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07 Nov 2008
CallSign: Yulo CurrentLocation: Canada
PostedAug 16, 2009 1:50 am

Clan Ni†rø Recruting 2.00+ kdr

Hello all, Im Yulo, im 23 year old and Master of clan Ni†rø, we are currently recruting active players having kill/death ratio of 2.00+, but also decent ranks, a new guy havin 3.00 kdr when he only done 1 game with other new ppls, dosen't count, we dont want whiners in our pride, its a pro pride but also friendly, i can make some exceptions in the k/d since i seen some extremely good wolf users but, not that good in human form, i can make exceptions for that, but it also require that i watch you play. if your interested to meet us, post me a message in my profile. (your callsign/time you plays/asl) i will contact you in-game if our time meets up.

CallSign in Wolfteam: Yulo nickname in wolfteam: Yulo the devil Wake me up once a real good game like FF7 pop outta nowhere. for the time beeing i'll keep wandering around
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