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Warrior->Berserker Guide

Welcome to the FIRST true guide to Warriors.

This guide will cover all the important things you need to know about getting to and being a berserker as well as some things about warrior and even some information about paladins.

Table of Contents-
Starting Out
Choosing a weapon
So you made it to Warrior
Important Gear
Leveling Tips
Finally it's Berserker time
Dual Weapon
2-Hand Weapons
A word on berserker skills
Master Skills
Advanced Strategy

Starting out
Starting out as a warrior seems easy enough but there's a few very important decisions to make. Firstly consider what you want to end as. The rest of the decisions become clear when you can see what you want to be. These pointers will likely help you avoid becoming one of those warriors who started strong but around the 20's range started to struggle because of poor choices.

Your first sprite is a very important decision as it's the only sprite you can evolve as you level up the availability of other gear becomes dependant on how many friends you make or your ability to find(or buy) other sprites. So it's important to make sure you choose the right sprite to start with but the 'right' sprite depends entirely on what you want to be.

Berserker-For a warrior who's going to be a berserker your weapons are much more important than your armor. Ideally you want to start with a sprite for either Axe or Sword Crafting. I'll explain WHY you want only an axe or a sword for a berserker later right now just take my word for it. Your secondary and tertiary sprites should be armor and firearms.

Paladin-The warrior who's going to go paladin His emphasis is entirely different, and life will be made MUCH easier with a sprite for shield or armor crafting. A Paladin's weapon isn't nearly as important as it is for a Berserker. Again why will be explained later. Right now we're talking about sprites. Personally I'd get the armor sprite and pick up a shield sprite later you can also get yourself a weapon sprite later if you like though it isn't completely necessary.

Choosing a weapon-The type of weapon you choose to use will pretty much define your character. Here's what you need to know to make a good choice-

Axes-Geared for damage and crits Axes are ideal for berserkers. They do exactly what we want to do. Smack things hard.

Swords-Swords are more middle of the road, but have nice evasion bonuses through talents.If you're worried about having some survivability swords might not be a bad way to go

Hammers-Not much use to a berserker, Hammers DO provide some magical defenses but not nearly enough to make up for the Berserker's low magic stats. Paladins are better suited for these since hammers also provide some Matk, and paladins have some magical attacks. Berserkers do NOT. The only REAL merit of hammers for Berserkers is if you take the hammer talent for the chance to stun on attack.

Bows/Guns-Bows and guns are important to remember as a berserker. But they are NOT primary weapon material. Yes you can use one and there is VERY good reason for this. The status bonuses from bows/guns are applied always because you are considered always equipped and at the ready with any equipped weapon. Meaning the bow's +stats apply always when equipped so even if you never buy arrows always make sure to keep a bow or gun with some bonuses on you.

Talents are an incredibly important part of your character and while it is possible to obtain the ones you don't choose at jobchange life is MUCH easier when you simply pick the right one the first time. The 'right' talents for you will depend on what type of warrior you want to be and how quickly you expect to get to your third job. Obviously your first talent should correspond with the weapon type you chose to use but after that it's not so simple.

Swords-The sword warrior is a solid well rounded choice, and those who choose to use swords can still be effective as either a paladin or a berserker. The most important thing is to consider where you'll end up though. I won't tell you specifically what to pick for your early levels but for those going berserker your sword talents should emphasize evasion. You can make a DECENT evasion tank with a sword berserker especially with their skill that lowers enemy hitrate by 30% at lvl 31 I was able to solo prarie cave mobs reasonably since those mobs are all miniboss class i felt they were a good comparison. Bottom line sword talents are for the more defensive type of warrior.

Axes-This is in my opinion the bread and butter for a berserker. These are the weapons you really want. Axes are damage oriented and 1hand axes are reasonably quick. Crits hurt and your talents increase axe dmg and crit rate. You really can't go wrong with that as long as you remember when using axes OFFENSE IS YOUR DEFENSE. At warrior stage it'll be tempting to take the 2hand weapon talent for your 2h axe. Don't do it unless you know for sure you won't dual wield later. Take the one hand weapon mastery and save yourself the time spent collecting mithril fragments to get it later when dual wield is available.

Hammer-Honestly Hammers are for Paladins it's their dmg weapon like axes are for berserkers. As a berserker the only time you should lay hands on a hammer is if you need Magic defense or you're trying to stun things. Purely situational. For the most part you don't want any part of this talent.

