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28 Jul 2015
PostedFeb 20, 2017 6:03 am

Official EOS Discord

Join us now!

It is important for us to be closer and more accessible for our community, as well as bringing everyone together and promote communication between players.

Download Discord
Discord for the Browser

This is why we are making the EOS Community Discord Server official! This server was set up by our GSs and TGSs in September 2016, and we want to give it new life and make it a platform for the community to communicate as a whole and to easily poke GSs and GMs if they have any issues.

We thought it would be an easier way for us to communicate updates and news to you guys as well as easier for you to contact us. We'll still keep an eye on the shoutbox and other media, but we want to centralize the communication on a platform that is easier and intuitive to use.

What you can do on discord with us:
- Report issues and concerns to your GSs/GMs
- Chat with other players
- Get updates faster

Please keep in mind there is only so much a GS can do though, and they are not to be abused for faster ticket responses or an attempt to gather more information on upcoming news.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this discord server, please bring them forth to a GS or GM! We're happy to take your suggestions and get the communication flow going. Very Happy

Without further is the Echo of Soul Discord!

See you there! Wink
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