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24 Feb 2008
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Forum Guide

Mostly done guide on how to use forums functions. (Updated 13.01.2012)
Chapter 1: Index and Introduction

Chapter 2: Forum sections
    Aeria Games
    Last Chaos
    Kingdom Heroes
    Realm of the Titans
    EA: Battlefield Heroes
    EA: Need for Speed World
    Dynasty Warriors Online
    Metal Assault
    Eden Eternal
    Grand Fantasia
    Lime Odyssey
    Golden Age
    Dragons Call
    Partner: Milmo
    Partner: Ministry of War
    Partner: Pirate Galaxy
    Partner: Call of Gods
    Partner: Tauri World
    Partner: Heroes of Gaia
    Partner: Lord of Ages
    Partner: 1100 AD
    Mini Games

Chapter 3: Threads
    Made Threads
    Posting Threads
    Editing Threads

Chapter 4: Posts
    Made Posts
    Making Posts
    Editing Posts

Chapter 5: Search Function
    Basic Overview
    General Advice

Chapter 6: BBCode
    Basic Overwiev
    Usable Tags

Chapter 7: Profiles
    Basic Overview
    Important Settings

Chapter 8: Miscellaneous
    How to grab attention?!
    How to form titles/subtitles?!
    How to find information?!
    How to find a profile?!

Chapter 9: Rules

Chapter 10: End

Hi. I'm not often seen in this part of forum, as generally I'm not interested in the community-wide topics or games, regardless I wanted to make a guide for using the forum. Now, you could ask what gave me the rights. After all, I'm not even a volunteer (at the time of writing this at the very least).
Regardless, I'm on the forums for a long time, pretty much each day. I tried to find as many functions within it as I could. Furthermore, there always must be that first event, that will bring more. As I never saw a guide for forums as a whole, I began it.

As Aeria member I play the game called Shaiya. For its part of forum, at some point, I do plan on making thread that would explain all the specific forum sections on the angle of what should be put into it. I encourage other sections posters to do the same.

I'm from Poland and not really good in writing as a whole. Furthermore, I have'm weird. That means that some things may be harder to understand, whether to grammar, using wrong words (or trying to build longer phrases to go around a lack of word) or simply I may take something differently than others.

I'm open to criticism, both positive and negative, but only as long as it's argumented.

Without further wasting time, here is (currently incomplete yet, but mostly done) guide.


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24 Feb 2008
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As can be easily seen, for the sake of my sanity (and quicker update) I skipped the sub-sections for anything but main Aeria Games section. I may add them later, one by one, though that's not guaranteed.

1) Aeria Games

3) Shaiya

4) Last Chaos

6) 12Sky2

8) WolfTeam

9) EA: Battlefield Heroes

10) EA: Need for Speed World

11) Dynasty Warriors Online

13) Eden Eternal

14) Grand Fantasia

17) Lime Odyssey

18) AeriaMobile

19) Golden Age

20) DDTank

21) Dragons Call

22) Partner: Milmo

23) Partner: Lords Online

24) Partner: Ministry of War

25) Partner: Pirate Galaxy

26) Partner: Call of Gods

27) Partner: Tauri World

28) Partner: Heroes of Gaia

29) Partner: Lord of Ages

30) Partner: 1100 AD

Mini Games


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24 Feb 2008
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Chapter 3: Threads

1) Made Threads:
Threads that are already made by somebody (whether it is you, or not) are shown in a specific way on each forum sections page.

Announcements are always at the top. There are more than one rank of announcements though. Some of them may never go lower than others due to that. Usually, very important ones (critical server failure etc.) are always at the very first position.

Stickies are always right below announcements. They usually have event information or guides.

NOTE: Neither of the above can be made by a normal forum poster. Only a person with proper moderator tools can change a topic into announcement or sticky.

Normal threads, which make majority of existing ones by far, are below stickies. All outdated announcements and stickies are degraded to normal threads, occasionally locked at the time.

