Outside of this, anyone and everyone is allowed to play. There is no experience restriction and if you have participated in other Mafia games, this will not disqualify you from playing in this one! =)
  • Just as an aside, if you are a volunteer for Aeria, having such a status will neither qualify nor disqualify you from playing this game nor will it influence what role you get to play.

How this game works! (Background)
There are two main/overall factions in this version. The two factions are the citizens of Arcadia and the Gaian assassins. The two phases of the game is going to be the Night Phase and the Day Phase.

Arcadia, a place of Law, a place of Order, a place of Peace, Truth, Justice. For many years after the great destruction these people have given order and peace to those who have suffered. Under the leadership of Lord Judah, by living a pure and righteous life, these citizens have lived a sheltered life.

The Gaian assassins have decided that the Messians have lived too sheltered of a life. They live a life of stifling rules that no one who had a true opinion and option would have accepted. These Gaians have decided to infiltrate Arcadia, dressed as Arcadians in an effort to bring freedom to all of the world. Sure they may have to kill a few people to do it, but whatever is necessary needs to be done.

However, the threat of these assassins are not the only threat that haunts over the citizens of Arcadia, Demons abound everywhere and have made their way secretly into the city, though they were not accompanied alone, nor are they all malicious in nature.

How the Game Works! (part 2! =P)
There are two phases of the day (moon phases will not come to play, though they may be mentioned in the story!), Day Phase and Night Phase. During the Night Phase, the citizens of Souhonzan will be able to move freely about, trying to weed out the citizens of Arcadia that they feel are the greatest threat to their goals. During this time, other demons or other secret role citizens may also act depending on their role/description.

After the actions of the Night have been announced, the Day Phase will begin. All of the inhabitants of Arcadia (including the Citizens of Souhonzan, demons, or any other secret roles) will come together and vote on who the intruders are. After this voting period ends, the selected person that was voted will be cast off to defend themselves by being thrown into bottom of a dungeon (resulting most likely in their death). After all of this, night phase will fall upon the town again and this will repeat.

The game will end either when there is one person standing, or when it becomes clear who the last people standing will be.

Overview of the roles!
Gaian Assassins - 6 (one selected Captain) Members
Knight Templars - 2 Members
Devout Messian - 1 Member
Citizens of Arcadia - 11 members

That brings it up to a total of 20 players!
There will be other secret roles (as have been heavily alluded to in everything before this), but what they are, who they are, and what side they are on, that I will not mention!

Description of the roles!
Night Phase Actioners
Gaian Assassins - Members that will fight for freedom. These members have dedicated their lives to liberating the world from Demons and feel that the church of Arcadia has caused more harm than good. Among one of them is an elected captain and each night they will scour the streets and homes of Arcadia and bring an end of one of the infidels in Arcadia, with the decision ultimately resting onto the captain.

Knight Templars - Defenders of Arcadia. These knights are also restless during the night, however, they are busy on other business. Having heard the rumors of these infiltrators from Souhonzan, the templars will discuss among themselves who to investigate each night, the role of that player that they investigate will be revealed to them. They are allowed to use this information however they wish, though they know that if they reveal the information too openly, they will become easy targets for the citizens of Souhonzan.

Devout Messian - A citizen so devout in the teachings that many blessings have been bestowed upon this citizen. This citizen has the ability protect someone during each night phase and if they encounter any Godless citizens, they might inspire them to find the true belief of the Messiah.

Day Phase!
During the day phase, Day Phase special roles (if there are any) will take action, along with the voting. The voting will last for a minimum of 12 hours, to a maximum of 24 hours. If at the end of 24 hours, there is a tie, the vote will be extended for a minimum of six hours, to a maximum of 12 hours. If there is no majority vote at the end of this extension, there will be no one sent to the dungeons.

Everyone is allowed to post in this thread who they think is mafia or try to make themselves less suspicious (if you are a mafia member!). You may not relay messages or any part of a message sent by the game moderators. Doing so will result in you being instantly struck down by the moderator's wrath. When you are dead, you are no longer a part of the game and you are not allowed to discuss the game with anyone that is still playing or otherwise.


Sign ups will begin on Saturday, December 26th, at Noon PST which is 8:00 PM GMT. To sign up, you *must* send me a private message saying that you want to participate in Mafia and you *must* be able to receive a private message from me. To turn your private messages on, please review the following - How to turn on Forum Private Messages.

