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Rules you have agreed to in the Aeria Terms Of Service

An Explanation of the TOS and Rules of Shaiya
I have been asked by [GM]Foxtrot to edit this in-depth explanation of the TOS by former Last Chaos GameSage LuciousLisa to reflect how it affects and should be interpreted by players of Shiaya. Please skim/read/understand it, as it is a very helpful guide to understanding the expectations and responsibilities you have agreed to in the TOS upon creating your account.

Any sections that I have edited from the original post I have marked with a red asterisk *
LuciousLisa wrote:
In response to this suggestion, I'm writing up a clarification of the rules as a goodbye gift to the LC community. I intend to list all the locations of where which rule can be found and (if applicable) how to interpret them. I strongly recommend everyone to read them in whole, as the following examples are only a small portion of what you have agreed to and are only meant as a clarification of the most commonly questioned rules. All sets of rules mentioned here have a clause in them one way or another that expresses Aeria's right to modify them without further notice. Be aware that this does not require them to inform you about this and that this post may be outdated at some point in time.

I take full responsibilities for any explanations provided by me. Any future edits by a mod or GM should be marked as edits and are the responsibility of the editor. After this post gets locked, I will not be able to edit it anymore due to limited forum permissions.

This thread is not meant to discuss the rules. Therefore I will request this to be locked by a mod or GM immediately after posting it. Discussions about the rules can be held in another place.

Terms of Service

The first thing you agree on upon creating an account is the ToS (Terms of Service). In these, you'll find the rules on the following subjects (amongst others):
  • Age limitation for making accounts
    ToS wrote:
    Accounts are available only to individuals 13 years of age or older. If you are over 13 years of age but are still considered a minor, we ask that you review these terms with your parents or guardian to ensure they understand them and agree to them. By accepting the terms of use in the Agreement, you represent that you are 13 years of age or older.  
    The reasoning for this rule can be found in legal responsibilities that Aeria has towards children under the age of 13. This age restriction is also mentioned in the Privacy Policy and Forum Rules.

  • Account sharing
    ToS wrote:
    Only one person may use an Account. You are liable for all activities conducted through your Account.  
    This rule nullifies the "little brother" argument. There's no use in blaming anyone but yourself for getting banned.

  • Modifying client software
    ToS wrote:
    You may not (a) sublicense, rent, lease, loan, sell or otherwise transfer the Software or the Services (or any part thereof) (b) modify, adapt, reverse engineer or decompile the Software, or otherwise attempt to derive source code from the Software;  

  • 'Shouting' (all caps) and spamming in the shoutbox
    ToS wrote:
    You agree not to take any of the following actions:
    (l) Impede the flow of chat in game, in forums, or in chat rooms with vulgar language, abusiveness, use of excessive shouting (ALL CAPS) "spamming" or any other disruptive or detrimental methods in an attempt to disturb other users or AGE employees;  

  • Botting
    ToS wrote:
    You agree not to use any hardware or software, including but not limited to third party tools, or any other method of support which may in any way influence or give you an advantage in the use of the Services which is not authorized by AGE, including but not limited to the use of ‘bots’ and/or any other method by which the Service may be played automatically without human input.  

  • Account selling
    ToS wrote:
    You may not sell or auction any game accounts, characters, items, coin or copyrighted material, nor may you assist others in doing so.  

  • Aeria Points (ap) refunding
    ToS wrote:
    Certain areas of the Website may charge fees to access and acquire certain game items or participate in game activities on the Website. ANY APPLICABLE FEES AND OTHER CHARGES ARE PAYABLE IN ADVANCE AND ARE NOT REFUNDABLE IN WHOLE OR IN PART.  

  • Liability of Aeria for downtime
    ToS wrote:
    (a) AGE reserves the right to interrupt the Services from time to time on a regularly scheduled basis or otherwise with or without prior notice in order to perform maintenance. You agree that AGE will not be liable for any interruption of the Services, delay or failure to perform resulting from any causes whatsoever.

