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01 Sep 2014
PostedMay 22, 2015 9:41 am

[Event Program] Event discussion and submission

Greetings Eternal Guardians!

We would like to open the submission form for proposed player-run events.

We would appreciate feedback and will be following this thread. We are looking for events to run which will hopefully lead to event organization slots being open on a normal schedule in the future (including weekdays!)

Event submissions which do not require game mechanic manipulation or the spawning of monsters will be the goal. However it may be possible to host more advanced events, including those that use the assistance of GMs, in the future.

Please pay attention to the following rules and guidelines:

  • GS must be available and online for events to be logged. If you cannot find a GS online or they are busy with another event, unfortunately your event will need to postponed.
  • If an event is running, please do not disturb the event. Players must pre-register for some events, not all events are open for additional participants.
  • Event organizers must be kind and courteous to fellow players. Any hint of superiority will lead to the event being taken over by the overseeing GS, or cancelled.
  • Listen to the event organizer. Causing a disturbance could lead to a mute, loss of event rights or bans.
  • Event Rewards will be issued after the event, contact the Event GS regarding this. There may be delays, please be patient as all winners are recorded and prizes will be issued.
  • Always contact your event GS(es), in all circumstances. If your event GS(es) are not online, attempt to contact another GS.
  • In order to get rewards for planned events, they must be submitted before the weekly submission time. (day/time tbd)
  • Each player may submit and run a maximum of 1 event per day.
  • Characters must be at least level 30 for their event submissions to be eligible.
  • All Events must be ToS approved. Submitting obscene, vulgar or inappropriate events may lead to a loss of event rights.
  • Event suggestions go to GSes for approval. They will work with the GMs on finalizing the event schedule.
  • If you wish to submit an event idea or proposal, please do so using this Submission Form.

Answers to some questions posed in the Information Thread:

  • We hope to have some fun events and will be looking to organize more events later - hopefully on a regular basis!
  • The event rewards will be handled and sent out by the GS(es) in charge of the events.
  • The event organizers will be required to document the event winners and provide it to their GS, who will distribute the rewards to the rightful players.

The current rules list is open for some discussion, we may add or make changes. Feel free to contact a specific GS if you wish to work with them to run an event or include your options in the event description. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Best regards,
Your Eden Eternal team
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