So you made it to warrior
So, you've gotten to lvl 15 and became a warrior. Good job. Hope you stuck to your plan. If you picked the wrong talent here collecting mithril fragments to try and make the others can be a pain. In this section we'll focus on leveling, some important gear to obtain, and talk about the lvl 20 wall I've seen people hit. We'll also talk about Prarie Cave(Also known as PC) I'm also going to ramble a bit here but bear with me. It's mostly stuff you need to hear.

The lvl 20 'wall'-I call this the 'wall' because some warriors get here and stop cold. There's a number of reasons for this. Usually this is because they realize they chose a starting sprite that didn't mesh well with their long term plans. Or they've neglected it so much they couldn't evolve and thus were stuck for a bit without decent gear.Make sure you've trained your main sprite enough as you level. Especially if you have an armor sprite because the Elite Guard Armor is VERY important to acquire and this is the main reason many people frustrate themselves going into PC(To get the materials for the final 2 pieces of set armor) If you chose a weapon sprite you've got it a bit easier. just make sure to craft yourself one of the orange weapons and carry on like normal. Your sprite isn't in too much of a hurry right now, that orange wep can (and probably will) carry you through to your next job.

Pretty much this is the point at which your character will first be 'tested' Especially if you try to run straight to prarie cave once you can go there. That's a bad idea. Prarie cave is designed to challenge the party going in and unless you know what you're an experienced MMO player going in as soon as you can will probably just result in frustration. MOST of the parties who go into PC die to at least one(if not all of) the bosses.

Not because they're ridiculously hard but because they're inexperienced and attacking it wrong.(Yes there IS a right and wrong way to fight a boss) and many warriors don't know how to position themselves properly to protect the healers. Or move the boss if need be to get them out of the range of a boss AoE. So I'll explain a bit about that right now yes you want the boss to be as far from them as possible but you also want to make sure YOU are BETWEEN the boss and the healers so their max range extends to you but they stay just outside the max range of the boss. Yes you WILL be hit by the boss AoE you're supposed to be you're a warrior. Deal with it. Carry pots for emergency use you should not be potting while being healed if you are you're doing it wrong and probably wasting pots or the healers SP. Assuming of course you're not being hit for more than you're being healed for in which case you need a better healer or to become a better tank. I was able to tank PC bosses with a 2hand axe with healer support so there's no excuse for someone with at least a half decent shield to fail at tanking. If you're still having problems It's either you or it's the healer. But probably you.

Don't blame the healer for not healing if he/she is being silenced by the boss AoE because you positioned badly. It's NOT always the healer's fault you died. To ensure PC Success take 2 healers with you. If you still fail, it's definitely you. Re-examine what you're doing find the problem and fix it. Another common cause of PC failures is Aggro swapping. Make sure any mages know not to spam their skills like mindless zombies so you can keep aggro on you. Especially if you're not a shield user. it's much harder to hold aggro without the shield skill and if aggro switches between you and another warrior healers get confused. Sort out who's going to do what BEFORE you attack a boss.

Most importantly don't obsess over PC. You don't HAVE to go there just because you have a quest there the quest can wait for you to level up some more if you want. Sprites forest(Or it's equivalent area's in other zones) will provide you with plenty of opportunity to level up.

Now with all that out of the way let's move on.

Important Gear-(Will be added to based on input from community as obviously my knowledge of weapons is limited to stuff I actually used)
Important gear for warriors is hard to nail down to specifics at this range with the following two exceptions-

Elite Guard Armor-EVERY warrior needs to get this set. The complete set increases the damage of Skybreaker strike(Your main attack skill so far) by a incredible 50%!!!!! For us axemen completing the set means you have the assurance of being able to solo up to 31 and can do so pretty quickly with the complete set. If you've got a day to kill you can probably get from 20 to 31 with the full set before the day is over assuming you have a nice strong weapon. Which brings us to-

Purple Storm-For leveling purposes everyone should try to have one of these. Armed with a modestly upgraded Purple Storm and Elite Guard Armor you are a wrecking crew to monsters most of them should die in 2 or 3 hits. If it takes more than that come back to it later. This weapon WILL last till 31. I used one myself to get there.

Now if you can't get a E.guard set, don't worry too much about it, it's important but it's not absolutely necessary to get by. but having it will certainly have you feeling like the damage physical damage king a berserker is supposed to be early on. Now let's look at other gear-

My main weapons, so I have the most info here, you'll note a lack of 2h's mentioned, this is because when I did occasionally switch to 2h to try it out I generally used a blue 2hand axe rather than crafting one. Blue's usually have somewhat more attack than crafted gear and higher +stats at the cost of not having additional effects. For me this was usually a fair enough trade off.