  1. Akeashar - Arcadian - Vanished! Night 2
  2. Cervios - Assassin - Vanished! Night 4
  3. Gaia197 - Assassin - Victor!
  4. Glocker - Crazed Demon Researcher - Assassinated! Night 2
  5. iHanamura - Arcadian - Vanished! Night 1
  6. Jikokabe - Knight Templar - Fled
  7. LedZepMan92 - Arcadian - Doomed Day 2
  8. marubadtz - Snakeman - Fled
  9. Masuyuu - Arcadian - Assassinated! Night 4
  10. MichiruSenko - Arcadian - Doomed Day 1
  11. Mirrorenn - Assassin - Doomed Day 3
  12. nick152 - Assian Captain and Emissary of Lord Doukan - Victor!
  13. Ofi_Junior - Assassin - Victor!
  14. ryo.the.legend - ModReplaced! - Now known as Tenkido
  15. SakuNoRyuu - Knight Templar - Fled
  16. Shevz - Arcadian - Assassinated! Night 5
  17. Skylore08 - Devout Messian - Fled
  18. thedemyxismad - Assassin - Doomed Day 4
  19. UnluckyOrpheus - Arcadian - Assassinated! Night 1
  20. YuliKun - Lord Judah - Assassinated! Night 3


  1. IceSpawn
  2. GMJoLt?
  3. jinsanx
  4. sardarbalu1

Secret Role Revealed!

Snakeman - Anyone could call this person a war veteran. Able to kill one person with his trusty cerberus, he knew he could not trust exposing his identity by killing two people, but was able to kill one person, at any time.

Crazed Demon Researcher - A madperson on a rampage after having the research rejected. The researched included testing the fusion of demons and humans, though no such fusion has ever been successful. Was able to kill one person each night.

Lord Judah - Leader of Arcadia, bestowed with a lot of backing and a lot of power. Was able to cast an extra secret vote during the day phase.

Emissary of Lord Doukan - One of the trusty members of Lord Doukan. Was able to manipulate the vote of any player during the day phase.

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It is now currently Congratulations Gaian Assassins!

Night 1
UnluckyOrpheus - Assassinated!
iHanamura - Is no more

Day 1
MichiruSenko - Dead

Night 2
Akeashar - Is no more
Glocker - Assassinated!

Day 2
LedZepMan92 - Dead

mod replace! ryo.the.legend => tenkido!

Night 3
YuliKun - Assassinated!

Day 3
Mirrorenn - Dead

Night 4
Cervios - Boom!
Masuyuu - Assassinated!

Day 4
thedemyxismad - Dead

Night 5
Shevz - Assassinated!

Day 5
Tenkido - Dead

Story Index

Introduction - The Beginning
Chapter 1 - The First Night of Action
Chapter 2 - The First Day, the First Fray
Chapter 3 - Night 2 - The Night of Fury
Chapter 4 - Day 2 - The Day of Blues
Chapter 5 - Night 3, The Night of the Accurst
Chapter 6 - The Day of Vengence
Chapter 7 - Night 4 - A Stranger in the Night
Chapter 8 - Day 4 - The Day of an Early Dawn
Chapter 9 - Night 5 - The Night of Strangers
Chatper 10 - The End!?
Chapter 11 - The Beginning

The Story Thus Far!

The Beginning wrote:

Journal Compendium 1 - 7/13/2028

Yay! I finally figured it out! Well, I know these Demonic Compendium Memory thingies are supposed to be used to record information about the demons I captured or what not, but meh, that's booooring. So I decided to use this as a memory device, kind of like a journal instead! Much better don't you think? Anyways, I just got my demon buster license and was on my way towards Arcadia, where I heard cool things were happening. However, on my way, I ran into a group of other demon busters, scary looking ones in red robes and all of that stuff. I heard them talking about stuff like, taking over, or freeing the people, or liberating something or other I wasn't quite sure, anyways, the next thing I know there was a puff of smoke, and they were gone. I hope nothing happens during my stay there in Arcadia! That would make me a very sad fish. Anyways, I'm.... going to go now! Just wanted to share all that stuffs! BYE!  

