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FAQ and Technical issues on Browser Games

Most frequent/common issues and solutions on all browser games / Ignite.
General Issues:

First things to check:

All Browser games can be accessed from the Aeria Games Website.

If you have issues running one of the games please first check all the following:


How to clear your Browser Cache
Internet Explorer 11 (11.0.24 version)

Chrome (46.0.2 version)

Firefox (41.0.2 version)

Aeria Games account-related issues:

If you have an issue that concerns your Aeria Games account and is not regarding a specific game. This section is for you.

Password reset:
You can request a password reset by going here (make sure you are logged out of any Aeria Accounts):

You should enter the email address associated with the account. The response will allow you to log in directly and then you can personalize your password. All passwords must have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. If you are having issues receiving the password reset emails or the registration emails, you may need to put us on your white-list. You can find the details of how to do this here:

Account recovery:
In order to recover a lost account, please contact the support here.

In order to accelerate your ticket's processing time, please make sure to follow these points:
  • Provide ALL the required information accurately and in as much details as possible.
  • DO NOT update your ticket before the support's answer. Answering your ticket before that will only put you at the back of the queue and elongate the response time.
  • DO NOT send several tickets for the same issues. Writing several tickets will only make the queue longer and affect all the tickets present in it, including yours.
  • You can create a new Aeria Games account to write to the customer support and recover your first one as long as you provide all of the required information.

Billing issues with your Aeria Games account:

How to set a Paypal Recurring:
To setup a PayPal recurring payment first visit our recharge center here and select the PayPal recurring option under the credit card section.
Next select the amount. Note: the charge will be applied upon completion and then again on every 25th of the month. You must hold it a minimum of 3 months so be sure you can sustain the amount.
Finally confirm the information.
Once the third step is completed you will be prompted to complete the PayPal portion
of the process.

How to cancel a Paypal Recurring:
You can cancel PayPal recurring via your PayPal account. Please log into PayPal's website and cancel it via their interface.

1.Log in to your PayPal account.
2.Click Profile at the top right of the page (little gear/cog)
3.Payment settings, click Preapproved payments then click on Aeria Games GmbH Aeria Point Recharge
4.Below Active, click "Cancel" and confirm "Cancel Profile". You can see the message This profile has been canceled and cannot be reactivated. No more recurring payments will be made.

Please note that if you cancel this payment option, you won't be able to subscribe to it for the following 30 days or, if you often cancelled it, it will be completely deactivated for your account.

For more information.

Paypal Auto-Recharge:
If you're paypal is set on auto-recharge, it will refill your AP when it drops below 250 AP. This feature is selected on the final payment screen, Step 3, on If you do not wish to use this feature be sure that the box that activates this feature is unchecked when making purchases.
If you would like to deactivate this feature, please visit and click on the PayPal Auto Recharge menu on the left hand side of the screen.

How to redeem a Coupon:
Your coupon code can be redeemed in our store with any qualifying purchase, but it may only be used once and only one coupon may be used per account. Please follow the following steps to redeem your coupon:
- Login to your account at
- Mouse over your AP balance icon to the left of your account name found in the top right portion of the screen
- Select Buy AP

Coupon codes can only be applied when purchasing AP using the following methods: Skrill, PayPal, Credit Card, so make sure to select one of these options!
- Select your payment method then click Proceed
- Enter your coupon code and the amount of AP you wish to purchase then click Proceed
- Complete the confirmation in Step 3 and enjoy your AP!

Regarding MOL Points:
To pay with your MOL points through Rixty option please follow the steps listed below:

1. Log in to Aeria Store.
2. Chose Rixty option as payment method.
3. In "Step 2" chose the amount you would like to purchase.
4. In "Step 3" please click on "proceed".
5. You will be redirected to new website where you have to click on "Rixty Prepaid Card or Code".
6. Please log in to your exsited Rixty account, creat a new one or log in through your Facebook account.
7. Type your MOL code and click on "redeem".
8. Points will be awarded to your Aeria account.

Other billing/payment issues:
Please contact the Billing Support via ticket if you experience one of the following issues:
- Your AP count states "Error" in red instead of your AP amount on any of the Aeria Games websites.
- Any other issue with payments on your account
- Any other issue with paypal on your account
- Any question regarding available payment methods in your country  

Ignite issues:

Having trouble with Ignite? Try one of the solutions below.
Please remember that Ignite is no longer supported by Aeria Games and we recommend our player to directly play/download browser games from our website.