    (b) You acknowledge that the Services may be interrupted for reasons beyond the control of AGE, and AGE cannot guarantee that you will be able to access the Services or your Account whenever you may wish to do so. AGE shall not be liable for any interruption of the Services, delay or failure to perform resulting from any causes whatsoever.
    (d) AGE is not be obligated to refund all or any portion of any Account fee (if any), by reason of any interruption of the Services by reason of any of the circumstances described in paragraph (a) or (b).  
    *This rule makes it so that Aeria is not obliged to refund lost time on activated Charms, Stones or any other items because of server downtime.

  • Bans and other disciplinary actions
    ToS wrote:
    This rule (and what follows in the original ToS) means that Aeria can ban you, take your items or discipline you in any other way for any reason they see fit. You do not have any rights to your account or the items on it.

  • Trading at own risk
    ToS wrote:
    (e) You may not hold AGE responsible for any loss resulting from in- game trading activitities.
    You may not hold AGE responsible for any in-game feature or item loss.  
    This rule says that Aeria is not responsible for giving you back anything lost as a result of being scammed, hacked or anything else.

Fair Play Rules

Another important set of rules you agree on upon creating your account are the Fair Play Rules. These overlap the ToS on a number of points and include the rules on the following subjects (amongst others):
  • Impersonating a GM
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    5. You may not impersonate any Aeria Games & Entertainment employee, past or present, including any Customer Support personnel.  

  • Offensive guild names
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    11. You may not organize nor be a member of any clans or groups within the Game that are based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, or other hate-mongering philosophy.  

  • Modifying client software
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    13. You may not modify any part of the Game Client, Server or any part of the Game.  

  • Exploiting
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    15. You will not exploit any bug in the Game and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug or "hack"(bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits in game), either directly or indirectly, to any other Game player. You will promptly report any such bug via official and prescribed channels to Aeria Games & Entertainment.  
    *If you have discovered a bug/glitch and wish to officially report it, please use the Bug Report Format to send in documented evidence (a detailed explanation and screenshot or video) to the Contact Us form. You may also create a post to alert other players of the bug/glitch in theBugs/Glitches section of the forums, but reporting it to Contact Us is the best way to make sure that GMs are aware of the issue.

  • Trade at own risk
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    19. You may not hold Aeria Games & Entertainment responsible for any loss resulting from In Game Trading. Aeria Games & Entertainment will not be held responsible for any resulting consequence from In Game trading  

  • Account sharing/selling/trading
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    23. All in game items, and accounts are the property of Aeria Games. No sale/exchange of said items is allowed accept as authorized by Aeria Games.  

  • Offensive language
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    1. You may not use any language that is offensive, of racist nature, obscene or otherwise inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, all manners of swearing, threats, blackmail, discussion of recreational drugs, sexually explicit language and racism or anything prejudice. As offensive language can interpreted in many forms, it will be the mandate of Aeria Games & Entertainment to make a determination as to whether or not a “reasonable person” would feel offended and act accordingly.  
    You may feel offended by comments made by someone and decide to report it under this rule, but that does not mean that Aeria will agree with you and take disciplinary actions against the person that made the comment(s).

  • Harassment
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    2. You may not harass other players. Harassment is defined as specifically targeting another player, or group of players, to harm or inconvenience them. As harassment can take many forms, it will be the mandate of Aeria Games & Entertainment to make a determination as to whether or not a “reasonable person” would feel harassed and act accordingly.  
    *You may feel like you're being harassed by someone and decide to report them under this rule, but that does not mean Aeria will agree with you and take disciplinary actions against the person that is accused of harassing you. In my experience and opinion, Aeria's GMs have a reasonable and realistic grasp of what this game is about and do not judge lightly upon accusations of harassment. My advice to people that feel like they're being genuinely harassed is to build a file over time, containing (uneditted) screenshots, video evidence and/or links to offensive posts in the forums, then submitting their harassment claim and it's supporting evidence through the Contact Us form to be reviewed by the GMs.

  • Sharing of account information
    Fair Play Rules wrote:
    6. You may not exchange account information. You may neither give, receive, nor ask about account information (to include passwords, email address, or any other information not available in the public profile).  

