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07 Nov 2008
PostedDec 30, 2008 10:48 pm

what a year, attacked by two girls,
perserved i did, and gave them a necklace of pearls

how will you change on january first
will it be for the better or will it be for the worst
some people choose to lose weight, quit drugs, and stay sober
to not eat that halloween candy they got last october
my new years resolution is to be a better guy
to not drink, smoke or steal and try not to lie
music, chip dip, flashing lights
new years even is one of the most memorable nights
from 2008, to 2009
lots of people @ the punch bowl, get in line.
how will you spend this new years eve,
will you hang out at the party or just get up leave?
either way you do it stay safe and stay moving
news years eve's a time to celebrate thats the point im proving~



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16 Nov 2007
Andorra Andorra
PostedDec 30, 2008 10:54 pm

actually sorry, can't write as well i would like to

i wish u could understand all... i tryed to write how i feel
Two weeks ago I had a conversation
I spoke to my friend silvia ...
she gave me to see that it was not enough to talk
that it was not acting would not achieve anything
because you have a goal, right? - said..
at the time, as in many others
the euphoria spoke
I said a very credible "yes!"
Today I corrupts inside my self
I have not been able till now
But the illusion remains
and the story doesn't end here, it begins

ilusion & Hope -> The last thing you lose



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03 Sep 2008
tracy United States
PostedDec 31, 2008 8:28 am

my song

jingle bells
jins all smell
fujins stun and run away!
New Years day is on the way,
ill never kill LOA =(

plan to eat pie ..
and play sky

enchant my blade
defend when jins try to invade

win Sangun ...
have some fun !!! =)

thats all this guan has to say !


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08 Sep 2008
Novi Pazar Serbia
PostedDec 31, 2008 11:06 am
My song, took me 5min lol

Its snow outside,
its really cold,
I'm in my home,
ho ho ho.

I wish you all,
for new years eve,
with friends and family,
together and happy to be.

Fireworks are loud,
the sky's with lights,
all around is happy time.

Count back from 10,
and you will see,
the yeah ahead,
will happier be!

Smile and laugh,
sing songs aloud,
have fun with your friends,
and forget all bad around.

Cause i am sure,
and you will see,
the year ahead will happier be.


thx to likedemapples <3


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26 Jun 2008
paris United States
PostedDec 31, 2008 7:09 pm
this is my song, :3 my family is strange indeed.

The wind is blowin', sister is hummin' all day.
Songs of happiness, songs of grace. tidying up,
the home so warm, cousin comes in with her pride sore.

no brandy to celebrate the year new?!
she exclaims out loud.
certainly there'll be beer!
shouts brother from the rear.
tsk tsk, alas we say no,
we sit on the sofa, dad playing his games.
I'm playing my keyboard, tunes of winter days.
momma starts to pray, for our angel above, in hopes lil' hunter
watches over us.
sister with her husband, embraced away, while her unborn child kicks
she laughs gently.
we'll smile and say thanks, the day is almost up.
I'll sit here with my wine while the new year comes.

sorry it's not good, Razz can I use it?

Aspiring Sharp Helpful Least concerned Exceptional Yummy


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30 Jul 2008
Telford United States
PostedJan 01, 2009 6:11 am

time til '09

tic, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

As the last seconds of '08 run by.
I sit and watch thinkin' of a resolution.
Don't want it to be a lie.

Scream, laugh, shout, and cheer.
While you throw a party to show you care.
As you sit and have a holiday beer.

Watch TV as the ball drops.
Thinkin Time Square is where I ought to be.
Uh-oh here come the cops.

Wishin you a happy new year.
2009, listen to all the cheer.

As the party dies down.
You smile in joy.
Knowing not to frown.

All of '08 has come to an end.
Now's the time to shoot for the starts.
But who know, you might even start a new fasion trend.

Happy new year.
I know the world is going crazy.
But just listen as you hear.

tic, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

All or Nothing! Winner winner, chicken dinner! If you aint first your last!


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28 Jun 2008
CandyLand ~<}:3 United States
PostedJan 01, 2009 10:55 am


Some info for this song. I live in mobile and in mobile Mardi Gras is our biggest holiday. So for New Years, the city threw a party. They had a countdown like how New York has their big countdown. Except we used a giant moon pie cause that's ,I guess, our Mardi Gras culture. Anyway, this was the City's 1st time trying this and I wrote a song based on Jingle Bells. Enjoy! Very Happy (>.> Note: I'm not a music genius)

I went downtown this year
To see a great moonpie
It wasn't all that special
And I will tell you why
It was really far
So far across the bay
It looked extra small
And that was really Happy


Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
It was super cold outside
(Hey) Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, How nice it was to know
They sold cocoa that day! Very Happy

There were some teams dancing
They didn't even suck
Well, there was one that did
They shouldn't have pressed their luck.
There was some music playing
By this band called Chermaine
The beats that they were laying
Was something far from lame


Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
It was super cold outside
When I got to the Bay
(Hey) Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, How nice it was to know
They sold cocoa that day! Very Happy


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25 Nov 2007
PostedJan 01, 2009 2:37 pm

Happy Sway

New Year's
Woke in New Year's Morn'
Tried to tidy up my room,
Oh, felt sad. I, forlorn..
Promptly felt a Boom !!!

Bumped my Bum
And swayed a front
Tilted down, aye.
Thee, pity not.

Leveled down my knees,
Downed they knell,
Sadness dwelt.

And then,
Then I saw my belly swelled as well

So the twisted mirror said:
"Don't be so well fed,
Not to lie so long in bed,
Else come, will come your End"

Then into the Abyss I fell,
Got up not, not so well..
To me I spoken, shouted out:
No more Mead or Ale !
(So I vowed)
Better yet,
Drink water, stale .


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08 Jan 2008
st albans United States
PostedJan 01, 2009 3:09 pm
Well i had just settled down for a cold nights pvping
The kids asleep on the floor-one of em peeing
The wife all angry, "Where's my midnight kiss."
"Not right now this shot I cant miss...."
"You see my dear this is shaiya pvp end the res rune is low
and that frikkin archer just made me slow.."
Rank is around the corner and firework in hand
And I want to see fakechi blood in the sand"
"Gimme a break it is only a game!
come to bed," she did exclaim.
Just then I did /yell
Rank 3 i have so u all go to......

MOJOE!-Mojoestrike, YerStupidity, Prophet Alma, and I.AM.DA.MOJO(now deceased), MISSLE_MOJO, ProphJoeSmith, and of course --you have been killed by YourStupidity MY SECRET


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05 Jun 2008
The town of.... erm... wait, giv United States
PostedJan 01, 2009 3:54 pm
Idk if its too good but I'll try

I went to a friends house to play some pool,
I didn't win, but it was cool.
I might not sink about five in a row,
But give me a paddle and I'm ready to go.
After a while we heard a call,
And rushed upstairs to watch the ball.
After that we had to leave,
But any more of that shrimp and I'd probably heave.

Hm... that there is worth 1,000,000th place Smile

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