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20 Feb 2007
Colorado United States
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New Years Celebration Songs Winners!

1st - cyberion1985
2nd - physickidd
3rd - rebelrenegade1

New Years Celebration Songs
So as the New Years approaches (or has passed, depending on when you look at this), I'm sure we are all planning our New Years celebrations (massive parties or private fireplace toasters). As such, Ona and I would like to know what everyone is planning (or already did) for their celebrations!

Just reply to this thread with a post that has what you are planning or did this New Years celebration in a song. So don't just write out "I ate some brownies and they were totally wicked, man." Write something more like
I was wandering down a long and tiresome year
When all of a sudden, there rose a tasty smell
At the end. Of the year.
And now I say
I had the best
Brownies in the world
And I ate them whole  
(Re-written lyrics from "Tribute" by Tenacious D)

***The most entertaining entry will win the prize
***Must be original lyrics
***Keep entries PG-13 and follow all other rules of Aeria Games:

Start - Dec 29th, 2008
End - Jan 5th, 2008 at 12pm PST (possibly later, but not earlier)

Your Community Volunteers (Game Sages and Moderators)

Prizes - Most Entertaining
1500 AP for 1st place
1000 AP for 2nd place
500 AP for 3rd place

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23 Sep 2008
PostedDec 30, 2008 3:48 am
New Year song-more like rap

MarkyG up in the house
Don’t mess or I throw you to Klouse
Wasted on pies On New Year’s Eve
I’m too lazy to grab the cheese
Yet I got the blade, ready to raid
While the noobies sing “Hip, Hip, Hooray”
Cheese ain’t a breeze
When you’re ready to sleeze(?)
Go and drain your life by standin’ in the breeze
AeriaGames pick this song to win
Or I throw this into the bin
Well, we all know it’s good
Ehem, oh well, I’m from the hood


yes i know it doesn't make any sense, but thats what medium-ly good rappers do, make no sense to make a rhyme.

R.I.P Twelve Sky.


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03 Mar 2007
PostedDec 30, 2008 6:44 am
tic tac tic tac
time is running new years are coming
happy faces ppl dances because tomorow is
the day of the year 2009
Tic tac tic tac
And were togheter to meet new years again
I see a tear running down ur cheak
Then smile shine on ur face
u cry for what pass and smile for whats coming
I hug u tight on the new year night
We count second to the new begining

Lol first time i wrote something like this i know its not anything good since i don't feel that it wold rhyme but i hope i did well


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03 Feb 2008
Hazel Green United States
PostedDec 30, 2008 7:07 am

New Years Celebration Songs

New Years Celebration Songs
This year has been,
A really big Blast,
It was just as much fun,
As the Year before last,

Hanging with wife,
and friends I will be,
No one knows what will happen,
On New Years Eve You see,

Lots of Parties and Dancing,
The years not gonna stop,
Till we the Party gets raided,
By the local Cop,

You might be asked,
To go on a Beer run,
"oh Yeah," You say to yourself,
"This Nights gonna be fun"

Watching the Ball Drop,
From a Local Hotel room,
2008 will be leaving real soon,
2009 will come in with a Boom,

A few Shots of Whiskey,
A couple of Beers,
Some really Loud music,
Happy New Years!

So if your gonna go out,
And party real hard,
With Whiskey and Booze,
Don't get into your Car!

Leave the driving to a Taxi,
And Sober Friends,
Or 2009 will be a year,
for someone that will never Begin!

A rebelrenegade1 original.

I hope it is okay what I put into this poem. I basically told what I will be doin New Years, but at the same time I put in to let someone else do the driving home. lol. If it is not acceptable then I will put something else in its place.



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16 Sep 2008
Grandia Morocco
PostedDec 30, 2008 11:36 am

Re: New Years Celebration Songs

i begin the day
playing another day
to get some reinder or
a ele and later again
eating a chicken
of new year meant
stay in family with
the guild and enjoy to
think what is gonna be
when the time go 12
and begin the new year
to begin something
or something to see
when i get near to year
i gonna be so drunk and happy to begin
the same story of shaiya dreamz

!!Happy new Year


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05 Dec 2008
United States
PostedDec 30, 2008 11:41 am

geez, i need 1500 ap...

Daddy came home,
His words were slurrin'.
He got drunk 'gain.
And the cat sure ain't purrin'.

Mommy starts screaming,
At his worthless, dull self.
She starts throwin' things at him,
The peach, sock, and shelf.