NOTE: The threads themselves, within their groups, are sorted by activity. When a post is made in a thread, it's sent to the first place reserved by its category.

When looking at a thread, there are few informations about it given.

1) This icon shows a couple of information, as explained further down. This is how threads can be differentiated and it helps in looking for threads in which you already did post or which you already saw.
2) The threads name or topic. Every thread must have it. It is possible for two threads to have exactly the same name. After the name (not shown on the picture) there may be a little button with arrow pointing towards a piece of paper. Using it sends to the first unread post on the thread. (Do note that after time passess, thread is automatically changed to "seen", even if it was not opened.)
3) Threads subtitle. It's optional. It's role is to explain a bit further what the thread is about, without having to open the thread or create huge title for it. It's written in smaller font so more information can be used.
4) If there are enough posts (each page is fixed 10 posts), additional pages are added. This allows to open a specific page without having to open the thread beforehand. As some threads have huge activity, only the first and the last three pages are shown in here. To open any other, you still need to open the thread.
5) The original poster (OP) on the thread. Unless the first post is deleted by someone with moderator tools, this doesn't change.
6) Amount of posts made in the thread, not counting the original post (abbreviated as OP as well). This shows directly how active a thread is.
7) Amount of separate views of the thread. It counts each visit, so one person visiting it multiple times is counted multiple times.
8) Last posters name, as well as date and time of that post. The button by the posters name sends to the post.

NOTE: If thread was moved, in it's original position there may be left a "ghost" link to it's new position. That link have it's own icon and have positons 2 and 5. All other informations are not visible. Posting on that thread doesn't move it higher on the list.

Thread Icons:
- Announcement which have unreaded posts. You didn't post in it.
- Announcement which was readed. You have no posts on it.
- Announcement which have unreaded posts. You did post in it.
- Announcement which was readed. You did post in it.
NOTE: Normal users can't create announcements.

- Sticky thread which have unreaded posts. You did not post in it.
- Sticky thread which was readed. You did not post in it.
- Sticky thread which have unreaded posts. You did post in it.
- Sticky thread which was readed. You did post in it.
NOTE: Normal users can't create stickies.

- Normal thread which have unreaded posts. You did not post in it.
- Normal thread which was readed. You did not post in it.
- Normal thread which have unreaded posts. You did post in it.
- Normal thread which Was readed. You did post in it.

- Popular thread which have unreaded posts. You did not post in it.
- Popular thread which was readed. You did not post in it.
- Popular thread which have unreaded posts. You did post in it.
- Popular thread which was readed. You did post in it.
NOTE: A normal thread becomes popular if it have at least 25 responses.

- Locked thread which have unreaded posts. You did not post in it.
- Locked thread which was readed. You did not post in it.
(No Image) - Locked thread which have unreaded posts. You did post in it.
- Locked thread which was readed. You did post in it.
NOTE: Normal users can't lock a thread.

- Image of link to moved thread. If you can't open the thread, it was moved to a section with restricted access.
NOTE: Moved thread have proper icon in it's new section. Also, deleted threads do NOT leave trace.

Icon Hierarchy:
Thread can have only one icon. Therefore, if they would be applicable for more than one, only the "highest ranked" is displayed.
This list shows the hierarchy, with left being the lowest "rank", and right being the highest "rank".

< < < /

NOTE: Sticky and announcements are the same rank. These states both move the thread to a different "section", therefore a thread can be either a sticky OR announcement. All of these icons can be seen or unseen. Also, each of them may obtain the icon showing you did post in it.

2) Making Threads:
Follow the images.

3) Editing Threads:
Below every post you made (also the original post of a thread) there is edit button. After choosing that option, a window similar to creating new thread will open. As there is no difference in what can be changed, take note to the above part of this chapter for more information.


