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06 Feb 2013
PostedMay 16, 2017 2:18 am

[Guide] How to upload screenshots

So, first, choose webpage that u will add your screenshoots. I choose cuz its easy to use. You can use tinypic or photobucket or any other wepbages which follow you to upload images. You can also [url;=]ask google[/url] about which sites upload images.

Instruction for [][/url]

Now, you can click on "browse" and choose ur images. Also, you can open folder with images and drag them.

1. Click on "Browse"
2. Go to folder with Shaiya. I installed Shaiya on D, so i go to D->Shaiya->Screnshoot.
3. Click "Open" ("Otwórz" on image).

Since now, you update your image.
1. Click right button on image, and choose "open image in new tab", then copy URL.
Now, you should go to thread where you want to add this, and write:
[img]here paste ur url[/img]


~i will add vid soon~

Instruction for

1. Click on "Choose" ("Wybierz plik" on image)
2. Click on "Image" ("Zdjęcie" on image)
3. Click on "Upload" ("Prześlij teraz" on image)

Note: If any image is too smal, you can click on it right button and choose "Open image in new tab". Then they will be bigger. :}
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