Ruthless Axe-This axe is one of two orange grade craftable 1 hand axes. Most people sillily take the other one. This is the one you want to make sure you have. Especially if you're an axe type who sometimes doubles as a tank. This axe absorbs 3% of the damage from all NORMAL attacks as HP for you and as far as I know is the only axe in the game that does this. Very convenient for saving on pots, Remember it for later if you plan on Dual Wielding.

Purple Tiger-The first weapon with built in crit damage bonus. If you specialize in crit this is one to hang on to.

heavyweight champ-30%chance to reflect 30% of physical damage when struck. Not bad, not fantastic, but not bad either, There's definite use for this axe. Just understand that reflect does not reduce the damage you take you simply share it with your enemy.

King of the battlefield-Buff's hit rate randomly while attacking, thereby removing most of those annoying 'misses'

Jungle Beast Axe-Made one finally, very nice move speed bonus. Though the rate is a bit low, it's atk is pretty nice for it's level and some say it also slightly increases aspd. I can't prove the aspd part so don't hold me to it. It is very nice though a pain to make.

The Alloy Killing Blade--A absolutely ridiculous weapon if you can get your hands on it 15% built in crit damage bonus along with a hit rate increase the raw atk is a little lower than the jungle beast axe but easily made up for when critting. A slotted one with resonance stones for more crit damage would make a great partner weapon to any other axe for a dual wielder. The only problem with it is good luck making one.

Ancient Striker axe-Need confirmation on the effect of this axe, I believe it's meant to be a silence effect but I haven't got one myself to test it.

Ancient Hazime Axe-There's really only two things that need to be said for this axe- 15% Crit Damage! and NOT a unique weapon. Which means you can use two of them for 30% crit damage bonus. If you've grown fond of battle fury by chance this axe is a dream come true.


Flaming Fang-You see a lot of these being dual wielded early on, and they are a good early option for dual wielders, 15%chance for a secondary attack is nice, however understand that secondary attacks are treated like skill hits, and therefore effects that only apply to normal attacks cannot trigger from them. Including the life absorption of ruthless axe.

Bloody Rose-The next step in life absorption and the last one for quite awhile.

I've not bothered to use any other swords.

Guns are generally much more useful to zerkers than bows, adding chunks of damage or some other interesting effects. I haven't gotten around to too many of them yet so expect this section to grow as I pick more of them up.

Assassins Finger-15% evade just for putting it on. Very nice, don't rely on it since your evade likely isn't THAT high as a zerker but it's worth remembering this one if you like swords and evasion. It's good for a long while though.

Spitfire DragonNice chunk of fire dmg by chance added to attacks but the real reason to use this particularly later in levels is because of the fire resist built into it. Other than that, there's plenty better out there.

Armored Sentinel It took me a bit to figure out what precisely this thing did. Aside from the lightning damage which is nice. Basically it reduces incoming damage briefly when it's effect's a somewhat significant amount but unless you're trying to be a zerk tank you're probably better off with the miracle bow. In actual use the miracle bow has kept me alive a bit more than this thing has. However it's reliability makes it perhaps a better choice as a PvP weapon. Again it depends on how much you like to gamble on an effect.

Red Shark
A very nice gun for those who like crits. this gun has a built in crit rate bonus, not much else but who needs anything else if you've got crits? This one isn't seen much because it cannot be traded. Meaning you need to get yourself a gun sprite if you want it.

There aren't many bows that are all that useful to a zerker, some give the chance to root a target on attack which can be useful in PvP but is utterly useless in PvE most monsters won't be going anywhere and the few that do try to run will likely die while their back is to you.

Black Snake-The black snake bow is the first bow with root

Miracle Bow-Randomly heals by low chance. Also increases move speed. Very nice bow after using it for awhile though relying too heavily on the heals is a recipe for disaster it can seriously ease the need to pot sometimes though. the heals it provides are somewhere between mid and high potions. I generally got about 800-1k for an average range. the effect triggers 'on attack'.

Shap Edge Bow-Reflect. Nuff said. Wouldn't use it unless you're trying to stack on the reflect though. it's just not worth it by itself.

Other than the crystal shield I've never used any other shield, so my info here is rather lacking, input would be nice.

Crystal Shield-Very important shield to get for PC bosses as it provides resistances and a chance to reflect magic. But otherwise not too important for power levelers. However shields with any form of magic defense should be remembered by berserkers since we have a hard time dealing with magic. This shield is also worth remembering for PvP.

Leveling tips
Now that you know some of the most important pieces of gear to look for. Let's talk about actually leveling up shall we? Because I personally started at Kaslow I will use the name of area's from that region. Substitute with the equivalent for your region if you don't feel like changing areas. Though obviously specific quests will be different.

