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02 Oct 2013
PostedOct 17, 2014 10:02 am

Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 issues

Update your browser
Hello everyone,

Due to a security issue with Internet Explorer, Microsoft has issued a fix for their web browser. Therefore, we strongly advise players to update their IE version to the latest.
For Windows XP users and particularly those with IE 6, Akamai has stopped supporting this version.

Since Ignite uses IE API, it is very likely that IE 6 users will be blocked at log in page.

Only two solutions are available:

- Update your IE version to 7 or higher.
Since Windows XP is no longer supported, you will have to search on the internet for a version compatible with your current setup.

- Update your current OS to a more recent and supported system
We would advise you to upgrade your system to a version supported by Microsoft i.e. Windows Vista or higher.
You can for example buy the latest windows version on the Microsoft website:

If you still have issues after performing these actions, please contact the customer support at the following address:

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