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24 Feb 2008
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Chapter 4: Posts

1) Made Posts:

1) The name and rank of account of the person whose post it is. Ranks are given at 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 posts. There is also Rank 5.1, which is at 9000 or 10 000 posts. (These link to that users profile.)
2) Users avatar, which links to the users profile.
3) Posts title and subtitle (description). Both of which are optional.
4) Date and time at which the post was made. If the post was edited, additional information time of last edit, as well as the total number of edits, is added in green (edits are counted only if a different post was made after it).
5) Previous (arrow up) and next (arrow down) buttons respectively. They instantly scroll the thread to the beginning of proper posts, which allows to quickly go through large posts, without having to load anything again. At end of page, or beginning of page 2 and higher, they change the page.
6) If the user have signature and it's turned on in the post, it will be shown in below a thin line, at end of users post. Signatures that are larger than 700X200 and/or 120kb's in size (this includes all images and text) may be reported and removed.
7) Instatly takes to private message page, with the users name inputted automatically.
8) Opens a window with some basic information about the user (last few threads in which he/she posted and friends of him/her).
9) Shows users karma. The vote cannot be cast on the post, though.
10) Date at which the account was created.
11) Current amount of posts the user have.
12) Location at which the user is, although it's often not given, or invalid information is given in it's place.
13) Link to the post in question. (It does not always work properly, look at the note).
14) Mark the post as unread, which will allow to easier find the last post in the thread if reading was interrupted before finishing.
15) Edit the post. The button is shown only if you are the posts creator.
16) Open a new post window with this post already quoted.
17) Open an empty new post window.

NOTE: Link to This Post button does NOT work on pages other than the first one. In order to fix the link you must edit it.
Step 1: Copy the address to which the button sends (you can either open it and copy it from the address bar, or right-click on it and copy the address to which it sends through there).

As an example, let's take the post hidden under this wrong address:

Step 2: Copy the last number in the link (3363394 in this example) into the place of what is between "php?t=" and "#" (433736&sid=a302fc738f34f742e87fe29eb4d462f2 in this example). You should get this:

Step 3: Change "php?t" into "php?p". You should end with this:

That is the final, working address, that after the page was loaded, should instantly set the screen at the beginning of proper post.

2) Making Posts:
Through the use of "Quote Post" and "New Post" that are shown on the image above (they are added to every post, including the original, thread-creating one), you will be sent to page exactly like the thread posting one. The only difference is that the subject and descriptions are optional.

3) Editing Posts:
Editing posts is done exactly as editing threads. You can only edit your own posts. You can't edit a post in a locked thread, or in a thread that was moved to section to which you have no access.


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Chapter 5: Search Function

For a more detailed tutorial, look at the guide made by sillycrazyme, which is found here.

Search function allows to quickly find posts or threads of interest, without having to go through countless others. Do note that no matter how good you look for something, there is a high possiblity that you will have to look through at least a couple of results. The rarer the topic you look for, the easier it is to find it without going through large volume of results.

1) Basic Overview:
The search page can be reached from every part of the forum through the quick links at the top of every page.

    1) Every region (language) have its own forums. Its impossible to look for posts on more than one region at a time.
    2) The search engine will look for posts that contain ALL of the keywords anywhere in them, regardless of their order.
    3) The keywords are not case sensitive.
    4) Searching by keywords looks at the posters account name (for example, using kikix as search will show all posts made by kikix, kikix12, kikix123512 and so on).
    5) If you use both letters and numbers as a keyword, they will be separated by a space in the search, regardless of how you will write them (for example, kikix1 will still give two keywords, kikix and 1). If the combination of letters and numbers used forms an exact account name (like kikix and 12) then it will be found as well.
    6) You must input a keyword to make a search. If you want to look for all posts made by a person, use their accounts name as the only keyword searched for.
    7) The search engine can actually find less than three character long words, but anything that creates too many results will end with "No Posts Found" (or will be ignored if other keywords are present). You can combine rarer words with one or two character words easily enough, though.


