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14 Sep 2008
Maple Syrup United States
PostedJan 01, 2009 7:54 pm

New Year's Song

Well, here's my song, sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat...."

Eat, eat, eat the food
Gobble all you can!
Tasty, chewy, soft, and gooey
Brownies from the pan!

Look, see, watch with glee
Turn your head up high!
Loud, pretty, awesome beauty
Fireworks in the sky!

Drive, go, not too fast
Lest you wreck your car!
Careful, cautious, don’t get nautious
Home is not so far!

Sleep, snooze, dream all night
You know what you should do?!?
Stay in bed until the dawn
And all the next day too!

*end* xD

There ya go, hope you like it! Razz
May add some more later if I can think of anything else...

(Yes I did eat brownies, I didn't just take that from the first post's example, ^.^)



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04 Sep 2008
PostedJan 01, 2009 11:46 pm

new year celebrat song...

Oh, the year has ended,
But with greatness and good..
Spending time with family,
Like all seem to and should...
When the babe is asleep,
To Pi Story I creep..
To wish the piples well,
For all I can tell ..
Have a Happy New Year!
Filled with Goodness and Joy!~

~PiStory~ IGN: Rynoko - Adventurer - Guild: Neo-Vasperia - Title: Rogue Raider IGN: (subs) Faerielle & Achimou ~Stone Age 2~ IGN: Rynoko - Newbie (at the moment) - from village of Shefa!


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28 Jan 2008
Washington State United States
PostedJan 02, 2009 1:05 pm

new years song

I wanted to go out but alas no luck,
My hubby got home late and was hurtingso much.
I sat and played LC while my lil one played around.
We giggled watching Tv and planned to make sounds.
Midnight arrived we decided to make some joy.
We grabbed pots and pans and clanked them all over.
We opend the door and yelled outside.
Happy New year to everyone and have a good night.
Then a thought came along that made me think we must call
So off to the phone we did not decline to tell the grandparents "welcome to a new year welcome 2009".
Oh what joy...oh what fun...but the family relized we now must be done.

I hope everyone had a happy new year!!!!!!
lol ok not a song writer but my 2 year old thought it was funny.



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29 Nov 2008
Kansas City United States
PostedJan 02, 2009 1:49 pm


New Year,New Beginnings
I miss you mom...happy new years!
this is when ill leave...

Verse I (singing)
So fast, too soon, the year is over
All we can do is look as we all get older
Millions of people are leavin thier homes
Momma crying but she knows that he is grown
He goes to serve in a world unknown
He finally figures out he is growing up too soon
But its ok,its alright,cause at the bottom of his heart he knows its 2009!

New Years! New beginnings!
Is all that hes thinking!
Look upon the past with tears on his face sinkin
his body is trembling,His hands are shaking
but its ok,cause the new year is coming!

Verse II (rapping)
Yeah,Yeah the new year is here
so forget about the 08
your a soldier boy,walk with a smile on yo face
You got a responsibility,be thier for your family
Cause when 09 comes who knows where they will be?
You seen the nightmares of your parents fights
All those sleepless nights,blaming yourself for thier mistakes
But its over now cause its the end of 08!
Walk tall cause your a man,even if your only 18!

New Years! New beginnings!
Is all that hes thinking!
Look upon the past with tears on his face sinkin
his body is trembling,His hands are shaking
but its ok,cause the new year is coming!

And remember,09 is gonna be the best ever!

this is my song for all those men out thier going to war,going to Basic training,leaving thier familys...much love,much respect,for all that is leaving thier familys...i knows 9 weeks,13 weeks,18 months w/e time it is...1 day without family is a year without happiness...much love you guys 09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Empty your mind,be formless.Shapeless, like water.If you put water into a cup,it becomes the cup.You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.Now,water can flow or it can crash.Be water my friend.


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09 Dec 2007
United States
PostedJan 03, 2009 7:44 pm
Tune "Auld Lang Syne"

Should Open Beta be forgot
and teams easy to find?
Should Open Beta be forgot
and days of never fighting to grind?
For teams of leveling freely, my dear,
for teams leveling freely,
we'll take a cup of dragon's blood,
for leveling into the New Year.

Should Open Beta be forgot
and teams easy to find?
Should Open Beta be forgot
and days of never fighting to grind?
And here's a badge, my trusty friend
And gie's a scapegoat o' thine
We'll tak' a cup o' dragon's blood
For leveling into the New Year.

