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12 Apr 2008
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PostedOct 23, 2009 9:23 am

Story on wolf team please read my story with part 2

Wolf team on the move and the savage event
I was recruited to the military place called Wolf team where we go in many other countries to kill terrorists and Wolf team leader asked me and my 2 friends Zunar and Fred to go to the wolf city that we were reformed that a terrorist was running into that place .
We then arrive to wolf city in Siberia and explored this place and found an old elavator that was used and beside was a sign "Do Not Enter Danger" but there was snow beside the sign and there was a foot print and we know its the terrorist who ran from us.
We went into the elavator and it was a little dark in here,Fred turned on the lights, we took our weps out of our back packs and i used the sniper,Fred the magnum and Zunar used the Xem18Wt.
We reported to the base then i heard Fred saying "oh sht" then i looked there were golden
eyes in the dark looking at Fred ......Then in a sudden a Tall wolf charged at Fred,Fred was shooting like crazy then i heard a scream*It was terrible i saw my friend Fred dead then the
wolf was charging at Zunar and Zuner was shooting and shooting then he was tossed up in the air and tossed down.I was very angry,sad and scared,i just coudn't beleive it.
When the wolf killed my best friends he was smelling me i used the sniper and shot...i missed, then the wolf was charging at me , then i shot again and when the wolf was so close to me i shot he's eye and came through the other side and i was saved*but not my friends.
I then called for back up and scientists and soldiers came with a 5 choppers and picked up
the wolf and me to the base, and did experiments on the wolf but then they saw that most people on wolf team can
change to wolves but they are the helping us so then we continue our work.The Terrorist lived but in wolf team heavy jail.I now see that i can change back and fourth now from experiment tests and gave me a needle to change from wolf to human and all Wolf team members

i was a terrorist trying to run from Wolf team,i ran and ran until i found the wolf city i explored around then i heard the foot steps and guessed it was the Wolf team soldiers,i saw an
elavator and was ignoring the sign.......i went inside a dark place.
Then i fell into a room with tubes witht green liquid comeing out and all were broken i saw some skeletons and bodies of scientists with needles inside there veins and they were dead.
I looked around and was astound of all this information about warewolves and humans.
i was walking to see what that creature is and then i slipped and i landed on a short needle then i saw a blure then i came walking from the room walking beside the wall i remember my family my kids picture but then..............i started to feel diffrent,with strength, then i
started to grow claws with pain and my hair grew,my eyes became the colour of gold then i became bigger and i ripped my clothes and then i did a scary roar.
Then i went in a dark place and saw 3 soldiers i was so angry about them.
I charged and took the soldier's gun and attacked and slicing hes head open,then i hitted an another soldier up in the air and pounced and attacked him then he fell down in the ground with his chest open,i then smell a soldier near by and.............boom then i look at this soldiers eye seeing angry,sad and scared then i came climbing on the wall and jumped on a platform then......... i heard another shot and then i don't remember anything else,but then i woke up in the pein lab that they were making experiments on me then they sent me to jail,i lost an eye that day but some how i do an evil smile and know there will be war of ware wolves terrorists and enemies
i smile and do an evil laugh then i change to wolf and roar a scary laugh and then.......... i just know that
i will brake through jail and be the new leader of the Warewolf terrorists................

part 2:
it was once a beutiful day in the wolf team base and for the first time no one needed us,for now we help the wounded people and there was scienticts making experiments.....
(2 years later)

One day they had an idea and they made 3 needles with 3 types of goooo and 1 was blue for the wolf team leader aeria and 1 for our ally sofynx wich makes you the most powerful wolf ever and there was 1 in testing while there was a gaurd gaurding the prison of the door the scientists gave him the needle to protect it in a spiecal case and putted it in his pocket,but then it fell from the pocket and it slided close to a lonely cell wich it had bandages,tattoos and big muscles.
its the terrorist who tryied to escape and he took this needle and jamed it in his hand then a pain grew in him,a gaint pain that he could die but then he started screaming he couldn't see well, he almost fainted but then his clothes took apart and he had gaint claws with gaint muscles hes eyes became golden red then a powerful roar the shook the room and the bars should hold wolves but the wolf bended them open and escaped while the gaurd was shooking in fear he opend his waky talky.
the base gaurds heard from the walky talky then you hear a scream and a strike that was probally the chest you hear blood and flesh tearing apart then this wolf was talking in the walky talky and had this scary demon voice that said "you people can't hold me i will escape and kill anyone in my way and then will destroy the leaders against terrorists he said" then another sentace "do you hear that?the gaurd is dead.....and now you will all die" then he roared again but loader then the whole place shook then the other normal basic wolves roared with him.
the leader gaurds putted the alarm on , the blue teams herd the alarm then all were around the pain expermiant jail and then some blues turned to wolves and some were ghosts and smarts and lots of gaurdians to be ready to attack and hold them off the blues roared all too and humans screamed a battle cry then it was red vs blues then the Pain exploded and you can't beleive it thousands of wolves jumped killing lots of other wolves and humans but we could almost hold them off .
we were beating them accept one the leader that there are 10 gaurdians vs this 1 gaint strong wolf and even with its speical wolf defende hes slicing the gaurds with 2 hits and he is killing*killing..... and more killing gaurdians but there is no stopping until some of us were left then we retreated with 1000 ships and we flew far away and we were building another base beside sofynx.
together we can't be beaten but then we heard the terrorist saying......."thank you for your new base we will kill you and the terrorists wll be 100 times more stronger then before and we will be victories" and aeria and sofynx listened to the terrorists marching and the scentists came running to sofynx and wolf team and jamed thier needles to both of them........They changed to gaint scary wolves,and they answered the terrorist that they are ready to fight and they changed back to human selves.
But there was one problem "that the needle the terrrorist had a stronger goo so both of you put together is strong as him".
"Then we must unite and fight the evil in our way and we will save this world from darkness"
the terrorist heard that and roared but a scary but happy roar then changed to human and said its "pay back time,you will all be sorry".
Now we help the wounded and i saw all of that.
i hope one day "i will save this world and get reveange that the terrorist had killed my best friends..."


please post here comments and you can also continue the story from part 2 and if i like it i will add credits and add it here if anyone is interested
and if anyone is a fan of making stories or even kinda of a fan of my stories i will continue making it and add your ideas (if i like it) and also know that english isn't my native langauge(just for you will all know) thank you for reading
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