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[Guide] Ursa's Paragraph of the Katar/Gunslinger [PVE]

For Katar/Gunslingers who have no clue

Greetings fellow envoys! Today I have the pleasure of sharing a build for brawler/gunslinger. This is a balanced offensive/defensive evasion build for level 60+, allowing you to be the brawler your parents always wanted you to be. Note that this guide is more on the defensive side, so feel free to switch to more offensive yo-swag-lo gear if there is a better tank in the party for maximum deeeps.

Advantages of gunslinger sub:
  • Access to Mental Focus - arguably the best class buff
  • Access to utility skills such as Decoy, Frost Trap, Dark Flare Trap
  • The utility skills do not take too much time in your skill rotation, therefore do not delay your generation of earth charges, so you can spend more time being a brawler
  • Ranged attacks make luring easier and allows for some DPS when being in melee range is not safe
  • Easy to cap evasion

Disadvantages of gunslinger sub:
  • Poor defense
  • Slow AOE clearance
  • No OP mechanics

Items I use in my build is highlighted in red
Tips are in green
Special mention/discussion/controversy is in indigo

These is the defensive "base" build. Note that trophies, accessories, subweapon, costume cards changes depending on the situation.

Out-of-combat (with self buffs/eidolon)

Out-of-combat detailed stats

In-combat (with procs)

This will not be the best build for every situation. Your “best build” will vary based on your level, gold, time, internet connection speed, luck, and game content/situation.
As a brawler you are expected to be both tanky and have decent dps. First build enough defense to not die -> then invest in offense. A dead DPS has no DPS. Few people will know if you have no dps/drunk/baked, but everyone will know if you die non-stop all day everyday.

Defensive stats:
For Otherworld Hells and Siege/Landing/Lament dragon dungeons (i.e. the hardest everyday content we have currently), aim for:
70000+ HP
19000 DEF
85% EVA out-of-combat (95% EVA with Water Charges in combat)
These stats can pretty much tank anything apart from ST floor 10/15 bosses (but there should be a dedicated guardian to tank those anyway)

If you cannot achieve those goals, then first give up on EVA, (just go HP and DEF), aim for at least:
55000 HP (less than 50K HP and it’ll be hard to find parties)
16000 DEF

If you can achieve your defensive goals with full DPS gear, good job. If not, use tank gears (i.e. Titan top set +/- Titan bottom set +/- Survive and Adapt bottom set)

Going evasion build requires careful gear and secret stone selection, otherwise you will end up spending all your defensive stat points on evasion, leaving very few stat points for putting into HP. Only recommended to go evasion build on offensive gear if you can at least +18 everything.

Offensive stats:
SPD: Mental Focus buff from gunslinger sub provides all the speed you need. As a brawler/gunsligner, DoT is not a major part of your damage, so reaching 30% speed is not absolutely necessary. Duke's Duelers occasionally proc, which gives 3-4% in speed. Speed in our case is mainly to lower the cooldown of Lotus Strike, which is brawler’s best damage skill. See iDreamy’s discussion on how good Lotus Strike is.

DMG vs CRIT: For optimal stat allocation in crit or damage, just click reset points and do some simple calculation. Most of the time it’ll be full dmg that gives you the most optimal result, since brawlers have high natural crit rate. Dmg stat also has the advantage of not losing effectiveness against bosses that are higher level than you (i.e. IA/WA bosses, ST bosses). For more info, read Sefi's post for all things stats.

For the lazy:
utsuhoshi wrote:
At capped crit damage, just aim for:
base damage multiplier = crit rate  

Sharpened Teeth of the Holy Beast - flame element
Best lv65 katar available. Chance for Crit Dmg 35% and Electrocution +25% dmg bonus effects are not the best, but far from the worst. The change to Electrocution (now a gap closer) made this katar even more viable.