Yea I know it is silly, but I cldn't think of anything else. XD


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14 Oct 2008
Windhoek Namibia
PostedJan 04, 2009 7:18 am

As promised

here's my song :)
Well to start-off; I managed to compose a entire song ! My vocals are a bit below average but at least I tried Very Happy Feel free to download the whole song and let me know if I should upload a "instumental version" or even make you a "rave/techno/trance" version. Rock is not rly my favourite music to compose Confused The thing is "rave" sounds so much better, cause everything is basically "synthetic" and with rock I haven't learned "the art to play guitar yet . Anyway, this is a homemade track/song: Enjoy....

cyberion - years (<< mp3 download link)

cyberion - years (lyrics/song text)

This is the end
Waiting around the corner is a new start
Will it be different ?
Or will it be the same again ?

The hours pass like minutes
The countdown is almost there
The crowd assembles slowly
The moment has finally come

I guess this is it
Unsure of the future
Almost everyone's so cheerful
Where some are left alone

The hours pass like minutes
The countdown is almost there
The crowd assembles slowly
The moment has finally come

Time flew, so fast, this year has been quite quick
Some ups, some downs, lets get it over with
New aims, new goals, will we keep to them ?
Maybe change, maybe not, whatever you prefer

Time stopped, Dreams last, memories won't fade
Some cheer, some cry, two sides to everything
New friends, new hope, will we meet someone new ?
Maybe do, maybe feel, something different

The hours pass like minutes
The countdown is almost there
The crowd assembles slowly
The moment has finally come

The moment has finally come x 2
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 - happy new year

happy new year x 1 1 1 1
happy new year everyone
happy new year
welcome 2009 !


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08 Jan 2008
Osijek Croatia
PostedJan 04, 2009 5:05 pm
Walking in the street on new years eve
Havent got a single plan up my slive
Every1s partying all the way
All you gota do is say:
„hey hoo its 2009
Crack open a bottle of wine!“
Getting drunk realy fast
Thinking about thing's in the past
Dont know what Im gona do
And I think some1 barfed on my shoe
Finaly coming home with idiea's in my head
Checking everything like if the dog is fed
Now that I got alchol all looks cuter
So I just sit down and turn on my computer
I see whos online and think either way
Im just gona play Shaiya all day

btw thats what realy happend ^^



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03 Jan 2008
United States
PostedJan 04, 2009 5:44 pm
Alright...I'm not an alcoholic but...this is an ode to my favorite drink Patron which I had New Year's Eve!!

The melody I chose to use is from 4p.m. 's version of the song Sukiyaki

It's all because of you, I'm feeling tipsy too,
I love the way you go down smooth with just a shot or two,
But now I miss you so, my bottle of Patron,
You've gone away and left me lonely,

I have those memories, of you on New Year's Eve,
Sharing your taste with my friends and my family,
Oh I miss you so, my bottle of Patron, just wishing you were still with me.....

All the thoughts of how you made me feel, that one night was just so surreal...

Repeat x2:
As the night winded down, I saw you empty now,
My bottle gone as the fireworks kept blazing on,
But it's all okay, I'll just buy another one someday,
And I'll stash my precious just for me.... (I did take out the talking part ^_^)

Aww baby....I'll stash my precious for next New Year's Eve!!


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31 Dec 2008
hayward United States
PostedJan 05, 2009 1:13 am
I'm not sure you all know what New Year's means to me
I don't run around waiting for presents under the Christmas tree
There is no love in my heart, no cries of glee
Because my New Year's wish is the elimination of poverty

Off in different countries fighting a hypocritical war
Making excuses more exaggerated than German folklore
Propaganda and the puppeteering of citizens through media lies
All this nonsense is making me open my eyes

I question life and I get philosophical answers
I know the cures of cancer, but my flow is kinetic like a female dancer
Searching for truth and cutting lies of my head
Like a lobotomy with a 10% percent chance of ending up dead

What is the purpose of life? What will 2009 bring besides more violence?
Why can't we find resolutions? Why do the want to silence
A young man speaking his mind? What is the need for increase
Of more troops in the East?
Yet we enjoy ourselves and act removed and unafflicted
Not caring for the lives of innocent Iranian victims
We try to be unattached, but you never know when you're being tested
And I hope from my lyrics, I can teach you a lesson
So drop your Smith and Wesson, your semis, and your Kalashnikovs,
Hide from the problem all you want, it still needs to be solved
2009 can be peaceful if we all try,
so be against the war and stop turning a blind eye
And life is like a Mustang, it goes away too fast

History won't repeat itself if we learn from the past.


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20 Feb 2007
Colorado United States
PostedJan 06, 2009 2:38 am
Thanks for all the entries, we will now begin reviewing them and putting them up for voting! We hope to have winners decided and posted within a week!

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