15-20- From 15-20 stick to questing. That's still a superior source of exp at this point. THough yes they will give you an annoying number of 'kill this boss' quests. don't worry about those do what you can.

20-25-After the level 20 mark a big scary place called Prarie cave opens up to you, but you don't want to go there yet. Instead head over to sprites Forest(or the equivalent in your area) and do some quests out here. This is also where you'll find the first repeatable quests that are really worth doing. The repeatable quest for leopard skins is worth doing a couple times until you get the quest for treant roots, which also provides mount flutes. Abuse this quest. The old man who gives you the quest is directly next to leafy treants, meaning you can cut them to pieces and have a very short travel time between collecting and turning in. At 25 you'll want to move up to Belcar Plateau. If you did like I told you and got a 2hand weapon this shouldn't take too long.Leafy Treants should die in 2 hits possibly 1 if you already have the full elite guard set.

25-30 from 25-30 you want to be in Belcar Plateau, or you may want to pay a visit to the southern Island in the jale region(You will need to go to both for the jobchange quest for berserker. might as well get the teleport point early for ease of travel later.)

Both area's have repeatable quests which as this point you should have figured out the best way to go about doing. Grinding the repeatables has the added bonus of paying out a good chunk of change at this point too so you'll find yourself with a few gold by the time you reach your level 30 job change.

FINALLY! It's Berserker time!
Congrats you've made it to 29/30. If you paid attention to my leveling area's you already know your jobchange quest will take you on a little trip to hunt some monsters. This is easy enough and now finally you've got your jobchange. Don't run off to buy all those new skills just yet though. There's one very important thing to decide before you complete the change.

-Dual Weapon- This talent comes in at third job and unless you planned on it may change the way you play the class. Note:Paladins CANNOT Dual Wield. However it's interesting to note that each job type has a class that can Dual Wield.

Dual wield for berserkers(UPDATE:I now know it does indeed work slightly differently for other classes.) works like this- Basically from what I can tell looking at my stats and playing with equipment a little, is that your two weapons atk power is added together and then 80% of that attack power is used to determine your attack strength. NOT Including Talent bonuses.

Bonuses from Talents do NOT display on your status window they are applied as a hidden bonus directly to your final dmg.

You will also note the berserker Dual Weapon includes a 20% dmg increase. Meaning more or less you wind up with NEARLY full atk and upgrading the talent increases the damage of dual weapons further(however you need a pretty high level to do so so it takes awhile to get the full power of dual wielding.)

Don't understand why it's only nearly full atk? Here's a couple of examples:
Because I don't know or pretend to know how the defense vs atk formula works yet we'll use a couple of static examples.

Example 1-For this example we'll assume 1 point of defense equals 1 point of damage reduced(Which we know it does not but this is just about the most efficient defense can get.)
Let's say you have 1000 atk in your status window while dual wielding and your opponent has 500 defense.

1000-500=500 now the 20% bonus from dual weapon is applied 500+20%=600

As opposed to if the bonus was to attack power:
1000+20%=1200-500=700 so already there you have a 100 atk loss overall because the bonus is applied AFTER atk and defense calculations.

Now to put a more apparent point on this let's do one more example assuming 5 points of defense equals 1 point of damage reduction(A more realistic example) again we'll use the numbers of 1000 and 500 for attack and defense but because 5 defense equals 1 damage the equation has changed.

1000-100=900(Since 500 defense in this example only reduces 100 dmg)

1200-100=1100 and there you see a 200 point difference instead. So quite a a chunk of atk is lost compared to using a 2hand weapon which gets it's full attack power. But you also have other talents which add to your damage. Just know that dual wield by itself is somewhat ineffecient for pure damage it IS however better for effects and DPS.

Note: This does not take into account other talent bonuses only looking purely at dual wield by itself.

Now that you know how dual weapon works the question is do you dual wield or do you go for a 2hand weapon? There is NO reason for a berserker to be using a shield as regular equipment, in some special situations maybe but not for your regular gear. If you use a shield you will likely be disappointed in your damage output AND your tanking ability which will both be average at best.

Here's a few talent setups that I'd suggest-

Axe Mastery-One Hand mastery-Dual Weapon

Axe Mastery-Two Hand Mastery-Bone Sinew

Axe Mastery-Resiliant Life-Bone Sinew

Dual wielding has the advantage of being able to utilize effects from both weapons. Stat bonuses, as well as baked in trigger effects because they attack as one rather than as two separate attacks(remember I told you to remember the ruthless axe? As a dual wield berserker it becomes possible to be a DPS tank. Using your attack speed as a means of healing.)

