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Forum Guide

Shaiya Section, Updated: 05.10
~Stickied by hypnos34

Um...yeah. This first post is kind of "loosened up". I won't introduce myself, keh. If you want to read some introduction, feel free to read it in my Basic Guide (my signature is a link to it) and the general Forum Guide.

Yes, this is a part of a larger guide which being on a general forum topic is in general Aeria forum section.

As many of ya prolly know, I'm very erratic, often with very "specific" opinions. That said, if you do not agree with any part of this thread, you found an error in it or just though of something that can be added, feel free to say so. Please use arguments though, if possible, keh.

General, Main part of this guide can be found here.

As that thread is a bit long, here are credits, for a change, in the first place:

kikix12 wrote:
There are people without which this couldn't be born. With no specific order:


Furthermore, if I'll ever have a need for that, I do reserve right to ask a moderator for thread purge to be able to add additional posts to this topic. If you want to share your opinion on this project without that risk, feel free to use this blog.

EDIT: I have no idea what forum guide have to do with gameplay (especially since this thread was here previously...), but whatever...At least it wasn't moved to Aeria Community section, keh.

EDIT 2: Heh...It was added to the "Read Me - Before you Post!!" thread...Eh...that hardly explains why something purely forum related is in purely game related section, but that's just me. Just ranting, keh.


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24 Feb 2008
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Chapter 1: Overview of Sections


        A section made for promotions and since some time, actually used for those.
        All types of AP promotions will be listed in here, with the larger ones being set as announcements.
        Remember to ALWAYS look at dates. This section moves slowly, so there always will be old promotions on first page. Also, you can't edit your posts in this section!

      Official Events
        Since recently (as taken by the date of this update, 05.10.2009), all standard in-game GM-run events are being posted in this section. Most (if not all) GS/player-run as well as GM forum-based or special events are still among stickies and announcements of general discussion or servers events.

      General Discussion
        Bread and butter of most people that come to forum. Basically, if something is Shaiya-related but does not fit other sections, then it goes here.
        This sections sticky and announcement sections are used for some events (look above) and promotions by GM's and GS's.

        This section is NOT for suggesting new updates, events, promotions. This section is NOT for funny screenshots or community games (which should have place in Odds and Ends section of Aeria main forum). This section is NOT for questions regarding gameplay or technical issues.
        Last, but not least, this section is NOT for "Goodbye" threads. All such threads will be moved to community general forum.

        Before posting in this section, make sure to find out what other sections are made for. If you think that your thread would be better off in a different one, post it there. If it have no other place, post it in this section, General Discussion.

    Server Activities
      Barter Sub-sections
        Barter subsections (for each server one, as well as one general for linked trades) are for posting of offers to sell or buy items. They can also be used when the poster is looking for information on items price on the server.
        If you don't want to limit it to only your server, go to Linked Barter sub-section. Do NOT post in all the sub-sections if you want sell something regardless of server. The absolute maximum is posting something for the original server on which the item is, along with the general one.

      Guilds Sub-sections
        If you look for a guild, want to make a new one or just look for more members to your own guild, post in one of the guild sub-sections (depending on your server). Remember that making any false affiliations with any person or group is against rules.

        For the ease of browsing, please include the type of thread (new guild, looking for guild, looking for members) in the topic, with possibly more information in description (for example, modes/lvls/classes of characters for which you look for a guild).

      Event/PvP Sub-sections
        Non-official events (player-made), as well as PvP discussions should be taken to these sub-sections applicable depending on the range of servers it's posted for.

        Unlike for Barter Boards, you should make a new thread for each of the servers in it's applicable sub-section. Remember that for this section, linked PvP maps are taken as separate server (which they, in fact, are), and it does not mean that one post in linked area announces the event for all servers.

        Do remember that unless there's enough man-power to hold the same event at the same time on multiple servers, you probably will have to change times in the different servers.