End User License Agreement

The EULA deals mainly with the software that you download to play the game, also referred to as the 'game client', and states many rules that are also covered by the ToS and Fair Play Rules, but goes into more detail about them. An important one to mention is the following rule:
  • Monitoring your computer for third party software
    EULA wrote:
    7. Consent to Monitor. The Software may communicate your computer's information including but not limited to hardware capacity, patches and modification information, and any unauthorized third-party program running with the Software back to Licensor in order to assist users' uninterrupted game play. An unauthorized third-party program as used herein shall be defined as any third party software, including without limitation any addon,mod,hack,trainer,cheat,that in Licensors sole determination (i) enable or facilitates cheating of any type, (ii) allows users to modify or hack the game interface, environment, and/or experience in any way not expressly authorized by Licensor, (iii) intercepts, mines,or otherwise collects information from or through the Software. In the event that the Software detects an unauthorized third-party program, (a) the Software may (a) communicate information back to Licensor, including information on the User ID and account, details about the unauthorized third-party program and the time and date it was detected and/or (b) Licensor may exercise any or all rights under this Agreement, without any notice to the user.  
    *This basically says that the game client and its anti-hacking software GameGuard can and will detect any hacking software installed on your computer, which is clearly against the rules and will result in a permanent ban on your account.

Privacy Policy

As part of the ToS, you also agree to the Privacy Policy. This deals with how Aeria will treat any information that you (either knowingly or unknowingly) transmit through the site or the game client. Examples of ways your personal information is stored and/or used are:
  • Cookies
    Privacy Policy wrote:
    We may use cookies to track general, non-personal information about our users (e.g., user name, pages viewed, time spent our Site, and the websites visited just before and just after our Site) for statistical and market research purposes. The information is collected on an aggregated and anonymous basis. We use cookies to gather information about our Site users’ browser activities in order to constantly improve our Site and better serve our customers. This information assists us to design and arrange our web pages in a most user-friendly manner and to continually improve our Site to better meet the needs of our customers, prospective customers, and visitors.  

  • IP and activity logs
    Privacy Policy wrote:
    Like most Internet services, we may also use log files on the server side. The data held in log files includes your IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser type, e-mail application, Internet service provider, referring/exit Web pages, computer platform type, date/time stamp, and user activity (e.g., feature usage, user rankings, game statistics). AGE may use server log data to analyze trends, administer the services offered through the Site. IP addresses are not tied to any personally identifiable information.  

  • Additional logs
    Privacy Policy wrote:
    In addition, the software enabling the Site may have associated log and temporary files that are stored on AGE’s servers. These files store your account information, preference settings, system notifications as well as other data necessary to enable you to participate on the Site. Your information may also exist within regularly performed server backups. The foregoing information is collected on an aggregated and anonymous basis.  

  • Game client version
    Privacy Policy wrote:
    When any game is updated or "patched", our patch routine may check your computer to see that you have the most recent version of game-specific files.  

  • Forums are a public place
    Privacy Policy wrote:
    You may choose to disclose personal information in our online community features, blogs, in-game chats or other public forums, directly to other users while using the Site service. Please be aware that such information is public information and you should not expect privacy or confidentiality under these circumstances. AGE shall not be liable in any way for such disclosure of personal information.  

*Known Abuse List

The Shaiya Known Abuse List is specific to Shaiya and is meant as a guideline to explain in more detail how Aeria deals with the enforcement of the rules listed above.

A comprehensive, public list of exploits will never be created because extensive knowledge of specific exploits would only encourage them to be more frequently used. If a GameSage tells you something is an exploit, please give them the benefit of the doubt and immediately cease performing the actions in question. Failing to comply with a GameSage is a fast track to disciplinary action from GMs. If you feel a particular GameSage is not properly identifying an exploit, please ask another GameSage to help resolve the issue, or report the incident directly to GMs through Contact Us.

Some examples of Abuses:
  • Fraud of any type
    Known Abuse List wrote:
    Fraud of any type. This includes, but is not limited to:
    Saying an item is rare when it isn’t, to trick players into paying extra money for it.
    Saying you will buy/sell Aeria Points. There is no way to transfer these, so saying that you will is clearly fraud.
    Saying you will trade an Item Mall item for in-game gold, and keeping the gold without giving the item in return. If you want an Item Mall item, the only way we can assure you will not get scammed, is if you purchase AP through the proper methods.  
    In other words: you may advertise to sell item mall items, but not to sell ap. When you choose to buy item mall items from someone advertising to sell them (or someone advertising to "WTS ap"), you make yourself vulnerable to being scammed. You can protect yourself against being defrauded by screenshotting any suspicious or potentially fraudulent transactions and their associated conversations, but it may only result in the scammer's account suspension because, as you can read in the rules above, Aeria is in no way responsible for refunding you your gold and/or items after being scammed, as they maintain a "trade at own risk" policy.