    1) Additional filters. After finding posts, you can remove only specific sections/games from the search by using the tree with X's, or choose a single section/game by clicking on its name.
    2) Shows five recent timelines to filter posts by. The numbers next to them (in this case, all have 0) is the amount of posts within that timeline.
    3) Shows few top posters and the amount of their posts that meet the criteria. Clicking on one, will filter the results by showing only his posts. In this search result, there are only my posts.

2) General Advice:
    1. If you know roughly when what you are looking for was posted, you may have better results through using sorting by time instead of relevance.
    2. Most recent posts don't show up in search results. There seems to be couple hours or a day long delay before that.
    3. When using multiple keywords, try to make both of them as unique as possible.
    4. If you remember an entire phrase, or at least some part of one from a post, use it. Serching by relevance will show posts where it will be in that exact order before those where they are just present.
    5. If you know some users to be good at the topic you are looking for (for example, they are famous for helping others), you may want to look for their posts first, whether or not you know of them posting what you want.
    6. Use the filters post-search heavily. You can pick specific sections by clicking on them, or remove the sections you don't need by clicking on the X on its right.

Remember that no matter how good ones search skills are, there is no way to always find what you want. There are common abbreviations for words, typos and there is always a chance of the words simply not being ever used. If you can't find the answer you were looking for in around five different search combinations and the stickies in the proper sections, then feel free to ask it.


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Chapter 6: BBCode

1) Basic Overview:
BBCode is a system that uses written tags to format the post, to make it easier to read, to add images or links. The various images, size differences, bolding and links hidden in words I made in the previous chapters are all results of it's use.

BBCodes are not shown in the post itself. They are converted by the system. This also includes previews which I suggest using in case many tags are used.

Each BBCode that is usable in the posts is built from two parts. One begins it (for example, [b]) while the other ends it (for example [/b]). The letters in these brackets change depending on the codes, but otherwise, all BBCodes looks the same.

You can use as many of them as you want, even on the same word. For example, this is both, underlined and bolded. That said, there is a rule to them that must be followed. They are seen from the "middle" to the sides. If while searching the mechanism won't find the same brackets, the result will not be shown properly. What does that mean?!

The correct form to use multiple BBCodes is this: [b] [u] [i]Word[/i] [/u] [/b]
The incorrect form to use multiple BBCodes is this: [b] [u] [i]Word[/u] [/i] [/b]

The order of the closing tags must ALWAYS be reversed compared to the order of the opening ones. Aka. if the first opening tag is bolding ([b][/b]), its closing tag must be the LAST one.

Seeying the above, you may wonder why these couple of tags were not converted. Many just use space or some random character to cancel converting the tags, but they must explain the difference. That not only does mean more writing and more to remember (even if only a lil bit), but also may end confusing.
That said, there is a way to cancel converting of the tags, without making them differ in the post from how they should be written. That little trick is...using "empty" tags. For example, if I want to make the bolding tag ([b][/b]) visible, I just write it properly, but add another bolding/underlining/italic tag, inside opening. For example, it would look like this: [b[i][/i]] [/b]. Off course, to show the SECOND one, I needed to use a third one, which being written properly and not being canceled, is invisible in the post.
The reason for that is that the forum looks for full, proper tags. If there is no proper unclosed opening tag before the closing one, it's taken as normal text. Some of the tags (like the three formatting ones) are simply not restricted as to whether or not there must be anything between them. For others, like [url][/url] tag, without parameter (url address in this case) they are not taken as proper tags, so they can never be used to cancel conversion (there always will be visible result).

NOTE: Do not use the canceling tags in the closing one. That is because the opening tag will be seen properly but will not find the closing tag. In situation when more are used, or the canceling tag is the same as the one being canceled, the result may be incorrect. For example, this is one such result: [[b]/b].

Also, all BBCodes within someones post may be seen by quoting it.

2) Usable Tags:
There are different tags usable in posts, signature and in blog (though all the tags usable in post are also usable in blogs and signatures). I will talk here only about these usable in the posts. Only the bold, underline, italic and url tags are available in shoutbox.

