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23 Aug 2009
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PostedDec 02, 2009 8:38 pm

I didnt write anything about shaiya on here except one...

random poems that arent very good. there all mine so i would know
There once was a man who like shoes
but he could only afford one shoe
that man he tripped on his lace
and fell on his face
so he got rid of that one shoe
and now he has no shoes

Two men once walked into a bar... Ouch
man that was a short poem

There once was a Very Happy and a Sad
the Very Happy went up to the Sad
now the Very Happy is a Sad
and the Sad is still a Sad
and now every one is sad

I had my watch on one day
I saw that it had stopped working
I was so upset I threw it all wall and it broke
so now I have no watch at all
this is a real big joke

There once was an orc and a priest
The orc stabbed the priest
and the priest fell dead
because nobody could heal the priest
*true story*

Here is a poem for you readers
If you are still reading this you have bad taste in poems
Now go play your game because this is the end of my poems
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