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27 May 2013
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PostedDec 07, 2014 11:48 am

Error after Purchasing Aeria Points

Ridiculous Error
Its happens to us all, that horrible error that stares point blank at you right after you purchase Aeria points. I recently came back to AG to play Aura Kingdom and Elsword. To put it plain and simple their was limited edition items in El that I really wanted to buy. I purchase Aeria points and get the omgholyjesuswhy error, not a biggy it happens all the time, I am usually given to points 20-40 minutes later. THIS TIME HOWEVER, I waited an entire day and finally sent a ticket asking what the error was. Still no response. I get an email stating that on my purchase I did not use the same email I have on my AG account. That's fine, I messed up. Few hours later, STILL NOTHING. I changed the email of my account to match the purchase email. I sent a ticket with info from both my purchase receipt and the email change. Nothing. How can we support AG in general if your going to give us heck for making a simple error that can EASILY be resolved. My account states that I have purchased my AG points, $20 to be exact but I still have that AGGRAVATING ERROR on my points instead of the amount I ordered.


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PostedDec 23, 2014 5:30 am
I'm sorry for being a little late in replying to this. I haven't visited this section in a while. I'm going to ask a couple questions that may seem redundant since I don't know what you tried and what you haven't tried already, so just bear with me. (I'm trying to help)

Did you make sure you sent your ticket to billing? (A lot of times people forget that all things Money Related is to be handled through billing and they go right to game support.)

Did you explain that you use one e-mail for registration and another e-mail for purchasing? (This happened to me once. I use one e-mail for registering for games and other things so that it catches all the spam and leaves my "business" e-mail open. I went to use Google Checkout once and I didn't know that by getting a google e-mail, my hotmail, which is now defunct automatically switched over to my gmail... because Google takes over everything like that. It caused a discrepency with billing but we got it straightened up once I verified that both were mine and both were linked to the same account. Nothing fishy was going on.)

Did you explain the situation about the errors on AGE's end therefore unable to purchase the limited edition items in a timely fashion? Normally, in a case of AGE fault, they will honor tickets sent under the sub title "Missed Promotion." If you explain the siutation and that you still would like to contribute money to said item but couldn't due to the issues, sometimes they will honor your request. Be sure to have backup proof of the errors occurring at that time.)

These are just some points of help.

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