Journal Compendium 203 - 10/31/2028

Things have been going absolutely crazy this halloween. I honestly have *no* idea why we celebrate this ancient decrepit tradition when we know that there are such things such as ghosts, wizards, and stuff like that, but oh well, sometimes it is fun to dress up as ourselves! I have now been here in Arcadia for a few months and I have to say, I've absolutely LOVED it! It's a wonderful town with some really cool people. Sure it has its problems but what town doesn't!? Anyways, all this blah, blah, blah I want to get to what I really wanted to record about. I have to be honest, I almost completely forgot about the whole Gaian incident not too long about, but I have noticed recently that a couple of people have been missing recently. Both UnluckyOrpheus and iHanamura two people that came to Arcadia around the same time I did, have recently gone missing. I have tried to search for them absolutely everywhere, but I just can not find them! I hope that this isn't tied to what I heard earlier about those assassins, though I fear it is. I did notice something extremely odd about iHanamura's house, it seemed... just plain odd, but yeah I think I already said that didn't I!. Now I've been into iHanamura's house plenty of times before, but I saw a lot of weird demons in there, they saw me and left pretty quickly but I wonder what that was all about. I mean they didn't attack me, maybe they lost their owner? True I never did notice iHanamura's demons, but STILL! I don't know, maybe I'm making something out of nothing. Or maybe I'm making nothing out of something. Or, maybe I am making nothing of nothing but how do I not know that there isn't something about nothing that could actually be something you know? Yeah, I think I just confused myself. Whatever! I need to rush over to the town meeting though. I was told it was veeeerrry important. So like, I've got to cut this short and not talk so much. Okay! Well, bye!  

Journal Compendium 205 - 10/31/2028

I just got to the meeting and it looks like the head speaker is going to start! I'll let him talk and see if I can record it on this machine!

*Bang bang* Order! Order! Quiet down everyone!
*ahem* You're not the judge here...
Oh... right... sorry... um... here you go!
Thank you...


Thank you all for coming today! I wanted to call this meeting because I was informed recently by a private informant that something dastardly has taken place in Arcadia! Some of you may have noticed the disappearance of UnluckyOrpheus and iHanamura, I can confirm with you that they did not leave on their own accord! Something evil has been done to them and I know for a fact, that the people that are responsible are in this very room!

*overall gasp in the room/shock/horror*

Now, let us remain calm. To some of you, this is just confirming your suspicions, to others, I know that this may have been very shocking for you. To the final batch of people, you are the very ones responsible. I will offer you one chance to come clean!


"I saw Skylore08 down on iHanamura road!"
"I didn't do anything! If anyone you should look at, you should look at Glocker! He's everywhere!"
"Are you guys blind? It's obviously MichiruSenko! Look at how she has been acting!"
"Yeah! That's right she has been acting weird! I bet she's the one responsible"
"No! It wasn't her it..."

*unable to tell what else is being said throughout the commotion*


*people start to quiet down*

Alright, alright, alright. Well, it looks like MichiruSenko, you're the one that most people seem to believe is responsible for this mess. Where were you last night.
"Uh... Uh... I was at home!"
Can anyone verify your whereabouts?
"No... I was home alone! But everyone saw my lights on right?"
*murmur of agreement*
That isn't good enough, if I were an assassin I would leave my lights on too! What were you doing at your home at night?
"I don't know! Whatever you are thinking it wasn't me!!!"
Just like any assassin would say! Get her and throw her into Celu Gold, by herself! If she doesn't survive, we'll know she's innocent. If she does survive, she's obviously a Gaian assassin as no one would be able to have those skills to survive it alone! GET HER!

*mob commotion as people grab MichiruSenko and throw her into Celu Gold and close the door behind her*

"It wasn't me!!...."

/End Transmission

Journal Compendium 206

Well, we just got back from MichiruSenko's house and sad to say, there wasn't anything at her house to say if she was an assassin or not. It was overall a clean place and it looked like she was just cooking dinner last night. She was acting weird though, but it looks as though she was just an innocent Arcadian like anyone else. But enough for that for now, I need to get home, if there really are Gaian assassins out there, it's probably best not to stay out at night for too long.  

Journal Compendium 210 - 11/1/2028

I decided to leave my Journal Compendium on last night, just in case anyone decided to try to get in my house and get to me, perhaps my compendiums would be able to help track the killer. What I got... was a lot more scary... I'll replay a few of them.