      General (Linked)

        Linked Barter
          If you look for a buyer or seller regardless of the server he is in, then this is the place to go to.
          If you want to somehow limit the servers for whatever reason (while still selling to at least one server other than the original one), please include that in the threads title, although that limits the amount of people that have use for it for no real reason.

        Linked Guild
          Unspecified server guild-based threads will be moved here. Posting in servers guild section makes the server specified, of course, so this move applies only to threads outside of guild sub-sections.

          All guild-related topics that are not applicable to server (for example, guild meetings done in the linked areas for guild representatives of all servers) should also be posted here.

        Linked Event/PvP

          This section is GM only. It was part of a project that it seems failed and now is dead.





    Self Help
      Self help is a locked forum. Each section is made for a different type of content.

      Technical Issues
        This section is for all types of technical issues. This is NOT for bug issues. If you see no NPC's, that's a technical issue. If you get stuck in some places, that's bug.
        Please do not hi-jack other threads. Regardless of someones issue being similar, always make your own thread. You can, off course, try solutions given to those with similar problems beforehand.

      General Gameplay
        All questions that are not specific to a single class should be here. This includes (but is not limited to) non-epic quest help, mob location, mechanic question, item drop location (although class specific items, like armors and weapons, can be posted in the class specific sections as well), various guides and every thread that is pointing towards more than one class (for example, advice on what class is better to choose between two or more options or comparisons).

      Class Guide/Information
        Class Guide/Information is a locked section. Members are supposed to post in the sub-sections related to their classes of interest.

          Warrior/fighter specific section. All questions and threads that do not involve general topics but do involve only warrior/fighter class should be posted here. This includes, but is not limited to, build questions, skill questions, warrior/fighter guides or warrior/fighter weapon/armor topics.

          Guardian/defender specific section. All questions and threads that do not involve general topics but do involve only guardian/defender class should be posted here. This includes, but is not limited to, build questions, skill questions, guardian/defender guides or guardian/defender weapon/armor topics.

          Hunter/archer specific section. All questions and threads that do not involve general topics but do involve only hunter/archer class should be posted here. This includes, but is not limited to, build questions, skill questions, hunter/archer guides or hunter/archer weapon/armor topics.

          Assassin/ranger specific section. All questions and threads that do not involve general topics but do involve only assassin/ranger class should be posted here. This includes, but is not limited to, build questions, skill questions, assassin/ranger guides or assassin/ranger weapon/armor topics.

          Pagan/mage specific section. All questions and threads that do not involve general topics but do involve only pagan/mage class should be posted here. This includes, but is not limited to, build questions, skill questions, pagan/mage guides or pagan/mage weapon/armor topics.

          Oracle/priest specific section. All questions and threads that do not involve general topics but do involve only oracle/priest class should be posted here. This includes, but is not limited to, build questions, skill questions, oracle/priest guides or oracle/priest weapon/armor topics.

        Suggestions is a locked section. Members are supposed to post in the subsection dependent on whether the developer is needed for the change or publisher.

        Gameplay/Content Suggestions
          This section is for all developer-related suggestions. If the code of the game must be changed, it means the suggestion should be here.

        Event Suggestions
          This section is for all publisher-related suggestions. If code is left intact with the suggestion, it should be here. This pretty much includes only events, so that's where the name came from.

        This is a closed section. You are supposed to post in the sub-sections. This includes all manners of reports that you could post on forums. Do remember that some should never be posted and instead tickets should be the only thing used for those.

          This forum is to discuss about issues in the game code (items vanishing, graphics overlapping in some spots, skills not working as per description etc). NEVER post bugs and errors that can be used for any type of advantage (like "solid" areas that can be crossed, or means of using skill to remove it's recharge, for example).

          This section is NOT actual report. To report any type of bugs, a ticket must be sent. When sending a ticket, please use format shown here.

          This section is to discuss problems related to behavior of players for example to warn about scammers. Please refrain from connecting any type of behavior to any group (like guilds, volunteers etc). If you must specify who did act in such a way, always use specific names followed by a proof.

