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Suggestion Guidelines

Please read before creating a thread.
Suggestions Guidelines
Credits to GMAracton, GMViet, Yamada and Cinnamon

There is a new way to make suggestions . This uniform method will make suggestions easier to compile. Please read through the whole topic and use the template given for suggestions. Anyone not using the template is at risk of not having their suggestion read.

The best way to get a suggestion read is to send an email to under the category "Suggestions". In the topic name, give a short description of what your suggestion is about. Also, use brackets before your title and use the correct code for what you want. For example, "[SGST] Pet T-Rex". Don't use ambiguous topic titles like "GM'S READ HERE" or "THIS WOULD BE GREAT". Creating a topic with a title like that will ensure that GM will NOT read them.

In the topic, you'll want to give a detailed paragraph or two of your idea. You may want to use some visual aids to help people envision your idea. Don't skimp on the details of your idea and don't forget to add the pro's and con's of your idea.

After people read your ideas, they will post either "AGREE" or "DISAGREE". You should try to compile the names of the "AGREE"'s and "DISAGREE"'s by editing your first post and adding it to the bottom. This will make your suggestion more organized, showing the GM quickly how many others agree with your suggestion. We don't want to make changes for 1 person, we want to make changes for the entire community. The more people who agree with your idea, the better.

After you have gained a substantial amount of support (Generally 100-300), send a link to your suggestion in your email to A GM will check your suggestion and will either reply to you whether the suggestion has passed or failed. If your suggestion is *PASSED*, it will be compiled into a report and sent to the developers. A GM may reply with the reason for failing or passing your petition but they are not required to. If you truly need a reason and one is not given, PM the GM directly and ask him/her.

Here are some simple rules you should follow when creating a suggestion:

    1. Check if your suggestion is already on the forum. You can use the search feature on only the suggestions forum to see if someone else has already started one similar to yours.

    2. Explain your ideas and don't skimp on the details. If you simply say "if [soandsofeature] was in the game, it would be cool", it most likely won't be used.

    3. THINK BEFORE YOU POST. If your idea is not reasonable at all, why post it? Make a of Pros and Cons section and list out the benefits and downsides to having your suggestion implemented.

    4. Maintain a list of people who agree and disagree with your suggestion. Edit your first post and add the list after your suggestion. The more people who support your idea, the more likely it will be that the change will be implemented. Keep this list up to date! TIP: You may want to arrange the names in alphabetical order. You can do this in excel by copying and pasting the names into a column and rearranging them.

    5. Be positive and patient. If you disagree with an idea, tell them you disagree and list out the reasons why you disagree. Do not just post "your idea sucks" or "you're an idiot". Be patient with your idea. If we have approved the idea, it may still take several months before word of it being implemented. If we nullify your suggestion, it's not the end of the world. Find something else that needs changing.

    6. Be realistic. If your suggestion has over 40% of people disagreeing with the suggestion, it won't get passed. Don't submit it for a GM to review because it will just waste their time.

These brackets should go before your title:

      [SGST] = Game Suggestion
      [EVNT] = Event Suggestion
      [STIK] = You want a topic or guide to be sticky'd

Here is an example of a suggestion topic:

Send all suggestions to under the topic of "Suggestions" after gainning support for your cause.
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