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13 Sep 2009
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PostedOct 11, 2009 3:02 pm

Random Writing

Random fanwriting
A horrid stench came to nostrils, it smelled like blood, and, a large claw a few paces away from the puddle of blood, the source of the horrid stench.

I woke up in my bunk, today was the training session. I rubbed my eyes, and jumped out of bed, and quickly clothed myself. The general commanded us into a line, and we marched out the door. We had to do something simple, run through the forest and back, but, I'll let you in on something, I was an excellent runner, I could do this in less than fifteen minutes, and I enjoyed it, but, I was ordered to a different location, with the medics. I walked over there, wondering what was the problem, and once I got there, they told me to come inside their lab, which I never knew they had one.. They asked me to stand in the center of a confined room, while they stood outside it. I was frightened and wondered what they were going to do, and they counted to five, and an electric current went through my body, I screamed, but the pain didn't last long, for I was out cold.. When I woke up, my senses were sensitive, I could smell the presence of a human, and pinpoint where he was.. The left of me.. I tried to look to my left, but, I was chained to a table, my neck was even chained. And my eyesight had changed as well, for my eyes could only process my surroundings in black and white. I could also hear them breathing, I could hear them whispering as low as they possibly could, but most of all, I could smell their fear.. Once they figured out I was awake, which was several minutes later, they spoke to me, "Hello, how are you feeling?" I replied with an unexpected angry roar. What I was trying to say was "What have you done to me!?" One of them laughed, and said, "You werewolves always thought you could defeat us, but, they saw your progress, they saw your power.. We wanted to see for ourselves, and our hypothesis was right." What? It couldn't be true.. I wasn't a werewolf.. Was I? I was enraged, I then struggled to break free from the chains that held me, and they broke easily. I then roared, I hesitated, I wanted revenge.. But I had to get out of there, or they would kill me, I knew they had some sort of weapon. I knew they did.. I sprinted towards a bolted door, grabbed it and threw it at the doctors, or scientists, and ran out, away from the millitary, away towards sanctuary.. But I smelt something vaguely familiar.. Wolves, werewolves..

This is just some random writing. Hope you guys like it Smile
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