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Grand Fantasia Technical Problems Readme

Check here first!
System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

Operating System: Windows 98/XP/2000/Vista
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
Memory: 512 MB (Vista OS requires 1 GB or above)
Hard Drive: 2 GB
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce FX 5200 or ATI Radeon 9600
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible sound card
Network: 56 kbps Modem

Recommended Specifications

Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM or above
Hard Drive: 2 GB or above
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce FX 5700 or ATI Radeon X 1600
Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible sound card
Network: Broadband DSL/Cable

Installing Grand Fantasia
Make sure to download the game from Aeria Games's official mirror sites and not any other version. The Aeria version will have the Alice and Siropas servers.

Once the download is finished, install the client. You will need administrative rights to run the installation and play the game.

Trouble downloading?
If you're using wireless, try plugging yourself in (also known as "hardwiring").

Try clearing your browser information. Open your internet browser and follow these steps:
Internet Explorer
1. Tools
2. Delete Browsing History...
3. Delete all (You can also just choose to delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies if you don't want to lose the rest of your saved stuff)

Mozilla Firefox
1. Tools
2. Clear Recent History...
3. Check the boxes next to Cache, Cookies, and Active Logins and click "Clear Now"

You may also want to try a download manager such as FlashGet:

Hints for Windows Vista/7 Users
Right-click the shortcut to Grand Fantasia and click on "Run As Administrator"

You can try using Compatibility Mode if Grand Fantasia is not working for you
1. Go to the C:\AeriaGames\GrandFantasia folder (or wherever you installed Grand Fantasia)
2. Right-click _Launcher.exe (you may want to do this to GrandFantasia.exe if you're already patched)
3. Click on "Properties"
4. Choose the "Compatibility" tab
5. Under the "Compatibility Mode" section, check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for"
6. Click on the drop down menu and choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)"
7. Click Ok to confirm the changes

Grand Fantasia may not install and/or run properly if UAC/User Account Control is turned on. UAC is the prompt asking if you want to Allow or Deny whatever program is trying to run. It's the thing that prompts you after every single thing you try to run.
To disable UAC:
1. Go to your Start Menu
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Search for "UAC" (Search is the box in the upper right)
4. Click on the link to "Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off"
5. Uncheck the box next to "Use User Account Control (UAC)"
6. Click Ok

It is not necessary to turn off UAP/User Account Protection (as far as we know at this time). It's the program that continually prompts for the administrative password if you try to change certain system details.
To disable UAP:
1. Go to your Start menu
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Click on System and Maintenance
4. Go to Administrative Tools
5. Open System Configuration
6. Go to the Tools tab
7. Choose Disable UAP
8. Click Launch
10. Reboot

DirectX and Drivers
Make sure you're running the latest version of DirectX. This can be downloaded and installed for free using the link below:
Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime
Or use the following link if the web installer is not working for you:
DirectX Redist (Aug 2009)

You should also go to your graphics/sound card manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers for your graphics/sound card:
ATI | NVIDIA | Intel | Creative Labs | RealTek | SiS | VIA

If you're getting errors saying it's the wrong driver even though you've made sure you selected all the right options, then go to your computer manufacturer's website and download the correct drivers from there:
Alienware | Dell | HP | Lenovo | Sony | Gateway | Compaq

Unable to Launch the Game after Installation
If you are experiencing problems trying to launch the program after a successful installation, please try the following:
1. Re-boot the system and try launching the program again.
2. Close all other running applications.
3. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your system (links to computer manufacturer sites are above).

Connection and Patching Issues
You MUST be an administrator or have administrative rights to install patches and updates. Make sure you're running as an administrator. If you're not sure how to check, follow these instructions:
1. Start Menu
2. Control Panel
3. Users/User Accounts
4. What does it say under your name?

1. Go to your Start Menu
2. Click on "Run" (For Vista users, this will be under "All Programs" ---> "Accessories")
3. Type in "cmd" and click "Ok"
4. Type in "ping" and hit Enter
5. Type in "ping" and hit Enter
6. Right-click and choose "Select All"
7. Paste the information in your new topic

Make sure _Launcher.exe, Launcher.exe, and GrandFantasia.exe are all allowed through your firewalls and antivirus.

