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27 May 2007
PostedJul 20, 2007 2:12 pm


What are your username anagrams?

My only coherent one is 'Poser'. Sad

Super creative artistic representation of my e-cool temporarily unavailable due to a semi-permanent hangover. <break> <font>My rantings</font>


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13 Apr 2007
Paracin Serbia
PostedJul 20, 2007 3:17 pm
Aria Job Kid Jots lol

im back rawr!<.< Ign-NoizeSuppressor S1 2x and rising... also lookin for item mail seller pm me


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12 Jan 2007
La La Land United States
PostedJul 20, 2007 11:43 pm
Wallets On
Wallets No
Wallet Son
Wallet Nos
Leant Lows
Leant Slow
Leant Owls
Weans Toll
Wanes Toll
Wean Tolls
Anew Tolls
Wane Tolls
Llano Stew
Llano West
Llano Wets
Llanos Wet
Allots New
Allots Wen
Atolls New
Atolls Wen
Tallows En
Sallow Ten
Sallow Net
Allows Ten
Allows Net
Atoll News
Atoll Sewn
Atoll Wens
Allot News
Allot Sewn
Allot Wens
Tallow Ens
Allow Nets
Allow Sent
Allow Nest
Allow Tens
Walls Note
Walls Tone
Wall Stone
Wall Steno
Wall Tones
Wall Notes
Wall Onset
Loan Welts
Salon Welt
Loans Welt
Tonal Slew
Talon Slew
Lawns Tole
Lawn Stole
Lawn Toles
Laws Lento
Awls Lento
Slaw Lento
Awl Stolen
Law Stolen
At Swollen
A Ell Wonts
A Ell Towns
A Sell Town
A Sell Wont
A Ells Town
A Ells Wont
A Tells Now
A Tells Won
A Tells Own
A Swell Not
A Swell Ton
A Wells Not
A Wells Ton
A Tell Nows
A Tell Sown
A Tell Owns
A Tell Snow
A Well Tons
A Well Snot
A Lent Lows
A Lent Slow
A Lent Owls
A News Toll
A Sewn Toll
A Wens Toll
A New Tolls
A Wen Tolls
La Lens Tow
La Lens Two
La Lens Wot
La Lent Sow
La Lest Now
La Lest Won
La Lest Own
La Lets Now
La Lets Won
La Lets Own
La Welts On
La Welts No
La Slew Not
La Slew Ton
La Let Nows
La Let Sown
La Let Owns
La Let Snow
La Welt Son
La Welt Nos
La Nets Owl
La Nets Low
La Sent Owl
La Sent Low
La Nest Owl
La Nest Low
La Tens Owl
La Tens Low
La Newts Lo
La News Lot
La Sewn Lot
La Wens Lot
La Ten Lows
La Ten Slow
La Ten Owls
La Net Lows
La Net Slow
La Net Owls
La Newt Sol
La Went Sol
La New Slot
La New Lots
La New Lost
La Wen Slot
La Wen Lots
La Wen Lost
All En Stow
All En Tows
All En Twos
All En Wost
All Ens Tow
All Ens Two
All Ens Wot
All Nets Ow
All Sent Ow
All Nest Ow
All Tens Ow
All News To
All Sewn To
All Wens To
All Ten Sow
All Net Sow
All Newt So
All Went So
All New Sot
All Wen Sot
All Set Now
All Set Won
All Set Own
All Stew On
All Stew No
All West On
All West No
All Wets On
All Wets No
All Sew Not
All Sew Ton
All Wet Son
All Wet Nos
All We Tons
All We Snot
Alls En Tow
Alls En Two
Alls En Wot
Alls Ten Ow
Alls Net Ow
Alls New To
Alls Wen To
Alls Wet On
Alls Wet No
Alls We Not
Alls We Ton
Stall En Ow
Stall We On
Stall We No
Walls En To
Tall En Sow
Tall Ens Ow
Tall New So
Tall Wen So
Tall Sew On
Tall Sew No
Tall We Son
Tall We Nos
Wall En Sot
Wall Ens To
Wall Ten So
Wall Net So
Wall Set On
Wall Set No
Slant We Lo
Lawn Let So
Lawn Set Lo
Las Lent Ow
Las Let Now
Las Let Won
Las Let Own
Las Welt On
Las Welt No
Las Ten Owl
Las Ten Low
Las Net Owl
Las Net Low
Las Newt Lo
Las Went Lo
Las New Lot
Las Wen Lot
Salt En Owl
Salt En Low
Salt New Lo
Salt Wen Lo
Last En Owl
Last En Low
Last New Lo
Last Wen Lo
Slat En Owl
Slat En Low
Slat New Lo
Slat Wen Lo
Laws Let On
Laws Let No
Laws En Lot
Laws Ten Lo
Laws Net Lo
Awls Let On
Awls Let No
Awls En Lot