  • Terrain/Bug Exploiting
    Known Abuse List wrote:
    You will not use any known bug for your benefit. Examples of this are:

    Using terrain features to prevent mobs from pathing to you.
    Using Game Mechanics exploits to favor you in PvP/PvE.

    There are a variety of ways a clever person can use terrain exploiting to their advantage, and none of them are allowed. This includes but is not limited to using terrain exploits to reach areas of the map you are not meant to reach in normal gameplay, or to make yourself unreachable or harder to target by mobs or other players. (yes, this includes standing inside Relics/Ides/Altars and Buildings!). GMs reserve judgement on, and in my experience have a flexibly reasonable view of, what is and is not punishable terrain exploitation.

    GMs themelves cannot catch and enforce every instance of these exploits, so it is our responsibilty to document and report any questionable abuse.

  • Abusing Trade Chat
    Known Abuse List wrote:
    Making excessive and inappropriate use of public channels of communications.
    Use of Trade Chat as a means to discuss issues with your fellow players of Shaiya is most certainly encouraged, and in any language necessary within our global community. But please take into consideration the hundreds of other people who are using trade chat along with you, and make every effort to keep spamming (especially in ALL CAPS), excessively personal conversations, unnecessary arguments, and rude behavior of any form off Trade Chat.

  • Implying favoritism by GMs
    Known Abuse List wrote:
    Implying Favoritism by Aeria Games & Entertainment - Stating that employees of Aeria Games & Entertainment or members of Aeria Games & Entertainment will show favor towards one or more parties involved in any given situation. This includes, but is not limited to, using threats of retribution or inferring that you will not be held accountable for your actions due to special consideration.  
    This means that comments such as "pft i wont be banned, im close to xxxx" or "i will have you banned, i have friends in high places" to intimidate others are not allowed.

    Favoritism by GMs themselves is an extremely serious issue, one which GMs can and have lost their jobs over. If you have evidence of calculated and intentional favoritism or wrongdoing by an Aeria employee or volunteer please use the Contact Us form and it will be investigated.

Forum Rules

Anything posted on the forums and/or your forum profile is subject to the Forum Rules. They also contain links to most of the policies and rules listed above. The most commonly broken rules are:
  • Signature and avatar size restrictions
    Forum Rules wrote:
    6. Signatures will not exceed a height of 200 pixels, a width of 700 pixels and a file size of 120 Kb.
    7. Avatars are not to exceed a height/width of 200 pixels, or a file size of 60 Kb.  
    I have posted a reminder of this in the Fan Art section of the forums, including an example of a signature that meets the requirements for signatures.

  • Karma links
    Forum Rules wrote:
    11. Signatures may not directly link to an automatic karma rating.  

  • Bans are not discussed on forums
    any GM or forum mod wrote:
    Bans are not discussed on forums.  
    Any attempts to discuss bans on the forums will be locked or deleted without notice. If you need to talk about a ban, use the Contact Us link.

*PVP Rules

[GM]Foxtrot's The Coveted Rules takes a stab at explaining how the PVP and its rules are handled by GMs in Shaiya:
  • Bases as Safe Zones
    [GM]Foxtrot wrote:
    PvP will be handled thus: Every week, after maintenance, Guards of a much higher level will be spawned in specific PvP Areas to help guard the base. This is to ensure protection. Bases are still considered a place for players to group, assess, and use the NPC vendors; it is NOT a place to stall, bait, or otherwise use to your advantage to place the other faction into a compromised position.

    Things to know:

    1. We asses each PvP complaint by their merit – if we feel it is not a violation it is because with the evidence given and the situation seen/described was either not enough to warrant action or invalid.