Alternative option:
Demon Winged Katars - flame element: cheap and good. Best bonus effects on a katar (dmg against boss+10%), but it is a lv60 katar, so you lose on some dmg and stats compared to lv 65 katars.
Use Demon Winged Katars until you can afford a high % flame Sharpened Teeth of the Holy Beast

Reason not to use other lv60/65 katars:
  • Nazrudin’s Azure Fangs has average bonus effects (better MaxHP%, Inner Strength+20%). However, it is ice attribute - brawler’s main AOE spell is Sparks and Flame, so you lose the 20% increased damage compared to using a flame element katar (i.e. a 110% flame katar will do more damage than a same katar 140% non-flame when using sparks and flame)
  • Demonic Claws of the Fallen is complete rubbish.
  • Katars of the Saintly Punisher looks cool, but the dmg against boss (from Demon Winged Katars) is much better than Crit Dmg against boss. Also, the Crit+3% is not a flat increase… it is only 3% of your current Crit value.
  • Zaahir’s Fiery Claws has poor bonus effects and low stats. If you can’t afford to make a Demon Winged Katar then use this since it is fire attribute and has MaxHP+8%

The Duke’s Duelers OR Soul Piercing Pistols - crafted with Nocturnal Eagle Eye Core
Duke’s Duelers for boss damage+10% and movespeed. However, Soul Piercing Pistols is a good choice as well with the 8% zeal-like proc, as well as fortification bonus giving an extra 9% crit dmg if you fortify+20.
So basically:
  • Duke’s for boss
  • Soul Piercing for mobs

Alternative option if you cannot afford Nocturnal core:
Nazrudin’s Shimmering Scale Pistols

Swiftness of the Devourer set - crafted with Bestial core
Devourer not only helps in capping evasion, but also gives 15% Boss Damage which is hard to obtain elsewhere. Baphomet is for killing trash mobs, and the speed is not necessary for our build.

Use Titan Warrior’s top set if you need defense (craft with Blessed core to level up faster).

Lethal Beast set OR Lion’s Roar set
Lethal Beast for the Crit+11% flat increase, which is difficult to obtain elsewhere. It has the best proc - a 15% chance for 70% zeal proc. The downside is the lack of HP.
Lion’s Roar set is an equally good option: you lose on Crit%, but gain 55% Crit Dmg in total for the set and good HP. The proc (50% increased Atk Speed) is fantastic if you jump-cast a lot.
Devourer bottom set is good at lv 60-65, but the lower DEF can be a problem unless you can obtain 130% fortify+20. The boss dmg +15% is very nice though.

For defensive: Charming Scent Set is the best set available for evasion build. Otherwise, use Murfeo/Malodnak/Frederic.
For offensive: Soaring King Set (Flokja) or Dark Treasure Set (Meazzara)
Cost-wise - charming scent set is much cheaper than the offensive sets. Also, use fire/ice accessories when going to IA/WA.

- crafted with Bestial core
Defensive: Murfeo’s Immortal Oath gives decent speed and evasion. Malodnak’s Dark Claw provides great stats and a zeal proc for boss (note Malodnak's proc is counted in detailed offensive stats).
Trophies are the easiest gears to switch, so switch them to suit the situation:
  • Offensive on non-elemental boss: double malonak (one green + one orange)
  • Offensive on elemental boss: orange malodnak + elemental trophy
  • Easy mobs: green malodnak + fire trophy/elemental trophy (credit to Sinchew)
  • Hard mobs: green malodnak + murfeo

I prefer to leave Orange malodnak as the non-switching trophy as I spend most of the time b2b straight to boss.

For lv65 trophies, obtain fire trophy or ice trophy first for running Infernal/Whirlpool, then collect the rest later.

DMG+2/Crit Dmg+6 or DMG+2/EVA+2

DMG+2% on secret stone is the best offensive stat for lv 60+ content. This appears on offensive detailed stat page. The original Taiwan post has all the nitty gritty stuff, or read Sefi’s post for the condensed version.
In essence, compared to someone with no DMG% increase, a full set of DMG+2% stones (for total of 14%) will make you deal 140% more damage. For our current content, there are very few things that gives DMG+% to offensive stat page: secret stones, Ambusher set (lv40), Devourer set (lv60), bard class mechanic, and Deep Blue mastery. Of these, DMG+% from stones is probably the easiest to obtain without sacrificing too much of other stats.