Journal Compendium 209 - 10/31/2028 wrote:

"So, you'll take care of everything for me?"
"Thanks tenkido, sorry about this, I just can't stand around here anymore! Rumors of assassins, rumors of even worse things here! This is not what I signed up for!"
"Don't worry about it ryo.the.legend, I'll take care of everything for you here, relax, take some time off, you'll be fine! You will have nothing to worry about while you're away.
"Thanks tenkido, you're the best!"

/End Transmission  

Er... sorry, wrong one. That was actually what I overheard from my neighbor ryo.the.legend... but yeah the one BEFORE that one is actually the scary one... here... let me play it for you.

Journal Compendium 208 - 10/31/2028 wrote:

"More, more! I need more people to experiment on! iHanamura turned out to be a failure of an experiment. I need another! I'm so close to being able to finally merge Demon and Human, then all those naysayers will get what's coming to them! Now... to find another test... subject...

- 15 minutes of silence -

"Shh, shh, hush now Akeashar, don't worry, what I injected into you will eventually run its course. Sure, you may not survive it, but it's all in the name of science, yes? You may think I'm some crazed demon researcher but when my tests finally show the true potential of fusing, I'll be a savior! Not some insane Lunatic!"

Hello Glocker

"Who is that!? Who's there!?"

Well now, I see your experiments are continuing, even after you were banished from Souhonzan, you have come here to do your little experiments hrmm?

"Who is there!? How do you know who I am!?"

Don't remember my voice? Was it not I the one that sent you away? A message, straight from Lord Doukan. You weren't welcome in our town anymore, and frankly, you're not welcome here neither.

"It's... you!? What are you doing here, I thought... so the Gaians have come here to Arcadia! Well, don't you think I won't let you get away with this! Afterall I know who you are! You're..."

- silence -

It's a shame Glocker, crazed demon researcher as you were, you might have actually done some good if you only listened. Oh well, Lord Doukan was right to turn you away, and who is this... Ah, Akeashar, well, can't leave just any innocent Arcadian as a witness shall we? Let's see what we can do with you...

/End Transmission  

... Scary...

/End Transmission.

Journal Compendium 211 - 11/1/2028

I'm going to have to turn over these transmissions over to the town meeting today! Eep! It's already THAT late? I've got to get going! I'm going to be late!

/End Tramission  

Journal Compendium 220 - 11/1/2028

(Even though no one is really able to listen to this, I wonder, but still, I'll say it anyway! If you couldn't tell, there have been 9 compendiums between this one and the last one, meaning a lot happened, but I'll try to summarize it though I might play a few of them back. Though again, don't know why anyone would come in here and listen in to my private journal entires, but... what will be will be... I guess...)

SO! *ahem* Anyways... today was an intense day. By the time I got in there, things were very, very.... unruly. After I presented Compendium 208, things just got into a riot! Eventually people started getting up on two sides. Doubts were casted on Mirrorenn or LedZepMan92. It was very intense!

Journal Compendium 213 - 15 minutes in wrote:

LedZepMan92 - Why are you voting me!? What have I said? What have I done?
Mirrorenn - Stop upsetting my onee-chan! I'm innocent! What have I done!?
LedZepMan92 - Well, you're voting for me! Obviously you're the guilty one!
MIrrorenn - Well you're voting for me! I was just going with the crowd! What is your reason!?
LedZepMan92 - I don't need a reason! I'm innocent! Why do you feel like you need to justify your actions?
Mirrorenn - And you think you don't? You think you're all so self-righteous? That's the perfect attribute for a Gaian! You don't think we need to be careful now with what was just released to us by that recording!?

/end transmission  

There was a lot more to that and it got really heated. Then the meeting leader got everyone's attention.

Journal Compendium 215 - 5 minutes in wrote:

That's enough! Everyone, sit down, and quiet down! Now!

*sounds of feet shuffling and chairs moving as people are seated down*

Alright, let's settle this civilly. It appears that the main two people in contention here are LedZepMan92, and Mirrorenn. I want both of you to come up here right now!

*sounds of two pairs of feet moving up to the center stage*

Alright, we are now going to settle this the way that *all* important decisions should be made. I have here in my hand a deck of cards, you two will play a game of WAR.

