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18 Jul 2014
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PostedDec 01, 2016 9:19 am

[December event] The 25 Days of S4-mas task list

This thread corresponds with The 25 Days of S4-mas and lists the tasks you can do.

These tasks are in-game based, forum-based and answering questions.

Some tasks have asterisks so be sure to read at the bottom what they mean. It'll be released when there is a task that requires one.

1. Answer this: Which S4 GM made a secret appearance during Aeria's charity stream?
2. Design an S4 Christmas card size 500 x 500*
3. Answer this: Which GM references One Piece in his name and his avatar?
4. Get 200+ points in TD without heal in a 4v4+ room **
5. Get 6+ goals in a TD 4v4+ room
6. Find any GS's posts on the forums that's dated any day in December 2016
7. Complete stages 1 - 8 in eSper Arcade mode (you MUST have a screenshot of the completion reward)
8. Get 100+ defensive points in TD
9. Answer this: Which GM wasn't a "shooter newbie" when he joined the team?
10. Answer this: When did dear GM Chopper join the S4L team?
11. Finish as first place in BR in an 8+ person room
12. Get 100+ attack points in TD
13. Get 80+ points in DM without heal in a 4v4+ room
14. Find THIS Fumbi Santa on the forums
15. Get 9 Captain kills in one game of Captain.
16. Answer this: In what season did the Emily and Blake set come out?
17. Answer this: What does "Karasakal" mean?
18. Get 70+ Kill points in TD
19. Complete a run of Conquest (you MUST have a screenshot of the reward)
20. Win a match in Siege with all flags conquered and 50+ points
21. Answer this: Which S4 GM showed a picture of his face on social media not too long ago?
22. Design a set for Alice Fumbi based on any of the S4 seasons.
23. Answer this: What month did our dear Heilipug join the team?
24. Complete Stage 1 - 8 in Hard Arcade - You MUST have a screenshot of the completion reward
25. Answer this: When did GM Karasakal join our team?

* This needs to look presentable
** The heal points in your tab screen should be 0.
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