          Posting in this section is NOT actual report. To report someone, always send a ticket.

      Creative section is a locked forum. Under it there are four sections, each made for a different type of content.
      NOTE: As by the ToS (Terms of Service), all content posted on the forum (which is especially important for the creative section of it) can be used by Aeria in any manner they do wish. This includes using them for promotions or distribution. Poster of such content gives Aeria the right to do so whenever he/she posts it.

      Fan Art
        All types of art made by player should be here. This includes both self-drawn art, as well as signatures made from ready images.

        All video and music media made by the poster should be posted here. Please remember that using any word that would normally be filtered is still off-limits in these videos and music.

      Screen Shots
        All screenshots made within the game should be posted here. If the topic is wholly around a screenshot, this is the place to post it. If the screenshot is just a part of the topic, then such thread should be in a different section.

      Stories/Writing/Fan Fiction
        All self-made stories or poems revolving around characters from the world of Shaiya have it's place here. If you post your own work, please do NOT do that in someone else thread, but make your own.


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Chapter 2: More In-Depth Look

General Advices

    1) Titles:
    These come from general forum guide to which link is in the first post of this thread.

    kikix12 wrote:
    First of all, titles need to say what hides behind them. If you need help on finding goblins on a map, don't use "Help plz" as title. Write "Need help on finding goblins." Is it longer?! Yes. But on the other hand if I don't know the answer, I can skip it. If I'll ever browse for "unfinished" threads in which I took part, I'll be able to find out which is which only by looking at title.
    Also, some people simply skip threads whose titles don't give them knowledge whether what is inside interests them.

    Second, try to use description for more complex topics. If these goblins are for quest on map 1, but appear only once a day, and near to them there are couple different types of goblins, then title is not enough. On the other hand you can write in the subtitle (with the above title) "I mean the map 1, one day spawn quest goblins."

    Third, short and sweet. Don't use what you don't have to use. No one will be interested that you hate the quest, as far as the topic goes, so don't write "Need help on finding these stupid quest goblins". If you really feel the need for that, add it in the post itself. The less words you use, the better.  

    2) Messages:
    There are more advices in the general forum guide. Also, they are explained there further.

    1. Please don't use all-caps. These are seen as "shouting" and are deemed rude on majority of occassions.
    2. Please don't use wall of text. Use proper punctuation and "Enter" button.
    3. Please don't attack any specific person or group. If possible, do not use any guilds name. NEVER use guilds name in addition to a persons name. Each person is a separate entity and his actions are his alone.
    4. Please make use of the available format tags, but refrain from abuse of them (especially the color and size tags).

Important Rule: Necroing
Necroing is basically posting in a thread that was not active (no one posted in it) for an extended amount of time, or if it served its purpose already.
NOTE: There is no specific time the thread must be "inactive". Basically if the thread is older than a week or two, if you have nothing to add, don't post in it.
  1. Never post in old threads that are made as questions. Those that made them, more than likely already got the answer or are no longer playing.
  2. Don't post in old signature/avatar/background making service threads. There is likely a reason they are dead. Before posting, first send a PM or a comment to the person offering his service to check whether it's still valid.
  3. Don't post in old guides if there is a good replacement stickied already. If they were taken down or never stickied, chances are there are many errors or they simply were no longer needed.
  4. If the thread is of "discussion" nature and you think that the discussion is still valid and that you can add something to it, then you could post. Things like "I think it's a great idea" are not adding something valuable to the thread. Either way remember that time could bring change to the discussion, so take that into consideration.
  5. Never bump old threads, no matter how good they seem to you. If you want to bring them up as they are, add something constructive. If threads still serve purpose, they more than likely wouldn't be locked and they can get a "second life", but if you can't add something to them, assume that others can't either.
  6. Always check the date of first and last post in a thread when you are linked to it. Often people are linked to threads that are old and no longer active, as a reference, but then they needlessly necro them because they didn't look at the date.