*Sound of deck shuffling*

/end transmission  

Needless to say, it went on a while. After 2000 battles, LedZepMan92 was down to his final card...

Journal Compendium 215 - 4 hours and 37 minutes in wrote:

LedZepMan92 - comeon... comeon... comeon... please be that ace... please be that ace...
Mirrorenn - Three!
LedZepMan92 - YES! And I put down my!
LedZepMan92 - ... TWO!?

*all gasp and murmur*

Meeting Leader - hrm... hrmm? Hrm!? What!? What? huh? Oh... OH!! The game's finally over! Right um... well *yawn*... it looks like Mirrorenn is the winner! Take LedZepMan92 away! His death will be in the dungeons... or better yet we'll give you a choice! You can either go into the dungeons and fight until you defeat Zhu Que by yourself... or you can have duel with GMJoLt!
LedZep Man92 - Well... I'm not really used to this whole game world or whatever... but I know one thing! I can always count on the GM's! I choose to have a duel with GMJoLt! I know I have a much better chance of winning *that* duel!
Meeting Leader - As you wish! Gaurds! Take him away!... GAURDS! Someone wake up those guards! Don't they know that it's horrible manners to fall asleep during a town meeting!? Get them up!

/end transmission

Needless to say... well... I don't need to say do I. At the end of the day, LedZepMan92's words of being wrongly convicted a second time rang true. Maybe it was because people were mad at his avatar of saying that commies weren't cool. Or maybe it was because people thought that his signature was just too condescending. Regardless to say, has been another sad day, though most people have rushed back home, just like I have. It's getting dark fairly quickly out now. Though we have one Crazed Demon Researcher gone from our midst, the reality is six have already perished, and not one Assassin has been killed. Will Arcadia truly fall under this threat? One thing is for sure, fear has now run rampant, with no Assassin identified, perhaps this entire thing has been in our heads? Though that can't be... what of our friends that have surely died! Sure, there has been no witnesses, and there's no evidence except that they have disappeared, but still... no one feels safe now.

/end transmission  

Journal Compendium 222 - 1:37 - 11/2/2028

I was woken up by midnight, to find the entire town in chaos. Everyone was running everywhere. And I mean it, *everyone* was up! I quickly got dressed, gathered my demons, put my equipment and went outside, who knows, maybe the assassins got bold and decided to make an upfront assault. Maybe I would finally have a chance to teach all of these people a lesson! These people that have brought so much pain to us! I rushed outside, expecting to see danger, but then someone grabbed onto me and started crying, sobbing, uncontrollably "we're all doomed! He's gone... he's gone don't you understand!" as he started to continue to cry I tried to calm him down but he was too shaken up. Another person came by and was sobbing silently by herself, I tried to approach her to ask her what had happened, but was unable to approach her to ask her any questions at all. Then I heard the Knight Templars going through the streets shouting orders for everyone to head to the Lord Judah's Cathedral in the town for an important mass. By the time I got there, many messians were in full mourning clothes, I finally was able to get my answer from one of the messians.

"What happened here!?"
"Oh... our precious leader, our prophet, Lord Judah, has been murdered!"
"MURDERED!? What has happened to him?"
"Yes, our Lord Judah has been murdered! He disguised himself to be just like any other Arcadian, under the guise of the name 'YuliKun', however, he has been found out and assassinated! Surely this is the doom of us all!"

I now understood the cause for the mourning.
I stood there. Shocked. I couldn't move. YuliKun was one of my next door neighbors, I talked to him every day since I came here. He was very open, very welcoming, I now understood why, he was Lord Judah, The Lord Judah. The Prophet of the Messiah. Next door to me this entire time, communing with his people and taking part as we dealt with this assassin invasion. And now, YuliKun, Lord Judah, is dead!

Someone came up beside me then... and what I heard I will remember forever
"Do you fret, little lamb, his sacrifice was necessary, it's all for the greater good, you see."
I tried to turn around and locate who spoke it to me, but they were gone, or maybe they weren't, I couldn't tell now with all the mourners that stood around me.

My shock, my sadness, had now turned into anger. The assassins will pay. They must pay. I sent word throughout all of the people in the town when the next town meeting would be. I will not be in there in the midst of the votes, rather, I will be watching, waiting, observing, trying to spot who these bloody assassins are. I have made a vow this day, Lord Judah will not have died in vain. If even Arcadia shall fall, I will continue on, and lead the teachings.

