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Aeria: Product Manager
05 Sep 2007
United States
PostedAug 28, 2009 12:59 am

Bonus Cash Sale - up to 50% sale

Ends Friday @ 11:59PM(US-PST) Take advantage now!
Aeria is having an up to 50% Bonus Cash Sale! The sale starts now and will end Friday at 11:59PM(US-PST). Hurry now and capitalize on this great opportunity to get more bonus cash for your Aeria Point purchase. Just head HERE and get your Aeria Points now! Sale will apply to the following payment options: USA: Paypal, Google, C&B,Fun Card, and EU/Turkey: Paypal, MB,Paysafe C&B

Note: All transactions must clear within the period specified to qualify for the bonus cash sale.

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