For the second stat on your stone, it comes down to whether you have enough defense or not:
EVA+2% means less to spend with defensive stat points. For my build, each EVA+2% allows you to allocate the defensive stat point into HP for roughly 1600-1700HP
CritDmg+6% if you have enough DEF/EVA/HP and want more offense.

My stones are a combination of DMG/CritDmg and DMG/EVA.

Alternative if you don't want to go evasion build:

DMG+2 as explained above. DmgTaken-2 is the best defensive stat on secret stone if you do not go evasion build. It synergises well with brawler's natural high Dmg Reduction (from Inner Strength/Water Charge). This stone is also much cheaper to get - goes for about 200-300g on Hydra.

Specific stones to get:
Thunderous or zephyr swift strike
Thunderous aimed shot
Sunset sparks and flame
Golden electrocution
Sunrise lotus
Azure inner strength
+ Any boot secret stone with the right stats

Special mention: comparison of weapon secret stones
1. Thunderous vs Zephyr on swift strike
Both give around the same equivalent stat points' worth (HP 8% = 13.8 stat points; DMG 5% = 14.3 stat points). If you are not worried about your defense, then feel free to pick up the Zephyr instead. Note that the base DMG+5% on Zephyr is counted on character stat page, not detail offense stat.
2. Thunderous vs Riptide on swift strike
Assuming you have around 70000 HP, for Riptide to be worth more in effective HP you will need around 50% Damage Reduction or more. Even then, the hardest dungeons in the game have some form of DoT, which raw HP is arguably better. Thunderous is the safe option here.
3. Thunderous vs Zephyr on aimed shot (credit to Raynee)
The DMG+5% on Zephyr does add to main weapon damage. Use it for more deeps if you wish.

Head HP+2% - Damage to boss +10% with Advanced Vitality
Face DmgTaken-2% - Electrocution+5 with Advanced Toughness
Body DmgTaken-2% - Crit Damage to boss +25% with Advanced Toughness
Ornament HP+2% - Both Inner Strength+5 or Movespeed+5% is good here, with Advanced Vitality
Weapon CritDmg+5% - Lotus Strike+5 with either Advanced Attack or Advanced Critical

You can switch to all DMG+2% on costumes and advanced cards if you want more dps.
Orange costume +1% to stats is not a flat 1% increase, but rather a 1% increase on the stat value, just like crafted cores.

Special mention: Boss damage head enchantment card vs. Elemental head enchantment card
This applies mainly to the Skytower scenario, where you are running on a timer and need the most efficient DPS possible. Sedation explains it with some examples.

Boss damage is usually better if you are already running elemental trophies/accessories unless you boss damage is very high

Consider the following scenarios in Skytower:
  • (Starting with 0 boss dmg | 0 elemental dmg) Boss card will give 33.33% DPS increase, elemental card will give 18% DPS increase
  • (Starting with 30 boss dmg | 0 elemental dmg) Boss card will give 16.67% DPS increase, elemental card will give 18% DPS increase

If you followed my guide, not wearing the headgear enchantment will leave you with 39% boss dmg and 27% elemental dmg (from trophy + elemental stone on armor)
  • (Starting with 39 boss dmg | 27 elemental dmg) Boss card will give 14.49% DPS increase, elemental card will give 14.17% DPS increase

Goal is to 1. obtain the grey tiles shown above 2. get all evasion tiles 3. get lotus strike mastery. The remaining points can be allocated depending on what stat you need. Try to experiment with the path once you are lv 60+ to get the most out of your available points. The HP+4% tile on the left side is a very good tile to get before you reach your defensive stat targets.

Personally I don’t need combo spells in PVE, but they are good for certain situations:it gives 2 - 2.5sec of invulnerability frame (i-frame) that can buy time for competent bards to heal you. They are also more reliable compared to eidolon ultimates. If you want to get just one combo spell for the i-frame, get Flaming Launcher - it provides a 2.5s i-frame compared to 2s for the other two combo skills.

