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30 Oct 2014
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PostedNov 03, 2014 7:35 pm


We are looking for some more fun & active players...
Who we are & what we do? We strive to be one of the funnest clan, crew, group, or whatever you want to call us... We play a lot of PUB (Half of the time its E-Boat) & a little bit of Match.

Members: 50+, 7 or more people online daily.
Server: North America.
1) Join with Main Account, No ALTs.
2) Try to be active.
3) No hacking.
4) Have Raidcall. (Makes everything funner).
5) S/D? Doesn't matter to us.
6) Rank? Sergeant First Class 1 or higher.
Last but not least...
7) ENJOY & have fun with us.

Old E-Boat Clip...

How to join:
Contact me or any of the co-leaders. BeachSlap, FuryDream, HarlieQuinn.
Or contact a LiiQuid clan member and he or she will contact one of us.

Thanks! Hope to see you soon.
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