Barter Board:
Please keep in mind that the content of this part (unless noted otherwise by a proper quote or credit given) are strictly my opinion.

Also, thread worth reading regarding barter boards can be found here.

    1) Titles and Subtitles:
    In barter board, it's especially important to notify the viewers of the content of the post. If you sell only one or two items, please give their full, proper names. Similarly, if you sell a group of items, if possible, generalise the topic as much as you can.
    Examples: "Selling Adamas Stones and UM Human Mount", "Selling lvl56 Weapons" or "Selling High-level Armors and Weapons".

    If you sell items by groups, if possible, give further description of the content in the sub-title of thread. That will allow to find the proper threads sooner.
    Examples: "Weapons available are for Casters/Ranger/Fighter and fury equivalents." or "Item requirements are between lvl45 and 59."

    Furthermore, I advice using tags. This even further allow to find what you are looking for. Add the tag before the topic.
    Tags I advice to use are:
      [Auction]: This consists of majority of threads currently. Whenever players are to offer a price, it's nothing more than auction, that will end when the seller/buyer will get a satisfying one, or after specific time-frame given by the poster.
      [Shop]: Some have many items and don't want offer flood. Others want to have a specific price. If there is no offering, but simply a fixed amount, then this is like a shop. This does not mean it have more than one item for sale.
      [Closed]: Many posters either don't ever use it (often making a last post saying that auction is closed or doing nothing), some don't do anything, while others change the whole topic to "Closed". Neither of these is good.
        Post: If the information is by post only, then the thread was opened without need and time was wasted. Also, some don't read posts other than the first, and may not see it.
        Nothing: This is obviously the worst way. It results in major waste of time when someone waits for response from the maker of the thread, when he simply won't get any due to the offer not being available anymore.
        Removing Title: This is the least obvious, but still important. Some look at barter board for prices of items. If a thread is closed but it's title and message were removed, then it serves no further purpose. If such thread was left alone though, with only the tag [Closed], then the thread itself still may serve evaluation purpose.

    2) Message:
    Second important part is message. There are few things that should or may appear in it.
    1. Full names of items for sell/buying. Pretty obvious, but many simply give messages of the type "Title says it all. Serious offers only." Why full names?! If for nothing more, then because not everyone will know what for example "PID" or "BDM" means.
      I take this as mandatory part.
    2. Offer type. Is it fixed price, auction or trade. Is there a minimum price?! If it's fixed, or there is minimum price, state it.
      I take it as mandatory.
    3. Offer expiration. Regardless of whether it's auction or shop, there should be a time frame given, even if it's "until the item is being sold."
      I take this as mandatory.
    4. Contact details. Character names, server (if in general/linked section) and faction. Used account names, if different. Possibly more personal means, like instant messenger address.
      I take it as mandatory.
      NOTE: Never give your private message address on public forum. Use one made specifically for using it publicly. Furthermore, remember to set your PM options as to allow messages from potential buyers/sellers/traders.
    5. Screenshots, especially if the items are rare/lapised.
      I take it as optional, but for armors/weapons, very valuable.
    6. Time frames of availability. If someone is on always during specific times, it helps to get in contact with such a thread poster. Some have more random times though.
      I take it as optional.

If the amount of items to sell/buy/trade is large, it'll be best to sort them in groups, possibly using tags and group titles.

    1) Title and Subtitle:
    When making a title, depending on what you are trying to post, there are things to put.
      If it's thread to look for members to create a new guild, the title should look around: "Creating guild Guide Example". In subtitle, please add something around "Looking for characters of all levels/modes to create a new guild."

      It it's thread to look for guide, title should include "Looking for <Faction> Guild". In the subtitle, please add the classess, modes and levels of characters for which you need the guild, for example: "Lvl50 HM Priest, lvl50UM Fighter".

      If it's recrutation thread, title should include the guilds name and information on the topics nature: "Guide Example looking for Members". If there are restrictions, it's good to make a short overview in the subtitle, for example: "Only experienced HM+ characters at 40+ levels. Includes knowledge test."

