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05 Jan 2012
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PostedFeb 25, 2015 1:27 pm

The End of UGN and the Competitive Scene after UGN

Read this if you're from UGN. Announcement end: Mar 04, 2015 5:59 pm
End of UGN Information:
Turk wrote:

It's time to close UGN/USFU. I think you guys deserve at least a half-assed explanation, so here we go...

I'm not motivated anymore.
I want to contribute to something more fulfilling.
I have a lot of other interests I want to pursue.

Running UGN is a lot of work.
As if managing the servers, coding and designing the site all by myself wasn't enough now I have to also work on a complex anti-cheat. It's not easy to juggle all of these... UGN's non-stop drama, school, life!

We can't just get more people to help me with the code because not only do we not have the resources to pay those people but I don't want to work on this anymore and I'm too integrated, it won't work out without my assistance.

I don't play these games anymore, there's very little incentive for me.

Aeria Games and DragonFly are doing a crappy job managing their games. I recommend moving on to other games such as LoL, Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Maybe I'm being too selfish but I feel like my time is being wasted the most if this keeps going.

I wanted to close UGN a few months back but so many people have contributed their time and money I felt like it would have been a huge middle finger to them for me to just quit. Jake (Innovator), Jared (MoonGirl), Rey (oiNio), SeekuM and many more have contributed a considerable amount of out-of-pocket money to UGN. But I can't keep going anymore, I'm sorry to disappoint.

What to do with this site? I can't just abandon it, this site needs updates, maintenance, and innovation to help move it forward.

What I plan to do is put the whole site in read-only mode. You can view almost everything but you can't login, post, etc.

I have gained a lot of experience while running USFU/UGN and I hope this little site has brought at least a little bit of joy to your life. Crying or Very sad

Too many people to thank, lol. All the way from Predator, mars, Athena, to the staff we currently have now... THANK YOU ALL!!!

If you would like to stay in touch with me you can add me on my Steam: alphabunnycentauri

Please feel free to ask me any questions down below.

Check out Topic's thread as well:


Attention UGN SF1,
As many of you know by now, UGN will be closing it's doors pretty soon and that information can be found here.. It was a good run and I would like to thank Turk and the other Admin/Moderators who contributed to maintaining UGN/USFU for the 3 years it's been running. Now the question running through your mind now must be where the competitive scene will be going from here.

Aside from being an Admin on UGN I am also a Gamesage for Aeria Games meaning the Gamesage team will still be able to host tournaments and competitive events as usual just not under the UGN platform. With help from various community members and players, tournaments will be hosted via Aeria Games Forums in the Competitive Scene Section of the Soldier Front Forums. I know many of you are not fans of the forum design and all but once UGN is down for good, that's where we will be primarily hosting updates on the competitive events hosted. Updates regarding SFWC or any other competitive news will be formally announced in that section of the forum.

Moderation @ Aeria Games

Upon coming to Aeria Games Forums, please read the OFFICIAL COMMUNITY FORUM RULES.

NOTE: I will be making a few modifications to the rules to adjust the community's well known habit of having heated discussions. The Aeria Forum is a completely different environment than what you are used to where people WILL GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO REPORT YOUR ACCOUNT FOR HARASSMENT VIA FORUM. My suggestion is you have a separate forum account aside from your ingame account. I will try to pull some strings with the GM's to only allow heated competitive discussions to take place in the Competitive Scene Section of the Soldier Front Forums. The entire Soldier Front forum is moderated by the Soldier Front Gamesages, Gamemasters and other forum moderators that occupy various other game sections of Aeria.

Please respect all members of both parts of the SF Community including the staff because alot of the unnecessary behavior we have here will not be tolerated in Aeria @ all.

Regarding bans made on UGN via 0 tolerance:
Players who were banned for flaming will have their bans from tournaments lifted seeing as how SF Tournaments will no longer be hosted via UGN but instead will be hosted under Aeria Games.

Regarding UGNAC
The UGN Staff will be discussing where the AC will be steering towards after UGN and any information about that will be announced prior.

It's going to be a long and painful road ahead of us during this tough time but I'm confident that this community can and will get through.  

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