The end may be near, but it won't be near the end for me.

/end transmission

Journal Compendium 230 - 20:27 - 11/2/2028

We have had made steps towards our vengeance today. Once again, Mirrorenn was brought up, though this time doubt was also cast upon tenkido, another member, who was brought in to replace ryo.the.legend, but ultimately, the town gathered together and decided it was Mirrorenn who should face the untold dangers of the outer world. As we approached Mirrorenn, he knew he was trapped, he knew that he couldn't get away. No matter, he was quickly dealt with. When we raided his home, the red garments were spread out very quickly. However, Mirrorenn seemed to know his downfall, so outside of the knowledge that there are indeed other assassins out in our midst, nothing could be said definitively from his home.

Today, was indeed a bittersweet day. A victory, but at what price? A great loss has come to Arcadia. I call upon the Messiah for protection this night, let this evil not gain the upper hand, may the light of Messiah shine over us this evening. And for all of us, let us be vigilant!

/end Transmission  

Journal Compendium 240 - 11/3/2028 - 03:00

I wasn't able to go to sleep, so I decided to take a walk. I used protection of course. However, as I was walking out, I saw a red robe and quickly hid myself. The person passed me and I decided to follow. I stalked Cervios where I saw him with a group of other assassins. I couldn't overhear what they were saying, but it was a quick meeting and then they fled off. Cervios, however, was still in sight so I stalked him. I don't think he was aware of my movements. I noticed quickly, however, where we were going, we were going to the house of Masuyuu. I knew I wouldn't be able to take on Cervios alone, but I had to try! I knew where we were going but Cervios was still faster than I was, and eventually I lost him. I knew where he was going however and I rushed quickly to Masuyuu's house. However, he wasn't there! I opened the door quickly and rushed in and tried to see if I could find him but there wasn't any sign of him, none at all! I searched, everywhere. Then I heard a voice.

Who's there!?
What, you don't recognize my voice? I am sad to see that this has been the path that you have taken. After all of that, I still had high hopes for you, but now, you, are just a common assassin. Pity. I thought you were trained better
What do you know? With words like that, you sound like you're old and senile. Well no matter, I can't leave any witnesses, pity.

After that I heard a lot of commotion, blades clashing, dogs barking, I'm sure the entire area knew that there was a fight going on and all around me I could see lights turning on as people were being woken up. I rushed outside and it seemed like it only took me a minute, but by the time I got outside, there was nothing. Other people started coming out of their houses, looking at me, trying to figure out what was wrong, and soon everyone came to where I was and I noticed why. There were significant blood stains all around me, on the house, on the ground.

Eventually everyone was able to calm down when they noticed I myself neither was harmed, nor were any of my weapons bloodied (sad to say, I wish I would have been able to slain that monster, Cervios). As people were leaving, I decided to walk home when I was pulled aside in the ally.

"Hey there young'un. I noticed you earlier, decided to follow you. Don't worry about Cervios, he's been taken care of. Now don't you fret and don't you worry about a thing. Just head home, there is one less assassin on the streets, though I'm sorry I wasn't able to stop him from getting to Masuyuu first. Masuyuu was a fine Arcadian."

I turned around to see who was talking to me, but there wasn't anyone there! (Rather frustrating, trying to find three people, and now not being able to find any of them). At the end of the day though, if Cervios was taken care of, that means that only four assassins remain if I am able to recall the number of assassins that I saw at the meeting. There may be hope for Arcadia yet.

/end transmission  

Journal Compendium 263 - 11/3/2028 - 20:00

After much journaling, I think I've calmed down a bit from the night, adrenaline has been pumping! I was completely exhausted by the time I was able to get to the voting and I've got to still say, I'm still exhausted so I'll try to keep this one short, though it went on for a looong while, as if you couldn't tell from the timestamp, I just got home from the meeting.

It came down in the end to two people, tenkido and thedemyxismad. It was really weird, with tenkido saying that he wouldn't vote for thedemyxismad even if she was an assassin and voted for himself really caused a lot of confusion, but what was more confusing was the drunk Jikokabe's vote. I still have to wonder if this was just one of those times, or maybe marubadtz broke Jikokabe's heart recently and so he got drunk and did a revenge vote? Or maybe something or something else happened I don't really know and frankly am too tired to care at this point.

