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10 Feb 2008
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PostedNov 25, 2009 11:38 pm

Taiwan GF

Epic fail..........
well....... I was able to go to the official Taiwanese website of the grand fantasia AKA dreamy journey online (that's what they call it) register for an account and download the game.

my original intend was like a close beta 2 for me. See what they have and what cool stuff they got since their version have been out for over a year.

There is only 1 flaw in my plan and a big one at that. I live in the east coast of USA.
and taiwan is pretty far away like seriously other side of the world far. It's taking me 3 hour so far for it to update the game and not even half way done. I can't even imagine how laggy it would be for me to play it. So yup, I failed.

The good news is, people who live in the west coast should be better off (I think) not sure if they got the ip block though. They have the level cap at level 75 and I think the evo 4 sprites can fight. Cause they are having this sprite vs sprite thing right now. The newest thing they have is call the silence at the phoenix tower. Guess it's sort of like a giant boss dungeon for high level players.

At least I know we got a lot more content to look forward to eh? we will get there eventually. Unless Grand Fantasia end up like PI story (which is HIGHLY unlikely) since we got so many fan of this game already.

Happy Turkey day and looking forward to you guys in open beta
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