2 hand weapons If you choose not to dual wield no problem. you can still put out big big damage. the trick is in knowing how to make that happen. As I said before, Axes are the raw damage weapon. Ideal for crit, and crit hitting is probably the easiest way to cause a large amount of spike damage. Through talent Combo's you can get a 30% boost to crit damage. Or you can take a 15% crit boost and get a small boost to general damage too. 2hand weapons can have up 6 resonance stone slots. That's a lot of room for bonuses to crits if you're willing to take the time to get the stones. Nevermind built in weapon abilities.

The downside is they aren't consistant. Which results in big numbers sometimes far removed from the normal attack damage. However, because skills can crit as well this means the potential for damage in a single hit is pretty high. This is probably the route to go if you want to try to 1hit KO something with a crit hit.

A word on Berserker skills
Early on Zerker skills are ineffecient and you'll feel a little underwhelming. Don't worry, this is normal. It gets better. Much better, particularly at level 40, and then again after 45.

Power Wave-Your new skybreaker strike, this will become your main attack, it's instant,very short animation delay, and cools down fairly quickly. It also adds a charge point.

Blood Thirsty-Increases damage for normal attacks by a %, it's short duration though so you can't rely on it too heavily. However it IS stackable with all of your other self buffs

Dance of Chaos-Adds chance of doing a secondary attack when attacking, more reliable than bloodthirsty, also increases chance to hit by 20%. There are bonuses that increase the duration of this skill. Leveling it up increases it's chance not it's duration.

WarCry-AoE taunt that does no damage but draws a bunch of malice, and lowers the hit rate of anyone affected by 30%. Note:A correction on my earlier statement, Warcry only affects the hitrate of NORMAL attacks. therefore it's mostly useless in PvP unless you're against another zerker or a sin.

Terrible Warcry-increases the cast time of skills, only useful against casters but then again you should be able to down them rapidly anyway. So there's little reason to ever use this. The best possible situation for it is if you're going on a suicide run into enemy troops, warcry their casters, die like a man and hope the debuff actually helps your guys survive.

Abyssal Slash-A pure damage AoE, no effects unlike your other AoE's, and unlike Wild Whirlwind or Wirlwind, this doesn't require charges, in fact it gives you one for using it. However this doesn't work like other AoE's you need a target, so you can't just spam it to build up charges. The AoE radius is centered on the target not you.

BattleFury- A glorious self buff, boosts damage of all attacks and attack speed dramatically. It's charge based but the charges only affect duration not potency of the effect. Which means you can get away with only using one or two charges and activating it over and over. Just remember that while it's active you take more damage than normal. Using this will allow you to single handedly take an altar in battlegrounds in a few seconds.

Ground Pulse Wave-Very nice skill, MP draining,Damage AND it has a little bit of range to it. Not many realize that last part. You can use it as a opening attack instead o bull charge, though the animation is a tad bit longer than I'd like it's a solid skill. adds 40MP drain per skill level, cools at average speed. Clearly PvP oriented. If they don't have MP they can't stun you with skills now can they? Clerics and Paladins tend to freak out when they suddenly lose chunks of MP. Especially if you catch one on the battleground who's been spamming skills before hand.

Crushing Blow-When you get this weakening strike is officially obsolete, it's much more damaging and also has the important function of reducing the enemy crit rate which is much more meaningful than the dmg reduction of weakening strike, also it overwrites weakening strike so don't bother trying to stack them.

Wild Whirlwind-Not too useful in the early bits, but once you level it a little the damage for a fully charged one is really nice. You'll have to choose between this or battle fury for your charged attack

Bull Charge-Stun. Warp to target. What's not to like? Well other than the fact the skill itself doesn't do damage but you do deal damage as soon as you get there so mostly moot point. Range increases with skill level. Enabling you to warp straight to the back of a crowd and cause some chaos in PvP. It also stuns bosses, however has a nasty habit of putting you dead center underneath the boss. Which will make healers hate you. Yet may be necessary to stop a boss from spamming something that's ruining the party. It can also be used fast enough to break most attempts at stun lock.

Earth Shock-honestly in my opinion inferior to terra ripple, the duration of paralysis seems to get shorter as it's leveled up, which is supposedly the tradeoff for getting more damage out of the AoE. Paralysis reduces attack speed and movement speed by 40 and 50% Of course attack speed means nothing to skill users.

There are a couple more skills but since they have a lvl req of 61 they can't be gotten right now.

Master Skills
Master skills are unlocked at level 45.

