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02 Oct 2007
Faribanks United States
PostedOct 04, 2007 11:26 pm

WSAD control system

I think this would totally make the game more fun
I think that this game, although I haven't played much, is already pretty awesome. I really like it, and I play it all day sometimes. But, I think the controls could use work. I understand WSAD are used as hotkeys, but making them movement controls would be pretty helpful. Using WSAD for controls and the mouse for moving the camera would make it much easier to maneuver around the world, as well as make it easier, for me anyway, to battle monsters. The problem with click movement is you have to see where you are going to move there, and you can't backstep or anything like that which is helpful when battling. If whoever makes the game switced over and used the mouse to look around instead of arrow keys, I could do a quik 360 spin easily, instead of waiting just to turn around.

I know the game isn't built like that and it could be very difficult to create a movement system like this. I also know some people like the controls the way they are. But if the makers do set up these controls I would love it, and I'm sure they wuld put in some sort of toggle so you can switch between WSAD and mouse controls and click andarrow keys controls.



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07 May 2007
Randol I think United States
PostedOct 04, 2007 11:35 pm
I would WSAD controls would be better for FPS games. I keep using the arrows keys for 12 sky >_<.

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