Issue with the Ignite interface:
  • Completely exit the Aeria Ignite client to trigger any necessary updates.
  • Make sure your version of Windows is up to date, as this can cause issues with opening Ignite. You can find out more through your Windows update software.
  • Update your flash player ( and clear cookies/cache on Internet Explorer (even if you do not normally use it to browse the internet).
  • Delete the following folder (hidden, enable viewing hidden files in order to be able to locate it): C:\ProgramData\Aeria Games\Ignite\Data
  • Re-launch Ignite

If those steps do not work:

  • Uninstall Ignite through your Add/Remove Programs feature
  • Go to and delete the following folders if they are still there (default directories listed):
    C:\Program Files\Aeria Games\Ignite
    C:\ProgramData\Aeria Games\Ignite
  • Reinstall Aeria Ignite with the latest version provided on our website. You can find the link here:

Issue with DirectX:
  • Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements.
  • Update your OS with all current patches, here:
  • Update your DirectX to the latest version, here
  • Update your drivers to the latest version. (source dependent on your hardware)
  • Do a complete uninstall of your game and the Aeria Ignite client. If you have problems with the uninstall, delete the directories, and use something to clean up the registry (
  • Re-Start your machine.
  • Defrag your hard drive
  • Download the latest client ONLY from the Aeria Games website.
  • Re-install the game. Log in, patch, play.


Game-Specific issues:

For any issue concerning a specific game from the Aeria Games browser catalogue, please refer to this section.

How can I reset my item lock password?
In order to reset your item lock password, open the item lock window using the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the game window. Select the "reset" option that appears in the lower left-hand corner of the window. Your item lock password will be reset in 72 hours.

My VIP automatic "sign in" didn't work.
This feature only automatically "signs in" the user in the calendar, not the game. You have to log into the game for this feature to activate.
With that in mind, we recommend our player not to stay logged in the game for several games as certain days or weeks might be skipped in this feature. Make sure to relog at least once a day to avoid this issue.

Someone was camping the spawn point in BattleGrounds!
Spawn camping is only illegal in Guild Wars. We can't police spawn-camping in Battle Grounds, since they are across servers and we cannot enforce our rules on other publishers' servers players.

Can I extend my VIP?
You can add time to your existing VIP by buying scrolls for VIP and Spirit Covenant.
You can find those items in the shop at the bottom of your screen or by clicking hotkey 0.
Once you your purchase is done, open your inventory and double-click on the purchased item. This will extend your VIP by 30 days.

I don't have any free slot for Sylph skills. What can I do?
When you get your 1st sylph it will permanently be the same level as you. Each successive sylph will also be the same level as your character. You can have 8 slots for Sylph skills. 3 active and 2 passive will already be opened up. You can click for free skills every so often. Also if you buy a skill and place it you will also get a free skill.

If need be you can get rid of a Sylph skill by paying 300 balens or bound balens to drop it. This will allow you to get the next free skill. You can force a skill type by filling in either all the actives or passives but leaving 1 open in the other to learn a new skill. Example all active are filled 1 open slot in passive. When you learn a new skill it will be a passive.

I get a "Balens AP purchase error Cannot find your information". What can I do?
You are receiving this message because you are logged into two different accounts on separate browsers and the billing system does not know where to apply the balens.

Please close and log out of all browsers, open one browser with one character then purchase your balens.  

How can I level up my VIP status in DDTank?
In order to level up your VIP status in DDtank you must spend coins in game, on anything you wish to use them on. For every 10 coins you spend, you will receive 1 VIP experience point. You can see the current experience you have by going to your backpack, and clicking your VIP level, next to your character.

Backpack password reset:
You are responsible to keep this information saved. Any future issues will be solely of your own handling. Make sure you have this information well kept and saved in a place where you will remember it.

I get a "500 Internal Error" message when trying to connect. How can I connect to DDTank?
Simply close the browser you are playing on and restart it. Go to the DDTank page and try to login again with your account.  

I cannot connect to Elsworld from my country.
The reason you are receiving this error is because we do not hold the licence to publish the game from your country. The developers of this game are only able to offer service to North America, Oceania, and Latin America (except Brazil). While we understand this is inconvenient to a large number of our players, there is unfortunately nothing that we can do about this, and you will not be able to play this game on Aeria Games from where you're from.