Awls Ten Lo
Awls Net Lo
Slaw Let On
Slaw Let No
Slaw En Lot
Slaw Ten Lo
Slaw Net Lo
Awl Lens To
Awl Lent So
Awl Lest On
Awl Lest No
Awl Lets On
Awl Lets No
Awl Let Son
Awl Let Nos
Awl En Slot
Awl En Lots
Awl En Lost
Awl Ens Lot
Awl Nets Lo
Awl Sent Lo
Awl Nest Lo
Awl Tens Lo
Awl Ten Sol
Awl Net Sol
Law Lens To
Law Lent So
Law Lest On
Law Lest No
Law Lets On
Law Lets No
Law Let Son
Law Let Nos
Law En Slot
Law En Lots
Law En Lost
Law Ens Lot
Law Nets Lo
Law Sent Lo
Law Nest Lo
Law Tens Lo
Law Ten Sol
Law Net Sol
An Ell Stow
An Ell Tows
An Ell Twos
An Ell Wost
An Sell Tow
An Sell Two
An Sell Wot
An Ells Tow
An Ells Two
An Ells Wot
An Tells Ow
An Swell To
An Wells To
An Tell Sow
An Well Sot
An Lest Owl
An Lest Low
An Lets Owl
An Lets Low
An Welts Lo
An Slew Lot
An Let Lows
An Let Slow
An Let Owls
An Welt Sol
An Sew Toll
An We Tolls
Ants Ell Ow
Tans Ell Ow
Awns Ell To
Awns Let Lo
Swan Ell To
Swan Let Lo
Sawn Ell To
Sawn Let Lo
Ant Ell Sow
Ant Sell Ow
Ant Ells Ow
Ant Well So
Ant Slew Lo
Tan Ell Sow
Tan Sell Ow
Tan Ells Ow
Tan Well So
Tan Slew Lo
Want Ell So
Awn Ell Sot
Awn Sell To
Awn Ells To
Awn Tell So
Awn Lest Lo
Awn Lets Lo
Awn Let Sol
Wan Ell Sot
Wan Sell To
Wan Ells To
Wan Tell So
Wan Lest Lo
Wan Lets Lo
Wan Let Sol
As Ell Town
As Ell Wont
As Tell Now
As Tell Won
As Tell Own
As Well Not
As Well Ton
As Lent Owl
As Lent Low
As New Toll
As Wen Toll
Sat Ell Now
Sat Ell Won
Sat Ell Own
Sat Well On
Sat Well No
Twas Ell On
Twas Ell No
Wast Ell On
Wast Ell No
Swat Ell On
Swat Ell No
Saw Ell Not
Saw Ell Ton
Saw Tell On
Saw Tell No
Saw Lent Lo
Saw En Toll
Was Ell Not
Was Ell Ton
Was Tell On
Was Tell No
Was Lent Lo
Was En Toll
At Ell Nows
At Ell Sown
At Ell Owns
At Ell Snow
At Sell Now
At Sell Won
At Sell Own
At Ells Now
At Ells Won
At Ells Own
At Swell On
At Swell No
At Wells On
At Wells No
At Well Son
At Well Nos
At Lens Owl
At Lens Low
Aw Ell Tons
Aw Ell Snot
Aw Sell Not
Aw Sell Ton
Aw Ells Not
Aw Ells Ton
Aw Tells On
Aw Tells No
Aw Tell Son
Aw Tell Nos
Aw Lens Lot
Aw Lent Sol
Aw En Tolls
Aw Ens Toll

half of them dont make sence

Ex-GameSage for Last Chaos!


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17 May 2007
Oregon United States
PostedJul 21, 2007 7:24 am
LMAO I already have that utility bookmarked! I love anagrams, though I usually just do them in my head. Some of my favs for mine:

Crap Tie
Epic Art
Ripe Cat
Ire Pact
I Carpet

*is one "c" short of "Practice"*



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06 Feb 2007
somewhere in Germany
PostedJul 21, 2007 8:05 am

Cipater wrote:

I Carpet

you carpet???

lol, heres some personal fav of mine

Free Jog Mutts
Fester Gum Jot
Just Meet Frog "lol"
Must Forge Jet "lol"
Femur Gets Jot "lol"

PS: last three realy sound like quest titles Very Happy

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13 Jul 2007
United Kingdom
PostedJul 22, 2007 2:36 am
haha thats a good one

A Thorny Pip Surprised

it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt


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06 Feb 2007
somewhere in Germany
PostedJul 22, 2007 5:04 am
prophanity wrote:
A Thorny Pip  


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12 Jan 2007
La La Land United States
PostedJul 22, 2007 10:42 pm

justforgetme wrote:

Must Forge Jet "lol"


Ex-GameSage for Last Chaos!
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