[b]Bold[/b] results in Bold

[u]Underline[/u] results in Underline

[i]Italic[/i] results in Italic

[url][/url] results in

[url=]Link[/url] results in Link

[color=red]Color[/color] results in Color (most standard colors and web colors may be used)

[size=18]Size[/size] results in Size (Available sizes are 7, 9, 12, 18 and 24, with 12 being the normal font.)

[img][/img] results in

[code]Code[/code] results in
(Tags are NOT converted within codes area. Furthermore, multiple spaces may be used in it properly.)

Lists: There are different types of lists. The most basic one does not need any additional tag, but isn't exactly a "list". For the more advanced ones, you need to use a [*] tag in front of every point.

[list]List 1
List 1
List 1[/list]

results in

    List 1
    List 1
    List 1

[list][*]List 2
[*]List 2
[*]List 2[/list]

results in

  • List 2
  • List 2
  • List 2

[list=1][*]List 3
[*]List 3
[*]List 3[/list]

results in

  1. List 3
  2. List 3
  3. List 3

Quotes: Quoting is very important part of forum. The most basic quoting is done by simply choosing option "quote post", but I advice never using the quote as it is, unless its two-three phrases long.

results in

results in
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Chapter 7: Profiles
There are too many images to be taken related to profiles, therefore I will not use many. This Chapter will be strictly based on explanation.

Your own profile can be accessed through the button on the top-right corner of each Aeria page.
Others profile can be reached through their posts/threads/shoutbox, basically everywhere where you can find their names.

1) Basic Overview:
After profile is opened, few boxes are visible. On the top-left corner of it there is always a box with the users account name, his personal information (if given), link to search set to find all the users post ever made and five stars titled "My Karma" (on your profile) or "Rate <NAME> Karma" (on others profiles).
These stars are rating system made on forum, with 2 and a half star being normal karma rating, 1 star being the lowest and 5 stars being the highest.

NOTE: Any links made directly to your karma rating are against the rules. Karma vote expires after three months. Before expiration, it can't be cast again by the same person.

Around this box, there are movable boxes named "Comments" (can be turned off for visitors or restricted to friends only), "My Media" (not visible if empty), "Signature", "My Friends" (can be turned off for visitors or restricted to friends only), "Blurp About Me" (can be turned off for visitors or restricted to friends only) and "My Blogs" (not visible if empty).
These boxes can be freely rearranged by drag and drop method (the boxes in which their titles are visible are to be dragged).

The inbox may be reached from any Aeria page. Link to it is in the drop-down menu on the top-right corner (the menu is opened by hovering over your account name).

2) Important Settings:
To change the settings, use the Settings button in the same drop down menu as the inbox one on the top-right of every page.
You will be sent to "Basic" tab with information about you. If you so wish, input the data. We'll talk about avatar in next point in this chapter.

For the important settings, choose the "Privacy" tab on the top.
You will see eight drop-down lists with settings. In majority of them (seven out of eight) the options are "Any one", "Friends only" and "No one".

"Allow private message from:" Set who can set private message to you. GS's and users of barter boards are HIGHLY adviced of setting this to "Any one".

"Allow profile comment from:" Set who can comment on your profile. I advice GS's to set this to "Any one".

"See your name and location info:" Pure preference. If you don't mind people from knowing your real name (if you did not input it, it will not be disclosed, obviously) and the location information you did input.

"See your birth date:" Pure preference. If you plan on sharing with the forum when your birthday comes though, there is no reason why not set this to allow anyone to see it.

"See about:" Controls the "Blurp About Me" visibility. If you have critical information in it (which you shouldn't in the first place), then set it to "Friends Only". If you set it to "No one" instead simply don't add it at all.

"See your contact info:" If you did add information about different contact methods, like YIM, this controls who they will be visible to. Unless it's a box in which you don't mind spam, it's highly adviced to use the "Friends only" option.