Anyways, at the end of the day, thedemyxismad was escorted to her doom, as should have been since I am quite positive that her face was one of the faces that I saw last night, even though it is a bit blurry. With one less assassin on the street, friends are becoming fewer and fewer. I don't know what is going to happen next, it's getting really intense. Friends are doubting each other and bonds that were formed are breaking and are being reformed. It is starting to get deep in the night and I just need to get my sleep.

I swear I saw the ghost of LedZepMan92 not too long ago as well. I have to seriously lay off of Masuyuu's cookies I'm sure that's the cause of it.

/end transmission  

Journal Compendium 266 - 11/4/2028 - 10:00

Hey ya'll, I'm at the town meeting right now, though I'm still super tired and ill, those cookies, I swear, something was in those cookies, ugh. I woke up in the middle of the night because my stomach was just feeling so sick. To make matters worse, something crazy happened last night.

Someone knocked on my door and when I opened it, I found myself looking at a pure red robe. I was feeling too ill though to recognize the face, but regardless before I could even fully get it in my head and stuff, I was pushed onto the ground.

This person whispered into my ear,

"We will not be defeated easily, no matter what your resolve is. Think that we will crumble before you and your pursuit against us? Look for the Arcadian Shevz tomorrow at the meeting, you will find that he is no longer there among you. You think that we will fall quickly? Look around you, I saw you last night when we had our meeting and you might have seen who we are, but worry not, your voice won't be heard anymore"

I need felt a needle at my neck and I started struggling. I heard some glass break and the next thing I knew I heard some curses and the pressure on my body was gone, I looked around for the Gaian Assassin but s/he was no more. I did notice that the needle that was going to be injected into me was there broken beside me.

I am reporting this all now because indeed, I don't see Shevz anywhere, I hope that nothing happens to him.

I also was visted last night by a very peculiar person, I'll talk about that more later though, the town meeting is about to happen.

/end transmission  

The End!? wrote:

Journal Compendium 3*3 - 11*/202* - *1:**

This will be the last post that I make on this. This device was too damaged in the attack and our escape anyway. I did make a backup of everything that happened in Arcadia. I hope that our history can be saved. Indeed, as the true Lord Judah, I will need to one day lead my people back into the land and them to to our town and rebuild it. The Messiah prophesied that we would suffer, I could not imagine that it would be so much suffering. May the Messiah forgive me for my ignorance, I truly thought that this evil would be able to be overcome peacefully. It appears I was wrong. However, this will not be the end.

Journal Compendium 286 - 11/4/2028 - 8:00 PM

Darn, this probably got damaged in the escape back there. The Gaian Assassins are probably tracking us closely. I won't be able to really keep this up any longer, we have all escaped but we must flee. Perhaps I will be able to settle in another land, a neutral land and create a town where the assassins won't be able to reach us. I have heard of some people gathering in a different land perhaps I can find solace in them. However, Arcadia will still be my home. We will return and rebuild the land. We must. However, there is no time to think about this now. We must keep moving.

/end Transmission

Journal Compendium 290 - 11/5/2028 - 2:00 AM

By word of the Messiah! We're under attack. Get out of here! All of you! I will stay here and hold off the assassins. GET OUT NOW! There isn't any time to spare. I can deal with the likes of these. GO!

Journal Compendium *** - ******** - ****

Gah, the dates aren't showing anymore. I'll see if I can fix this. The assassins are gone, but they have taken over Arcadia by now I am sure. They may have won this round, but no doubt they will return. I don't know where everyone is, but I have to gather them up and lead them to safety. The assassins won't follow us too far away from Arcadia. I only hope that the others have found a safe place...  


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ohhh~ i sooo want to play =D


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SakuNoRyuu wrote:
ohhh~ i sooo want to play =D  

Yay! Glad that there is at least one person interested ^.^


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i wnna join but im gnna leave bout next year kicks in... xP


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Add me up ·_____·

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-Raises hand- Mafia. <3

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Glocker wrote:
Add me up ·_____·  

Please read over the thread to see how to sign up =). There are a few reasons that I require people to sign up the way that I do =P. But glad to see that you're interested! =D.


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add me up xD
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