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07 Jun 2008
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PostedJun 20, 2009 4:02 pm
Masuyuu wrote:
missed_me wrote:
not one Halt kick .. o0
or stun .. I did not even see a stun pot in your hotbar.
Did not use spinter to close the distance on the pagan one time.
Most times when he used stealth he ran way to long before stealth taking much more dmg then needed.
Did not use magic defy when I am sure I seen HA used at least once.
the sin did nothing but slowly attempt a slasher chain over and over again Laughing  

Nah, She used magic defy a few times but she used magic missile a few times real quick to get rid of it -_-

But I do agree on one thing... soon as HA went up, she should have spammed halt kick but nooo.... (Nub sin ftl v.v)

that would work normally, but UM pagans have some spell that decreases their targets attack speed by like 3-5 or somthing crazy... cant keep a chain going
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