Do you have Internet Explorer running properly? Grand Fantasia uses Internet Explorer settings to run the patcher (but not to patch). Make sure it's set to Automatically Detect:
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Tools
3. Internet Options
4. Connections tab across the top
5. LAN settings
6. Check the box next to "Automatically Detect"
7. Click Ok
8. Click Ok

As of right now, the following ports have been registered as used by Grand Fantasia:
80 - _Launcher.exe, the patcher UI (not the patching process). This is the universal default internet port. If you have internet, it's open.
6543 to 6546 - Launcher.exe, the actual patching process (versus the UI that you see).
GrandFantasia.exe appears to grab whatever port is currently open on your computer. The full range has not been tested yet.

Memory and Performance
You can maximize your available memory and increase the overall performance of the game by doing the following:
  • Shutting down all other programs
  • Defragmenting your hard drive (Only recommended if you haven't done this for a while)
  • Set your page file to 1.5x your RAM size:
    1. Right-click My Computer and click Properties
    2. "Advanced" tab
    3. Performance --> Settings
    4. "Advanced" tab
    5. Virtual Memory --> Change...

Administrative Rights
Administrative rights allow a user to make changes to a computer, its settings, access rights, files, user accounts, etc.

Windows Firewall
To add your game to the Windows Firewall exception list, please do the following:
1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.
2. In the control panel, click on Windows Firewall.
3. Open the Exceptions tab, located under Programs and Services, and click the Add Program button. In the Add a Program dialog, click Browse and locate _Launcher.exe, Launcher.exe, and GrandFantasia.exe in the Grand Fantasia folder.
4. Click Ok to apply the changes

If you used to be able to play and cannot anymore
Try disabling Automatic Updates and using System Restore.
Restore the system to whenever you could play the game:
Disabling Automatic Updates
1) Start Menu
2) Control Panel
3) Automatic Updates
4) Choose "Notify me but don't automatically download or install them."
5) Click "Ok"

System Restore
1) Start Menu
2) All Programs
3) Accessories
4) System Tools
5) System Restore
6) Restore my computer to an earlier time
7) Choose a system restore point that is around the time when you could play the game.

Alternately, you can create a restore point in case you're afraid something might happen in the future that won't allow you to play:
1) Start Menu
2) All Programs
3) Accessories
4) System Tools
5) System Restore
6) Create a restore point
7) Enter in a "Restore point description" then click "Create"

If you still have problems...
Once you've read this post, if you still have troubles, the following points could be useful when posting:
  • Subject: Try to make the issue as clear as possible.

  • Details: When, how and what exactly happens should be covered in detail.
    Screenshots would help as well. Here's a guide on screenshots:

  • System Information: Be sure to include your system information when posting:
    1. Start Menu
    2. Run
    3. Type "dxdiag" and press Enter
    4. Press "Save All Information" button
    5. Save the file wherever you can find it
    6. Open that file
    7. Copy and paste all of the information into your post.

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20 Feb 2007
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PostedDec 08, 2009 5:22 pm
List of Known Issues
  • Some Common Problems and Their Solutions

  • Patching Problems Resolved

  • Memory Leak Issue
    Yes, there is a slight memory leak issue. The memory usage by Grand Fantasia goes up by about 47MB/hour (varies by system and what you are doing in Grand Fantasia).

  • My Launcher shows EASYFUN's website, not Aeria's Grand Fantasia images and updates
    This will happen if the file Banner.ini is corrupted or missing.
    Working Banner.ini file uploaded 12/10/09

  • Error message:
    FILE: d:\workspace\elfonline_us\elfclient\gamedata\BaseQuery.h (82)

    Error: .\data\db\C_Collection.ini <ID=0> DB Map ID Duplicate!!!

    This will occur when locate.ini is missing.

  • Error message:
    FILE: d:\workspace\elfonline_us\elfclient\gamedata\BaseQuery.h (73)

    Gibberish and .\data\db\C_Item.ini followed by several other files.

    This will occur when locate.ini is incorrect.

  • Ftp can't connect, Waiting to retry download: version.txt ...
    Http can't connect, Waiting to retry download: version.txt ...
    This will occur when LuncherMod.ini is incorrect or missing.
    Working LuncherMod.ini file uploaded 12/10/09
    This can also occur when your connection times out before the transfer begins/finishes. So go to your Grand Fantasia folder, open LuncherMod.ini, and change OPT_TIMEOUT = 60 to a higher number such as OPT_TIMEOUT = 1200

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