    2. ALL PvP Complaints are best served through Requests at

    3. Bases have A LOT of exits; if players have amassed on one side of your base there are many areas to leave from. Just because they’re in front of an area does not mean you are barred from leaving nor does it force you to fight them..  
    IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL FOR MEMBERS OF THE ENEMY FACTION TO BE INSIDE AND ATTACK YOU IN YOUR BASE. It is not legal for them to impede your gameplay in the manners stated below, in the "Portal and Spawn Camping" section. There is a fine but obvious line here, don't cross it or try to take advantage of it!

  • Portal and Spawn Camping
    [GM]Foxtrot wrote:
    Portal camping is still considered an offence and will be handled as it has in the past;

    1. You will NOT attack any player until they move, buff, speak, or show signs of play.

    a. On a similar note, you will give players enough time to leave through the portal after taking in the situation.

    2. For those who break the rules, expect a three day, week long, and then perma-ban. No, we will not go easy on you..  
    "Camping" outside of a spawn zone or portal room and killing those who try to pass by is not illegal 'per se' (unless you are preventing them from leaving the map) but killing them at a spawn or NPC before they have time to react is. This rule is simply here to accommodate those with slower computers and longer load times, because the game does spawn your character into the map before you are fully in control of it. If you are pvping in one of these areas and a GM or GS shows up, please use your better judgment and leave rather than try to make a point and get banned over it. It is usually a better idea (not to mention more fun) to use the other 99% of the rest of the map to do your fighting in anyways, right?

    And as always, especially as an Ultimate Mode Character, ENTER PVP MAPS AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND BE PREPARED TO DIE. This includes but is not limited to carrying Regular Resurrection Runes, Activating Continuous Resurrection Runes and Prevent Item Drops, before you enter the map!!!

*Kill Stealing (KS)

Kill Stealing is defined as purposefully attacking a MOB with the intent of stealing the EXP and loot from another player.

A while back I made a thread about Kill Stealing and How You Should Handle It. I encourage everybody to read it and play by it, as it will improve your attitude and enjoyment of the game if you handle it properly.

The official rules of KSing and how it should be reported are located here
The Official Rules of KSing wrote:
    Kill Stealing is defined as purposefully attacking a MOB with the intent of stealing the EXP and loot from another player.

    1. If you are attacking a monster and someone else rolls up and starts attacking it: it's rude, but not actually Kill Stealing.
    2. If, after the other player starts attacking, you ask them to stop but they don't: that's Kill Stealing.
    3. If, after you've asked them to stop, they tell you off: that's Abuse.
    4. If, after you've asked them to stop, they follow you around and keep killing whatever you attack: that's Harassment.

    Now, the little numbers next to each of the above mean the following:
    1. No harm, no foul.
    2. Kill Stealing. A GM will warn the KSer if you report it. Repeatedly reported (and verified) KSer's will have action taken against them.
    3. Immediate temp or perma ban if reported and verified.
    4. Immediate temp or perma ban if reported & verified.

You'll notice the key ingredients in all of these are asking them to stop and reporting the incident. Asking them to stop does NOT mean swearing at them, cussing them out, telling them to piss off, etc. It means: ASKING them to stop.
And reporting the incident means submitting a ticket using the "Contact Us" link [sic] with full details including time & player name. It does not mean PMing a GM or spamming in-game chat.

Remember: an isolated incident of Kill Stealing is NOT a bannable offense.
    Whatever character does the most damage to a monster will get credit for the kill, the exp, and drops (or win these rights for his party). Once someone has used some form of skill or attack on a monster, it is regarded as theirs to kill. If you kill or use a skill to draw aggro of a mob away from a player who has already begun attacking a monster, you are heading into KSing territory.

    • Boss monsters are exempt from any KSing rules (they are essentially a free for all).

    • Quest Bosses are not to be KSed from parties or individuals who are actively seeking to complete the quest. If you are farming a boss and someone comes claiming to have the quest, you are obligated to party them if you do not have the quest or a quester in your party. Continually farming a quest boss with only 1 quester in your party, preventing others from completing the quest, is punishable as impeding other's gameplay.

      If you feel that someone is abusing this rule to farm a quest boss, document it with screenshots and file a report to Contact Us. Game logs will show truth from fiction.

    Armed with a thorough understanding of what is and is not Kill Stealing, and how to deal with it effectively if and when it comes up, will save you much frustration and many a worthless argument.


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