We wish you the best of luck, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy some of Aeria's other great titles. Users who enjoy Elsword may also like Eden Eternal or Grand Fantasia.

Can I transfer an account to Aeria?
Unfortunately, at this time you cannot transfer an existing account, over to Aeria. If you wish to play Elsword on Aeria you must start a new character on Elsword with your current Aeria Games account.

How does Kching work?
You can easily convert your AP to K-Ching from the in-game Item Mall.

Please click on the Item Mall button and then select the "Add Cash" option. This will open an internal web browser and you will be redirected to the Load Up K-Ching page where you can convert an equivalent amount of AP into K-ching. K-Ching will be added to your account once the Load Up transaction is completed.

However, please note that there is currently no confirmation window so please DO NOT click on anything unless you are actually willing to purchase it.

I have issues regarding features, quests, functionality gameplay, player-related, discrepancies or technical mishap in the game. How can I get it Fixed?
For this sort of issues, you will need to contact the Elsword staff at their support page.  

Digimon Master:
I cannot connect to Digimon Master from my country.
The reason you are receiving this error is because we do not hold the licence to publish the game from your country. The developers of this game are only able to offer service to Canada, United States of America, Mexico, and the European Union. While we understand this is inconvenient to a large number of our players, there is unfortunately nothing that we can do about this, and you will not be able to play this game from your country.

I am missing purchased items
If you purchased an item from the cash shop and have not received it, the first step is to check your cash warehouse.

To do so, please follow these steps:

1) Log in to the game
2) In the bottom right corner, click on the icon that looks like a bag
3) Click "cash warehouse" in the menu that appears.
4) If the item isn't there, hit refresh.
5) Right click on the item and hit ok to redeem

I get a "atl100.dll" error. What can I do?
In order to troubleshoot you issue, we reccomment to try the following steps:

1) Reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.

- if you have a 32 bit operating system use the link provided below:

- if you are running a 64 bit operating system install the the 32 bit C++ runtimes as well as the 64 bit version for the best compatibility which can be found by following the link provided below:  

Stronghold Kingdom:  

Crystal Saga:

I can't do the Killing for the Handbook quest
Make sure you are offline, then re-issue the killing for the Handbook 1 quest.

What are the spending limits?
Crystal Saga has the following limits for Crystal spending:
Level 1 - 9 - You are not able to any spend Crystals
Level 10 - 24 - The Crystal limit is 2000
Level 25 - 34 - The Crystal limit is 10,000
If you are above level 35 you may spend as many Crystals as you wish.

Currently there are limits to what new players can spend in game (depending on their level). The rules are as follows:

1. players below lv 10 cannot use the trade function
2. players below lv 35 cannot use the gift function
3. players below lv 35 have crystal spending cap. ( 10 - 24, 2000 crystal cap, 25 - 34, 10,000 crystal cap)  

Demon Slayer:  

Dragon Pals:
What can I get in the VIP bonus?
1.VIP daily packs, including 25*30=750 FREE GOLD COINS and more.
2. Free Cooldowns – Don’t wait to challenge the next whisperer in the
Arena or train your dragons!
3. Level your VIP status to VIP4 and earn 3 FREE alchemy and essence
offering attempts, Free End Now when blitzing, and 1-CLICK capture
dragon orbs.
4. Keep leveling your VIP status and earn even greater in-game features.
5. Free pet dragon – GOLDARO.
6. VIP EXP Recovery (Free).
7. Increased maximum number of FRIENDS.
8. 20% OFF All In-Game Purchase with VIP4.
9. 1-CLICK accelerate your Demon Tower Challenge.  

What can I get AP?
If you would like to purchase AP so that you may buy one, or many very awesome exclusive items in our games, or to participate in some of our stellar promotions for fabulous free goods, you can go here:

Not sure which AP options are available to your country? Please go here:

You can convert your AP to Andermant by opening the in-game Shop (by pressing "T") and selecting the "Add Andermant" option (by pressing "P").

Premium Gold costs 689 AP and can be purchased from the "Premium" tab in the in-game Shop.

I have issues regarding features, quests, functionality gameplay, player-related, discrepancies or technical mishap in the game. How can I get it fixed?
For this sort of issues, you will need to contact the Drakensang Online staff at their support page.
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