    2) Message:
    Depending on the type of topic, information in it should differ:
      If it's thread to look for members to create a new guild or recruit members to existing one, the message must include all the requirements clearly stated in an easy to read way, as well as means of applying and/or contact information.

      It it's thread to look for guild, all additional information (players requirements for the guild as well as what he/she can offer to it) should be included.

NOTE: Please do not compare your guild to any other. Please don't flame or bad-mouth any guild. Opinions should be left to the people that do look for a guild.

Gameplay Help:
    1) Title and Subtitle:
    Basically, the general. Topic must include the most basic information on what is the content of thread. Subtitle may include additional, more in-depth overview of the problem. For example: Title- "Looking for quest driads." Subtitle- "Driads are for quest "Pesky Tree Guardians" on map 2 of light side."

    Please do not include anything that does not inform the viewer of the content. This includes things like "Pls help", "Read pls", "Urgent" and anything general "Few Questions", unless it can't be avoided (for example, if the thread have 5 questions on very different topics).

    2) Message:
    All available information and all questions should be given politely and to the point. Don't include your opinions on the topic within the questions themselves. Please don't jump from question to question. If you have more than one question on more than one topic, please group them.

    If you did read some information on the topic already, SAY SO. It's not uncommon for people to give links to threads that by their opinion to give the answers only to hear "I did already read that thread, but I want to hear more opinion.". If that's the case, say that in the first post instead of wasting others times.

    Remember! Always state your faction! Almost all questions have answers that are faction specific!

    Title and Subtitle:
    Clear information on the content. If it's a compilation of few suggestions on ranger, something along the lines "Ranger Suggestions" is fitting for a title. If it's a suggestion to add skill to a class "New Skill for Ranger/Assassin" should be in the title.
    Don't use your imaginative skills/mechanics/whatever name in the topic, because no one will know what it means. This means that "Vorpal Slash for Ranger" is not a good topic, but at least gives chance for the viewer to guess what it is. Titles like "Battle Royale" though are utterly useless. Such name could be for event, skill or mechanic, for example, therefore the threads title as well could not exist in the first place.

    You may want to add some tags. For example [Event], [Skills], [Promo], [Content] or similar.

    Subtitle should include more in-depth information for more complicated topic. For example, "Includes mechanical changes to ballance caster classess in PvP." would be good subtitle for "Caster Classess Suggestions".

    Message must include reason for the suggestion and suggestion itself. If the reason is a problem, include a detailed information on it. Also, include how the suggestion is supposed to affect it. For example suggestion to make bless on servers dependant on linked PvP maps, would include "This would increase importance of linked zone increasing it's population." If the change brings nothing, then there's no point in doing it, so suggesting it is a waste of time.

    It is a good idea to include pros and cons of the suggestion in the original post as well.

    Remember to be polite. Suggestions of the type "Limit the nossess in 1-15 so these f****** rich pigs won't ruin it anymore!" are only made to start a flame war, which in turn is agains't the rules.
    NOTE: The above, vulgar, statement is just an example. It does not in any way show my opinion, nor was it made to offend anyone.

    Always back up your opinions with arguments!

For any other sections, if there would be a need, feel free to inform me of it.
I do not plan on posting information about Technical Problems (but if someone from that sections regulars so wishes, I can add such a section as given by him).


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PostedJun 21, 2009 3:03 pm
Nice work! Excellent resource. Given the nature of it I felt this should be a stand alone sticky instead of put into one of the general guides.



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PostedAug 28, 2009 8:51 am
I updated the section overview to take into account the new layout and new sections. If there are problems with it that you find (whether wrong links, names or just it being hard to use due to any reason), feel free to inform me.


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PostedOct 04, 2009 1:42 pm
This is truly the ultimate forum guide... I gave it a read...and I was surprised to learn a thing or two here and there

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PostedOct 04, 2009 4:21 pm
If you ever do an update Kikix, please add a section on thread necromancy.

RIP Kizzd
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