He sobers up quickly,
and gives her a hug.
And we all share the milk,
From the same mug.

We laugh and we cry,
A season of love.
We stare at the tree,
Peaceful as a dove.

Dad looks at us lovingly,
And we each get a kiss.
Then he stood up and ran,
Shouting "**** it, I need to piss!"

Haha, that was horrible...I need some AP though! -puts on Bambi eyes-


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26 Mar 2008
where? United States
PostedDec 30, 2008 12:14 pm

umm here it goes

I hope this is legit, i put some thought into it Razz

It is almost the beginning of 2009
Time goes by real fast
And yet this year was so fine
But I guess I have to let go of the past

That place no more seems to be desolate
People quickly came join the celebration
Like a spread of wild fire
And people were chatting about New Year

I see luminous sparks
Of firecrackers as
New Years was about to start
The clock went past

I see my friends and my relatives
Most of them revel the party
Some loathe it
But that does not bother me
Ill give them clothes that will fit

It was almost time for the final countdown
20 seconds away from it to be exact
I turned my frown upside down
I hear the clock going tic...tac...tic...tac...

My heart starts pounding faster
I start thinking about all the good times
One I remember being with a GameMaster
Time for the final countdown, 10 seconds like a dime

10!, 9!
The year was great and fun
Time to celebrate 2009
8!, 7!, 6!, 5!, 4!, 3!, 2!, 1!


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13 Jun 2008
chitown United States
PostedDec 30, 2008 1:27 pm

Celebration Song

Another busy day
another silent night
tv broke down
alone in the room
nowhere to go
yet i no tomorrow will be a different day
i m gonna get older
i m gonna have a cake in front of me
friends and relative will be coming over
laughter everywhere
food everywhere
but there will be only one song that will be heard
the birthday song


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26 Jul 2008
Moravia, San José
PostedDec 30, 2008 2:27 pm
This song is to be sang to the rythm of Madonna's "Like a Virgin"

"Happy New Year"

♪ ♪ I've made it thru two thousand eight
Somehow I made it thru
Didn't know how I survived
first months were just crap
I gained weight
Broke my nails
Got bad hair... I was really a mess
But i found a place
where looks don't count at all...
On an online game!!!

Happy New Year
Happy Neeeeeew Year
I'll keep playing Shaiya now

Have been playing day and night, boy
My weight did drop so fast
Been skipping meals all for you
cause I just need to grind
Shaiya is fine and is fun
I'm strong, yeah my sin kicks butt
And my nails grew back...
Yeah, my nails grew back
My good looks have returned!!!

Happy New Year
Happy Neeeeew Year
I'll keep playing Shaiya now

Oooh, oooh, oooh

Shaiya is fine and is fun
I will play till the end of time
cause it made me feel
Yeah, it made me feel
I'm so strong to fight...

Happy New Year
Happy Neeeeew Year
let's keep playing Shaiya now

Happy New Year, Oooh, oooh, Happy New Year
Feels so good inside
When I kill mobs, and I'm grinding, and I level

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪

Have a Happy New Year 2009!!


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26 Jan 2008
beersheva Israel
PostedDec 30, 2008 2:43 pm
It's a song that i wrote, the condition in israel now all the war and killing.

it's not funny i know but thats what i feel, and most of us feel here in israels nearby town of gaza.

In my heart, I'm afraid of dying.

Yesterday morning I could not even open my eyes,

My parents are standing facing me and say "there is a war Yaron, Ashdod also entered the picture"

Not the truth so I listened and I did not understand anything trying go back to sleep, and then suddenly it came up.

I'm in the market, even though I am afraid I am far from Gazza.

All my family lives in Ashdod, friends, near to my heart is still in Ashdod, and Israel in general.

I talked to my girlfriend, and suddenly I hear Alert. My heart started beating so fast.

You'll need to think of my family wakes up every morning and reality of Missles,

When you call up and run somewhere, and be at risk collapse. My heart is broken about this: (

Now know that they have rockets that can reach up to there it's scary. Ashdod is always on the line. It's scary.

Apparently rocket fell yesterday in front of my grandmother's house.

She lived at the end of Ashdod where there little dasert separating the Ashdod Ashkelon,

And what I realized there rocket fell. Luckily my grandmother here with me until the end of January.

God how much it's scary. Everybody in the south which is available in this, we will be as strong as possible...

that's the reality here. i have another 1 wroten in hebrew i will translate it and write it here..
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