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AP ISSUES ---- Read First Before Contacting Aeria

Guide to emailing Billing Support
We pride ourselves with delivering exceptional service and direct you to follow the guidelines below so we may resolve your issues in a timely manner:

If you need help with your AP purchases, go to the Contact Us Form.
Input a valid username and email (if not signed in). Choose Only Aeria Point Recharge Issues. Input a basic subject like 'Did not get AP purchased'

In the message form you need to include specific information:

1) Aeria Games Account ID (not IGN)
2) Transaction/Receipt ID
3) Date, Amount and Method of transaction
4) If #2 is not available, please supply the name on your Paypal account or on the credit card used
5) A basic description of your problem.

Once you have done this, and hit send email, within 30 minutes you will receive an automated response from our servers that looks like this:

 [TICKET #1607439]


This is an automatic response to your request.  We have received your email support request, and your ticket number is [Request Tracker (RT) #1607439].  There is no need to reply to this message right now.  Our supporting staff will process your ticket shortly.

*** Please make sure that you have included the following information in your email:  your LC account id, the transaction/receipt id, the date/time of the transaction, and the amount in question. This will help us to resolve your issue in a more timely manner.

Please use the request number if you need to refer to this problem.  Please include the string:

        [Request Tracker (RT) #1607439]

in the subject line of all future correspondence about this issue. To do so, you may reply to this message.

Thank you,

Aeria Online Support Team

The number returned is often referred to as your ticket # or RT # if you need to reference your problem, you can use this number to identify your service request. The expected response time for a service request is 48 hours. Please allow for this much time before following up. You can follow up by simply responding to the automated response you received.

We hope that everyone will follow these guidelines, as they are meant to help us respond to your issues quicker. We understand the importance of getting your Aeria Points right away, and will do our best to make sure all our members are satisfied...but we can't do it without your support! Thank you.

So what is this forum for?

This forum is for players to discuss their billing issues. Aeria games recognizes that many times our players will be aware of a problem, or even find a solution before we do. This forum allows players to interact and discuss their issues.

Known Issues

When you purchase using various methods, it generates an automated email when the purchase has cleared. This email will have a subject like Notification of Payment. We receive a copy of this email in our ticketing system, so that we can track it. You may have also received an automated response with the ticket # for this email. This ticket is not one that can be worked, and if you reply to it, it will tell you that it is denied. This is for reference only, and if you have a problem, you must create a ticket for the problem.

Purchasing Account
The account that will be given the Aeria Points, will be the one that you are signed in as in the website.

PayPal Echeck
Paypal's Echeck takes 7-11 days to clear. Even though the funds are withdrawn right away, Paypal will hold your funds till they completely clear your account. This is a standard Paypal policy and we have no control over this. Please be aware that bonus cash (and corresponding sales) are awarded when the transactions clear.

Never give anyone your password. Including Aeria Games.

Please be sure to register our domain/email as not being spam. We have noticed a lot of our attempts to respond are being rejected as spam.

Credit Card Checkout
If selecting "Credit Card Checkout" you do not need a Paypal account. If you use a credit card or email that Paypal recognizes, they will ask you to log in, but you still have the option of not doing so (see image below)

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