"See your friend list:" Pure preference.

You can also change the e-mail to which the account is attached. To do so, open the "account" tab.
You will see there e-mail (with "change" button on right) and password (with "change" button on right). After clicking on the "change" buttons you will be able to input a new password or e-mail (within few security steps).

3) Personalisation:
As mentioned, most of the profile boxes can be moved around. But there are more options. Open the settings, as previously.

On the right of the first tab, there is option to change avatar. The avatar is image (up to 200X200 and 60kb in size) uploaded directly from your hard drive, that will represent you on each post. Only the current avatar is used on every single post ever made by you.

On the "about" tab, you can add information about you "Blurp about me", which should be text only (or text mostly).

You can add various embed playlists, movies or other media (for example, from YouTube) in the "flash/media" box. Please refrain from adding background music that cannot be turned off without closing the profile or somehow blocking it.

You can also add here your signature. You need a direct link to the image (max 700X200 and 120kb in size) and need to input it within [img][/img] tags, which will be automatically converted. You can also add text (which also counts towards the limit of 700X200).
For positioning of the images/text you can use [center][/center], [right][/right] and [left][/left] tags not usable in normal posts.
Signature cannot have more than 255 characters. ALL tags, urls and text counts towards this limit.

Further personalisation may be done on "skin" tab. After opening it choose whether you want to use one of the themes given by Aeria, or custom, using your own image.

If you chose custom, input image url into the second box. This image will be the background of your signature. It's adviced to use images from image uploading sites (like photobucket) instead of directly from some gallery. Also, it's better for it to be uploaded on your profile, as then you have control over it being deleted or not.

"image tile:" There is pretty much no chance for the image to fit perfectly. If you choose to tile the image, the normally empty areas will be filled with the image as if it was set in multiple copies one next to the other.

"image horizontal position:" Choose whether the image should be centered or on the right or the left edge of page.

"image vertical position:" Choose Choose whether the image should be centered or on the top or the bottom edge of page.

"image scrolling:" Choose whether the image scrolls with the profile page or is fixed (aka. even when you scroll the page, it looks the same). The first is better for large images, allowing to see them whole. The latter is better for smaller images that take only small parts and are visible whole on the screen.

"color:" By clicking on this box, you will open a color choosing tool. All parts of the profile that are not covered by background image (if any) will be of the chosen color.


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Chapter 8: Miscellaneous

1) How to grab attention?!
First of all, there are few unwritten rules, that should be followed. These are:
  1. No all caps (aka. writing the whole word or phrase in capital letters). All caps is considered shouting on forums and any different type of messages. Furthermore, larger phrases are hard to read. Therefore, use all caps only when you really need to. SAY NO TO ALL CAPS!
  2. Wall of text heavily tires the eyes. Most people when they see it simply ignore the post.
    • Use punctuation. After all, it's hard to understand something when you don't know when you read a wholly new thing. Keep in mind that capital letters help with this regard.
    • Use Enter key. This is VERY important. Few lines of continuous text is the most a person can look at on the monitor. When you finish one part and begin talking about wholly different thing, use it twice.

  3. Avoid subject jumping. For example, if you talk about horse, then start talking about weapons, don't return to the horse topic if possible. Unless these two are somehow related to each other, add the new information about the horse to the part about it, instead of returning to it later.
  4. The less quoting, the better the answer. That means that if possible, avoid quoting at all.
    • If you simply want to talk to a specific person, use "<Persons Name>@ Message", "<Persons Name>= Message", "<Persons Name>/ Message" or any other method of mentioning the person instead of quote itself.
    • If you want to point towards a part of someones message, use only that part. Write your own quote tags for that.
    • Quote is better before the answer. After all, that is the order. If you will quote the thing to which you are answering after the answer, then that'll be kind of chaotic. Furthermore, the person may need to read your answer again, because he didn't understand it the first time.