They are PASSIVE abilities that increase the abilities of your character.
The Master skill system works like this, you get 6 passives at lvl 0 when it's first unlocked, you can then allocate a % of experience gained from mobs to increasing a seperate xp bar for gaining points for master skills.

EXP for quest rewards does NOT go to master skills, even if you set it to 100% the exp split is ONLY for the xp gained from kills.Dying DOES lose you master skill xp so if you have a habit of dying you may want to hold off on putting xp into this just yet.

it takes 3,500,000 exp to get 1 master skill point.
You need to gain 2 points for every 1 level of a master skill you want to increase.

There are also "Legendary" Skills at level 60, but we're not going to get to those right now.

Master skills have a max level of 10. As do legendary skills.

the 6 Master skills for Berserker are:

Furious Force:+9 str per level. Strength gives 3atk per point so this is 27 attack. Also because strength gives a bonus to shield defense if you're a zerker who likes shields this may be the skill for you if you want to be a zerk tank.

Lethal Critical Hit: Adds .8 to crit chance per level.

Axe Grinder:Adds 1.5% damage from axe attacks per skill level. Do notice there is no sword equivalent. This is what I've been warning about. Eventually (assuming you play long enough) you'll wind up with this skill and it'll do nothing for you if you've got a sword.

Exacting Punishment:1% bonus damage against HUMANOID-Class enemies. Also adds 50dmg to magical attacks against humans. Gee. Wonder what this is for. Like everything else that's Per skill level so it'd max out at 10%bonus damage to humans and 500magic damage to humans.

Blade's Flow:Increases Close range attack speed by 1% per skill level

Burning Tattoo: Adds 3% Resistance to fire per skill level. This will probably be one of the last abilities most people get. By itself it's not too immediately useful unless you've been piling on fire resist and even then only if you're fighting fire enemies. Some of you may have noticed enemies are in fact using magic attacks by this point, and if you're in an area where the attack is fire based maybe this might help you out a bit.

Advanced Strategy
I've decided to add this because there are some interesting possibilities created by the way the talent system and dual wield work.

The 1 hammer strategy- Requires:Hammer mastery, a hammer, dual wield. Basically the idea behind this strategy is to combine the hammer mastery bonus with an axe's raw damage I've seen a couple people try this but I myself haven't dabbled in it yet. Unsure how using two weapons with different speeds affects dual wield. However the desired effect is a combo of stun on attack fairly high damage per hit and mixed weapon effects.

However the downside is that you essientially give up your talent combo as all of the hammer talent combo's are related to magic effects and the only useful one requires you give up dual wield which negates this strategy.

The evade tank-Requires:Sword mastery,Assassins Finger(Lvl28 Rare Crafted Gun). Agi based gear.

Really this is more an assassin's thing but zerkers can get pretty respectable evade. This setup favors 2handers and sword zerkers Not that although sword mastery is required for the combo's you do not actually need to use a sword to benefit from the combo effect. Assassins finger gives 15% evasion while equipped, and the sword combo's generally add around 10% evasion usually some attack speed too. In theory you could try using an axe with a sword talent combo for the evasion/speed bonuses sacrificing the dmg increase of the axe mastery. Combine this with the -30% hitrate from the berserker warcry and you should become pretty hard to hit.

The Sword/Axe Wielder-
Not many of these but it's a pretty rewarding combination compared to hammer/axe. The main thing people seem to fail to realize is you can mix weapons. As a berserker you can equip just about anything. Dual Weapon lets you wield 2 as long as they're one handed. So any combination of weapons is possible, the downside here is that your damage comes entirely from %chances on weapons rather than being always there. your normal attack damage will likely be somewhat lower than normal. The benefits however are you can spike rather high damage with the right combinations or using a certain other combination absorb alot of HP per attack. it's a versatile setup.

The Tanky Zerker-Requires:Lvl40+
Suggested gear:Lvl 40 Berserker set, A lifestealing weapon(Ruthless axe, Bloody Rose),Miracle Bow, Jelly rabbit cape.

Can't say I've done this one myself but it definitely should work. The level 40 set alone will cover most of your tanking needs, including a lifestealing weapon with odds of double attack will keep HP rolling in, Miracle bow randomly causes heals, Jelly rabbit cape gives regen. In short if you can put all this together you should be one hard to kill zerker. Plague will NOT stop the lifestealing weapon from healing you. I'm not sure about the miracle bow and it's unlikely it'd affect the jelly cape. With your high damage output, you should get respectable chunks of HP back pretty quickly. Downside? Geared toward dual wield, relies on normal attacks.(The lifestealing weapons only lifesteal from normal attacks not skill hits)

There are likely other possibilities. Experiment. Your suggestions could be added here.

