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12 Aug 2008
kyuubi United States
PostedSep 29, 2009 6:30 pm

Wolf team story

a wolf team story i wrote for me and my freinds post suggestions if u have any
Prepare for alot of reading

-----------------------------------------------------New Mission Briefing------------------------------
Agent Sorroxas,
Your mission is to team up with your wolf rival Faeruun to take down a mad scientist who has a bomb planted… a big bomb. Leveling a city big.
Target Details:
Name: Chrysis Dargo
Armed with a magnum, rocket launcher, and a machine gun
No wolf mutations
Danger level:3
-------------------------------------------------End Transmission--------------------------------------
That was a low danger level compared to his first but this is not an origins story this is a story about /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Any ways Andre took a zeppelin he picked up his rival from Hawaii
“Thanks a lot you ruined my vacation!” Faeruun said
“Hey don’t blame me blame Aeria” Sorroxas said
“Yeah… so which wolf should I use?”
“Guardian he’s armed with rockets”
“Guardian can’t defend against rockets! I say ice”
“meh ice will do”
So we took off and flew to Loshingaru, Siberia A.K.A. Wolf City along the way Kenneth was getting his ice dosage
You see Kenneth had to take pills to be able to change into his wolves at will while me I stuck to my trusty magnum and grenades.
“So Wolf City... Is he trying to reactivate the-
“No he’s trying to destroy Wolf City…with a bomb”
“…………I’m going to kill him!”
“Chit-chat then combat remember”
Aeria had a system that all its agents abide by:
Chitchat (talking to the target and making sure you know his plans and possibly talk him out of it) then combat (when diplomacy fails kick his a$$).
“Yeah yeah.”
Finally Siberia, we landed near the facility but not inside Kenneth wasn’t in ice wolf form yet and I had my weapons sheathed I took up an abandoned guard tower as a sniper point while Kenneth walked in and was talking to Chrysis but that didn’t last he was scared even before he turned into wolf. And Chrysis ran into an underground pipeline Kenneth changed into wolf and I took up a sniper position
“Stupid wolf team they don’t know that I’m going to level this place, the place they once tortured me in”
Just looking at Chrysis makes you think of a dangerous spider. He has hooded gray eyes that are like two silver coins. His thick, straight, night-black hair is very short and is worn in an uncomplicated, dignified style. He has a broad-shouldered build. His skin is light-colored. He has a domed forehead and large feet. His wardrobe is mysterious, and is completely white and red making him look insane.
“Soon my accomplices Alton and Mejia will place bombs at other places and create the perfect mechanical soldier that will make Wolf Team obsolete!”
A bullet hit the ground he backed away into the door where ice wolf Kenneth was standing and snarling
“Ha you cant stop me wolf team I’m gonna detonate the bomb here and now!” Chrysis said
CHING! A bullet smashed through the bomb rendering it useless as I jumped down from my sniper position
“BADA-BING!” I said
“Please don’t kill me I’m a pawn in all this I swear!”Chrysis screamed scared out of his mind
Kenneth took a smart wolf pill changed to human and then to smart wolf and dissected the information we needed by placing his claw on Chrysis’ face then he dropped Chrysis
“we got what we needed kill him I’ll upload the plans to Aeria”
No problem but not before I asked Chrysis one last question
“Where and who is Azura.”
-----------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1 end-------------------------------


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18 Jul 2009
If you find out, it will change United States
PostedSep 29, 2009 6:55 pm
lol. i wont have the patience to type that up.

oh hi


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17 Sep 2008
Blank United States
PostedSep 30, 2009 1:13 pm
Interesting story, a bit hard to follow at times but... lol "blame Aeria" It ruins vacations, by addicting people to wolf pills.


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27 Sep 2009
United States
PostedOct 03, 2009 12:51 pm
its great could be improved too.
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