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03 Dec 2009
PostedMay 21, 2015 1:13 pm


Bug stats with classes
Hello, first of all, I will only describe the errors because it is quite difficult to reproduce them and I hope you can understand me.

1.- Certificates working bad or not working.

I had tried many classes because I love to work with the numbers (stats, bonuses, talents, etcetera), and there I have seen many errors in the certificates, some doesn't gives to you the complete bonuses (Ex: 3 defense, extra damage to Deep impact and combat cyclone seems to not work), anothers didn't seems to work (Ex: Illusionist certificate Time trick I). I just put examples for some, but there are many ( i think all the certificates have something similar).

2.- Over powered cross class stats.

I had noticed before, but not as clearly as I seen recently when I created a Thief. The thing is, you begin with your character that is ok, but the point is when you see for the first time your stast, if you take note of them and then change to other class, when you back to your first class the stats already change (for a low ones and actually suitable for the level you are). Per example, My thief used to have 35 of Evasion stas (around 22% of evasion), but when I do the described procces (change classes) I noticed that I had 20 (around 17%). First I think that maybe the error makes you weak when you change class, so I decided to make a new character with same characteristics to prove my point, the situation is the same (over powered stats), but this time I decided to not change my class, so level up with that stats. Not only it has that incredible evasion rate, but also has a cross racial passive skill from the Hunter (racial Zumi that has 5% of nock back when hit), I can actually nock back my enemies as if I were the Hunter instead of Thief.

3 and 4.- I have left the game for some time and I don't know if this errors are repaired yet, but I feel the necesity to write about them if not, about an Ursun that I created some time ago (already erased). Unlock all classes error and healing defense. When I was leveling with my bear something really weird happen in that time, I had unlocked the classes without the requirements (Ex: unlocking Shaman and Warlock without even being level 30, and the same for all the classes), I had unlocked all even when i was level 35 (if I remember well, the only exception was the Templar). The other error was that when I was a Warrior and I use Metal bluster when I have 30% or less life, my life bar is filled complete, as if I never been hited by the enemies.

Thanks for your attention, and I hope that this errors can be repaired, also hoping that you can understand the descriptions of every of them. Greetings.

PD: Sorry for not seen this before, but if any moderator can move this post to the Bugs section I will be grateful.
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