  5. Always give arguments along with opinion. In such situation, your opinion will actually matter and may possibly change others opinion to your favor. Discussion is exchange of arguments for a reason after all. It's simply easier to understand someone when you know why he/she thinks how he/she does.
  6. Spelling/grammar. Off course, there are non-english speaker or younger people that may have issues with proper language (I'm one of them). You don't need to use linguistic specialists level of proper language, but at least try to correct your typos. If you are still unsure...just copy/paste the fragment into google. No need for dictionary, as google will suggest a possibly proper way of how it should be written.
  7. Don't demand anything, swear, flame. Keep spam to minimum. Remember that no one, Aeria included, needs to give you anything, including answer to your question. Be polite (which includes doing some research before making a new thread) to others and they will be polite to you.
  8. Use the different tags available to you. If you make a guide or give answers to typical questions (for example the ones to apply for a GS possition), bold the questions/titles. Use double Enter before them. Maybe even change their size. That will make both skimming and reading easier.
  9. Don't abuse size and color tags. Text is black by default because it's the least tiring color to read. Extra large or small fonts are arso very irritating. Use these tags only when needed, for example when you want to point to very important word or phrase.
  10. Use the preview option. If you have any wrong tags or easy to see typos, that should show them right away. If you'll be satisfied with how you see it, then post it.

2) How to form titles/subtitles?!
First of all, titles need to say what hides behind them. If you need help on finding goblins on a map, don't use "Help plz" as title. Write "Need help on finding goblins." Is it longer?! Yes. But on the other hand if I don't know the answer, I can skip it. If I'll ever browse for "unfinished" threads in which I took part, I'll be able to find out which is which only by looking at title.
Also, some people simply skip threads whose titles don't give them knowledge whether what is inside interests them.

Second, try to use description for more complex topics. If these goblins are for quest on map 1, but appear only once a day, and near to them there are couple different types of goblins, then title is not enough. On the other hand you can write in the subtitle (with the above title) "I mean the map 1, one day spawn quest goblins."

Third, short and sweet. Don't use what you don't have to use. No one will be interested that you hate the quest, as far as the topic goes, so don't write "Need help on finding these stupid quest goblins". If you really feel the need for that, add it in the post itself. The less words you use, the better.

3) How to find information?!
By this, I mean the methods of looking for answers/topics you need or want to look for. Off-course, search is one of the means to do that, but if you don't know the topic it won't be able to find it for you. If you know the forums quite well, you can find some things faster without the search button as well.

Step 1: What are you looking for?! Is it a discussion to kill time or answer to your gameplay question?! Find the proper section for what you need.

Step 2: Is what you are looking a common question/topic?! Maybe it's a hot topic, like some new bug/promotion/update?! Maybe it was already discussed many times?! If it was and the topic does not irk people upon seeying it's title, then first check announcements and stickies in the proper section. Many events of any type (updates, events to be held, new bugs) are among announcements of General Discussion section. Many good guides are stickied, whether directly or indirectly within various indexes.

Step 3 A: If you look for something, but don't know what or simply can't find it in stickies, give a skim through the first page. Just go by the titles (that's why good titles are important), and if you have favorite posters, take a look at these as well. If the forum is very active, like during maintance, widen the skim to the second page as well. If nothing gets you interested, then try a random topic you didn't yet read or return later. Shoutbox is good way of "wasting" time.

Step 3 B: If you need something and know what that is, at this point use search button.

Step 4: If all else fails and you really need some entertainment or answer, make it yourself. Make a new thread in proper section on the topic of your interest.

4) How to find a profile?!
If you know the name or it's part but there is no post from that person, use the member search feature located on the top-left part of every forum page. Remember, minimum is three characters long. Also, it will find all users with the keyword being at the beginning of the members name, so every "kiki" search will find anything from "kiki", through "kikix12" to "kikixabcd12345".