The Reflector- I actually didn't want to put this build in here for fear it'd become a standard newb setup. but some thorough testing showed some of it's faults and eased my fears about it being ridiculously overpowered*though still questionable.

Minimum Required gear-Heavyweight Champ(Crafted axe lvl28),Heavy warrior set, A shield. Yes you read right. This is probably the only zerker build I'd truly recommend a shield on. If you don't use a shield use a bloody rose in the off hand.

Recommended gear:Heavyweight champ,Heavy warrior set,Sharp Edge bow(Can be substituted for a miracle bow if you're trying to stay in the 40 arena), War gods visage OR crystal light. Any other vit based gear,

Basically this build reflects damage rapidly. Damage you're taking whatever it may be can and will be reflected to at least some degree as long as you have the shield and from there the rest of your reflect may trigger at will. Each piece of reflect gear will react independantly, but CAN all react to the same instance of damage. So heavyweight and the heavy warrior set can BOTH trigger off the same hit and reflect damage at the same time. the result is sort've a 'wild' reflect. at any given time you may reflect varying amounts of the damage you're receiving. The constant reflect of wargods is seperate from all other effects, it will NOT make you reflect with every effect all the time. but it does provide you with a solid minimum amount of damage return. combine this build with rapid attacks, you'll want to use battlefury for sure, yes battle fury makes you take more damage but since you're reflecting a % of damage taken anyway essentially that's also increasing your damage output in a twisted masochistic sort've way. If you choose to use crystal light casters will regret ever looking at you. 40% dmg reflection is huge and I've actually seen a mage kill themselves by being reflected before. This setup pretty much is a duelist you don't want to deal with multiple foes but 1v1 anyone who faces you will be limping away.

the heals of the miracle bow will keep you alive longer than the additional reflect of the sharp edge bow but the sharp edge bow is much more reliable in getting it's effect to trigger so it's kinda a personal choice there on how lucky you feel.
Despite being a lvl 28 weapon, with 699 atk power the heavyweight axe is actually still more powerful than most swords.(For example the level 38 Bloody rose is only 720 atk)

Allowing you to have average offense to go with your reflect which will deal damage based on how hard you're being hit. This is probably the most advanced build on the list as it requires you be able to judge how much damage should be coming in to both be survivable and yet still put out enough damage to matter.

Battlegrounds can be a rough place for a zerker if you're not careful. Here's some things to consider when going into battlegrounds

Your equipment: This may seem obvious but one of the things you MUST understand when going into battlegrounds about equipment is that the level of the equip really doesn't mean much. You MUST be able to overlook the level of an item and look specifically at it's abilities if you want to be sucessful here. The higher level equip is NOT always better sometimes effects far outweigh slightly more attack or whatever. When to make these sacrifices is up to you but know that there are times when they SHOULD be made depending on what you want to make yourself into.

Your role: As a zerker in BG you need to figure out what your role is going to be first and foremost. You have a couple of options, Altar breaker, Hunter-killer, Line breaker.

Altar Breaker-Self explainatory, your only concern is getting to and breaking altars, let everyone else mash each other and focus on taking ground and scoring points that way. With your high damage output and ability to put it out very rapidly you accel at this task and can even do it solo without much worry of being discovered if you happen to find a altar undefended. Since our damage output isn't reliant on SP or flashy skills there's not much to alert someone passing by that the altar is even being hit unless they have direct sight on you. So positioning yourself so that the crystal blocks you from immediate view may sometimes be all you need to do to get away with ninja'ing a crystal away from the enemy.

At times battles will break out near altars where the enemy has control of the altar and it's questionable whether your side will win the fight, at times like these HIT THE ALTAR ANYWAY. If you've decided to be an altar breaker stick to it. If you flake now and go after enemies you may or may not beat you may waste precious time and that altar may go neutral forcing you to leave the area before it nukes everyone. When you could've tagged it and gotten the points for taking it first (which are more points than individual kills mind you you'll probably help more by doing this in the long run.)

As the altar breaker you need to be aware of the status of the altars particularly the central altar as it is worth twice as many points as all the others. Develop a rotation, so you can keep scoring points for your team. The match is often won or lost because of good(or bad) Altar breakers.

As an altar breaker move speed isn't as important as with other roles (Altars aren't going anywhere so the only sense of urgency is perhaps to retake one) So you can focus your effects on raw damage It's recommended you keep at least 2 people with you for support if you do run into trouble your raw damage will maim whatever poor soul crossed you and your supporter makes sure you stay alive. If you get into combat prioritize protecting your supporters.

