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17 Sep 2008
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PostedAug 17, 2009 10:08 pm
I just remembered I never answered you properly Ando, sorry for being extremely late. After perhaps too much consideration, my reservations on the introduction of a human only mode were merely concern over the development and future of Wolf Team. In my eyes it seemed like Wolf Team was going to tend more towards other online FPS games to compete with them, which would be the last thing I hoped it would do. I feared that Wolf Team might tend towards the competition in response to whatever degree of success they might have gained. I've stuck with Wolf Team because it has always strived to be different and introduce things that break the mold; as well as having an excellent player base, of which some have become great friends. Anyway, those were just my thoughts on the matter, but I realize now that they were silly and it seems to me that Aeria's Wolf Team ... team may just be the perfect group for guiding the game into the future. Thanks for listening, and for being interested enough to question my thoughts on the matter.
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