If you need a specific volunteer, for example your games GS or a moderator, use the group search. Just choose the proper category and pick the one that you are most interested in, if any.


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Chapter 9: Rules

In this section, I will bring some of the rules applicable to the forum. Do remember that rules brought here are only a part of the ones that exist, not all of them. This selection is made by the most important, or the most broken ones.

1) Source #1
Rule #1) Do not use offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language.

NOTE: Often, people break this rule out of misinterpretation or lack of knowledge. What do I mean by that?! They use words (common ones) in a manner they were not meant to be used. Remember that even in jokes, some words improperly used may be offensive.
For example, using freely the word "Brilliant" IS against the rules. Although it is non-filtered word, used as it is often on forums is offensive to people that actually came into contact with it's true meaning.  
(The above example is no longer valid, since the word was added to the filter (it is replaced by the world brilliant that is in the quotation marks.)

Furthermore, if someone says "stop it", then do so. "I though he/she was joking" is not excuse. Some people do tease each other, that is true, but you can not know when it is part of that joke and when it's serious, through text. Don't risk it, and do stop joking on that topic.

PS: I deem it clear that I had no intention of offending anyone. That said, if I did, do know that I phrased the above to the extent of my knowledge of english language to avoid that. If there is a better way of doing it, feel free to suggest it.

Rule #5) Powerposting, spamming, bumping and flaming will result in the post being removed without any further notice.

NOTE: This rule is heavily abused, especially on trade sections of forum. Do not bump more than once a day. If your earlier bump is the last message on the thread, then delete it before "bumping" the thread again. This will greatly minimise the amount of spam posts, while still taking the thread to the top.
In other sections, do not bump at all. If you want to move a thread to the top after it fell off the first page, then add something constructive to it.
Use the edit button! Except only a handfull of sections, you can freely edit your own posts. Unless you would breach the post limit of characters, or you use it for a guide to make it easier to read (like this one), there is no reason to have two or more posts in a row.

Rule #6) Signatures will not exceed a height of 200 pixels, a width of 700 pixels and a file size of 120 Kb.

NOTE: This includes ALL images and ALL text together. If your banner does have sizes of 700X200, then you can't add anything else. If you have two banners, each being 250X50, but each having 80kb, then you break the rule because together they have 160kb's of size.

2) Source #2:

Part of Rule #6) Except as expressly stated and agreed upon in advance by AGE, no confidential relationship will be established in the event any user of this Website should make any oral, written or electronic communication to AGE (such as feedback, questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.). If any AGE Website requires or requests that such information be provided, and that such information contains personal identifying information (e.g., name, address, phone number), AGE shall obtain, use and maintain it in a manner consistent with its Privacy Policy. Otherwise, such communication and any information submitted therewith will be considered non-confidential, and AGE will be free to reproduce, publish or otherwise use such information for any purposes including, without limitation, the research, development, use or sale of games or services incorporating such information. You are fully responsible for the content of your communications, including its truthfulness and accuracy and its non-infringement of any other person's proprietary or privacy rights.

NOTE: What does this mean?! Pretty much that all information that you share through means such as posts, signature, your location or other information visible on your profile can be used freely (within law and rules) by Aeria Games & Entertainment without further asking you for rights to it. You give them the right at the moment of posting.
Furthermore, to give them these laws, you first must have the right to do that. If you post for example someones post made on your guilds forum without asking them beforehand, then you are most likely breaking the rules (usually such forums don't give rights to someones posts to normal users).

3) End Notice
For further information on rules that are applicable to forum, please read the threads given as sources. At least part of them does apply to the use of the website, which in turn, applies to the forums.

If in any case the above "interpretation" I took is incorrect, feel free to point such case. Do note that I am a normal user with no special "backstage" information. That said, all actions you take upon the above, are your choices and I will not be responsible for their outcome.


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Chapter 10: End

Thank you for patience. If you have opinions (argumented) to share, feel free to do so.

There are people without which this couldn't be born. With no specific order:


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