Hunter Killer-Really this role is better suited to sins and rangers but we can do it too. See a soft target alone and vulnerable? Smash it! Basically in this role you're just picking off stragglers it's helpful as you get easy points but you probably won't score too many, and it's unlikely you'll be MVP'ing any games in this role. It's recommended you take a gear setup that'll enable some form of self healing or move speed increase for this role.

Line Breaker-Like being with the biggest group at the biggest battle where all the chaos is? This is the role for you then. Zerkers really don't make that great of a frontline trooper though, those pesky mages and rangers will nuke you with focused fire pretty quick. So stay behind the paladins and let them do their jobs until you're close enough to bull charge straight to the BACK of the enemy group and let loose with everything you've got. You'd be amazed how easy it is to wreck havok this way. semi-organized groups quickly fall into chaos as their back men go into 'self preservation' mode and forget to help their allies. Even if you are defeated the time they spent killing you has bought your guys the time to kill their unsupported front men. Needless to say your priorities are clerics,wizards and necro's. Smack them hard and fast and ignore those paladins only engage other zerkers when you absolutely have to and only for as long as you have to, avoid sins because it's a waste of time hunting a target who's simply going to hide in stealth. Rangers are moderately annoying but if there's no casters focus on them. Bull charge will more or less cancel out weasel dodge and as long as you can stay close to a ranger their most deadly skills aren't available to them.

As a line breaker you're hunting the targets who generally want to stay away from you and are likely to attempt to run away, to prevent this equip effects and weapons with slow or root. The black snake bow is a lovely bow equip for this role because it roots any movespeed bonuses are also nice to have. A tactic I've used once or twice is simply to fight with a opponent until i saw the blacksnake's root effect kick in and then bull charge away to another, softer target I wanted to kill leaving him unable to follow me for a few precious seconds and quite likely to be picked up as a target by someone else while standing still.

Closing comments

And there you have it a pretty detailed guide to being a warrior in Grand Fantasia. By no means is it a complete guide to everything But this is based on my experiences in game,people I talked to, and things I observed. I myself was able to get to lvl 31 pretty quickly. So I felt the need to write this for all the people I saw giving up on warriors because of little things.

Useful Feedback will be added to the guide.

More updates to come

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17 Jul 2008
??? ????? United States
PostedNov 28, 2009 1:36 pm
Good guide. Sticky plox?

Seems like GF is a record-breaking game for Aeria? Large community already.


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14 Jun 2008
PostedNov 28, 2009 1:43 pm
o.o good job

Dont forget to post link to your guide in this topic.


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13 Jan 2008
Bowie United States
PostedNov 29, 2009 3:25 am

Updated with some things I forgot to include originally, better more in depth explaination of dual wield vs 2hand.

Added some thoughts on berserker skills.


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28 Nov 2009
PostedNov 30, 2009 12:32 am
nice guide, congrats


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24 Nov 2009
PostedNov 30, 2009 6:07 am

Nice Guide for Warrior/Paladin/Berserker

i like ur guide,haha...
but do u use the EXP boost to get much faster?
just askin hehe..


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13 Jan 2008
Bowie United States
PostedDec 04, 2009 2:48 pm
I gathered most of my information from Closed Beta, though now that we're in OB I don't have to rush things quite so much.

No I didn't make much use of EXP boosts and I was the third berserker to reach level 35 in OB.

I'll keep updating this guide as I level/experiment, and people tell me things.

UPDATE- Added advanced Strategy section. Amended notes on hammers.


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17 Nov 2009
PostedDec 06, 2009 5:20 pm
all in all...a pretty nice guide

maybe u can add some infos about ZerkTanks/DPS-Tanks as theyre very viable as of now and most info about tanking is -30

1 question tho...ure DW or 2h?

Ninia - lvl46 Zerk CB Ninia - lvl50+ Zerk


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13 Jan 2008
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PostedDec 06, 2009 9:50 pm
I'm kinda both. I'm trying to test as many possible setups as I can. Though since I did leave out a 'tank' build I added one to my 'advanced strategy' section. Though I haven't tried it myself so if it doesn't work don't whine at me. It's just an idea I had.

Though really there's not much call for a zerker to try to setup as a tank. The idea I had essientially was to combine survivability with as much possible DPS and for the most part I think the setup will do it along with the skills you get at 40 for zerker.

I'll be adding in a word about master skills sometime in the future, As well as revamping the 'word on berserker skills' section.


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01 Jan 2009
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PostedDec 07, 2009 1:59 am
i think hitting once like a 2h when youre duel wielding killed it for me
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