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04 Apr 2009
PostedAug 29, 2009 2:47 pm

Frapsing the Kill Stealers

Video staring 3 low life kill stealers
SIGH! I am tired of Kill Stealers...

****, I was kinda hoping, that my first upload of a movie, would have been with a slightly different content, but these people last night litteraly asked for it.

The implicied Kill Stealers are;

-ninathewild - (Guild Leader of FIST-OF-FURY)


.Z. - (DarkClanTuga)

Rules are simple, mobs that has been tagged and damaged, belongs to who ever attacked them first.
There is NO SUCH thing as calling a area to one self, or ones freinds. It is considered to be very inpolite to intrude and farm a area, that a another party occupy.
This goes dobble for a perfect party, consisting of seven people.

But one or two people can´t just occupy a entire area, calling all the mobs situated there to be their property, merly because they where there first.

Last night, after alot of random jungle pvp, I decided to go to my favorite farming place, the dinosaurs in jungle.
HUGE mofo´s, easy to kill, and awesome dual drops.

There where two people farming the dinoes there, but I thought, what the heck, there can be space for all of us, I don´t mind you guys farming in "my area" (aka my favorite area).

As a common courtesy, and to be polite. I decided to ask them, if they would mind me farming in the same area.
After saying hi, and asking if they would mind too much. I waited... For tree different pulls, there where no reply, so I took a SS, just to be "safe".

When attacking the first couple of mobs, I noticed them started attacking my mobs. I started my recording tool fraps, and went for a another mob, having a angle where I could clearly see what they where up to.

And then the Kill Stealing began

We came to arguments, because I asked them not to steal my mobs. They claimed, that all mobs in that particular area, belonged to them, since they where there first. I said that mobs belonged to Shaiya, and that I did not think, that just two people could claim a entire area.

They started calling me a noob and other such ridicule.
I disadviced them kill stealing me, and warned them, that I had fraps, a recording tool, running, saving their harassment with a GM ticket in mind.

They continued...

They told me to wait for a GS to arrive, and I said that I could not wait, for them to come clarify the rules for us, since we obviously had difference of opinion on how they where to be interpretated.

When a GameSage where finally reached from their party, they kindly replied that I was right, and that there where no such thing, as to call a entire area to one self.
And told them, that they where to stop kill stealing mobs, after I made a quick comment.

Little did it help, a few minutes passed, and again they stole my mobs...

And then they even had the boldness to start badmouthing me in the various public chats.

And they did not stop here. After realizing that they where to slow to steal my mobs, they treid new methods.
The guild leader of FIST-OF-FURY went crawling on her knee´s, begging the opposing faction, the light, to come and kill me and ruin my game time.

Two times she succeeded getting some archers to assassinate me, but as promised, I did return with the intent to keep farming.

As promised, I would bring this to the public forums, since she wanted to make it so public, I´d say, lets go all the way. And as promised, this video has been sent to GM´s on a harassment ticket.

Miltrix - (Guild Leader of "Annunaki") @ Teos


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31 Dec 2008
Florida United States
PostedAug 30, 2009 8:53 am
I do believe this has not failed me.

Pandaemoniumx wrote:

Perhaps you have failed to understand a total of [enter the number of times you've posted in here when instead you could have sent a ticket in and I wouldn't have to deal with putting this up] times:

Here at the Creative and Innovative section of our Shaiya forums, we do not like any sort of political matters if it isn't deciding how good the quality of a post should be. So if you try posting here, you'll probably get a, "The video looks nice. Nice quality by the way. Brave move. 10/10." Spare us [and me] the [enter number here] or [enter previous number but add one to it] posts that you put and go send in a ticket. And please, don't get frustrated and flame me after I post this, as it is common sense considering there is an actual section for things like ksing.

Have fun.

Sincerely, The Panda  

By the way, what on earth made you post in here? Did you want to make your topic stand out? And honestly, what's with the Eminem music? It's not like people are going to want to hear it while deciding what to do about the KS.

*requesting to be moved*


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10 Sep 2008
Somewhere in Belgium
PostedAug 30, 2009 9:56 am
lol panda....

if you have problems send in a TICKET ...
that's the fastest way ...

but i think that you didn't knew it and so .... CLICK IT ... or you're an "epic fail" >.>

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04 Apr 2009
PostedAug 30, 2009 1:03 pm
Well, the reason for me posting it in here, was that she asked me to do it. She wanted to do it all public and all, flaming me in various channels.

I asked if she would stop that, since it was annoying me, and said, that if she wanted to do it public, we could go and discuss it on the forums.

I did send a ticket allready...

I chose the music, because I like it, that´s whats important to me. If you don´t, you are more than welcome to turn it off.

I did not make it to get credits, I made it because I promised my harassers that I would, and that we could continue the discussion about who was ks´ing who, in here.

I don´t see why its political in any way... To be honest, I think the full meaning of the majority of your post was lost to me, in all the *insert something*.

And why does it matter how many post I have made in here? Are you a moderator, since you feel obligated to address where the post is posted?

Perhaps it should have been in that section of the forum, if one exsist, for ks´ing. I did not know of such section.
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