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11 Jan 2013
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PostedJul 10, 2015 10:44 pm

Items such as "notes" or "Journals"

An idea on a creative addition to EE
So I've been thinking about this one specific idea for a while now.. Such as "Journals" you can buy and leave around your house (and have other players read) but can also take with you around EE while venturing, so as to include continual text editing within the journal, and hey, why not, Screencap capabilities so you can put pictures in the pages next to the text as well ^^ (and have a 2nd virtual copy lying around in your personal residence for people to read).

But also!!
Notes (such items like "blank notepaper" or "written-on paper" you can create or edit personal notes on, and trade/sell them!! Eventually after a few updates to that system, there could be an "Eden Eternal" Newspaper thing going on!! People can buy daily versions of newspapers specific (and sometimes random) players contribute to! ^^" It could involve events going on, reminders, or even just personal shout-outs, it would be very popular I"m sure!! Smile

Any and all input is appreciated about this! Very Happy


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07 Aug 2011
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PostedJul 12, 2015 4:34 pm

I am in favor of this!

Would X-Legend be in favor of them is the important question.
I do think a Journal for our Guild or Aven house is a interesting idea, especially for friends/acquaintances to leave messages for you. An option to set whom can send you a message should be applied to avoid unwanted comments from rude individuals or people who post those false, gold selling sites. Smile An option to add/update additional text or screenshots can be placed in the Options section, if you do not have interest to keep your Journal in your bag.

In regard to the note idea, I thought the Bulletins in Aven were an option to share messages to other players. I suppose an additional Bulletin could be implemented in to the game to post those notes if not that idea you have shared, so general information can be added and can used as a way to bring awareness and you do not have to trade or sell them. Smile I do enjoy that idea, especially if there can be an option to display a notice in the World Chat that messages have been added to that Bulletin.

Good suggestions, I hope other players will comment on this also.

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