Swift Cruelty provides +9% DMG on use to your character DMG
Zeal counts final damage, best mastery of the lot
Sparks & Flame or Null Strike depending on what you use more. The better your gear is, the less you rely on Null Strike, and the more you will spam Sparks&Flame.
Extreme Speed not only gives movespeed, but also some evasion which helps. If you are having survivability issues, get Courage instead
Tactical Spec is called tactical for a reason. Considering 90% of people you meet in parties will use Break Defense, try to switch to Organised Sabotage when in party. If you ever find your party getting wiped over and over by same boss, try using different Tactical spec masteries - it helps.
The Best Defense is the best choice here - gives 12%+ of DEF once you obtain lv65 high% +20 weapon. If you use offensive armor sets, this will help a lot in capping DEF.

Special mention: Best Defense vs. Capoeira
Both will give the same % increase in DEF or EVA. However, DEF is harder to obtain (1 stat point = 0.25% DEF vs. 1 stat point = 0.35% EVA) so Best Defense is the better choice here.
There are exceptions: if you run tank gear or if you have a eidolon that gives DEF, your DEF may be capped even without Best Defense - in which case feel free to go for Capoeira, or even Deep Blue.

This is the recommended items to have in the inventory as a dps.

Class buff accessories
Very important to obtain these (neck/ring/back each +3 skill level; costume card +5 skill level [+1 extra if you use advanced card]). As a rule of thumb, each 5 skill level increase is roughly 20% increase in skill damage. A full set of class buff accessory + enchantment card + advanced costume cards gives skill level +19 to the class buff.

And yes, we don't want ostrich in our inventory. Ain't nobody got space for dat Crying or Very sad

Recommended eidolons to have
Serif: 2-star bonus is HP+10%, which is difficult to get otherwise (unless you get lucky with Serena), providing you with a defensive eidolon to switch to if all goes bad
Bel-Chandra: gives 20% crit dmg and some crit; easily obtainable eidolon (spawns in guild hall/temple of eidolon; 3000 tokens at Navea Class Master = 300 ancient eidolon frag = 10 key frag = 1 full key)
Endora: good 2-star offensive eidolon: 5% crit, 8% dmg, and her accessory gives her a chance to inflict crit dmg+30% on a single target.
Tigerius: useful for movespeed especially in Infernal Abyss
Uzuriel: your dream waifu eidolon. Gives the most crit dmg available in our current content (20% from 2-star, 40% from 3-star, 20% from her skill = 80% total crit dmg). If you followed my build, Uzuriel is the best 3-star eidolon to boost your DPS.

Special mention: if you decide to use lion’s roar set and rely on jump casting, then get an eidolon with 25% attack speed (i.e. Yarnaros, Zaahir, Bel-Chandra) to cap attack speed for maximum DPS

All the stat from star-bonuses are flat increases added to your character stats.

Click here to see eidolon star bonuses (use translate). Do not use to reference star bonuses.

Check out page on brawler and page on gunslinger to see what the skills do, cooldown... etc.
Then check out Sefi's skill damage and mechanics guide.

Gunslinger skills:
Mental Focus is the best class buff skill hands down - always use this over Meridian unless there’s someone with a higher level Mental in the party. With full accessories and costume cards, it gives 12-13% in speed. Thats about 40 stat points’ worth. It’s massive. That’s what she said.
Decoy enchants a target with very high aggro, and will buy the tank several seconds of breathing space.
Frost Trap and Dark Flare Trap has good synergy with Blitz for initiation. Dark Flare Trap has the highest dmg amplifier for DoT, but be careful of the very small AOE (or lack thereof)
Aimed Shot/Bombardment/Sonic Bomb are all good for luring mobs or to deal DPS when its not safe to get too close to boss
Magic Reload enchants bullets for Aimed shot/Bombardment/Sonic bomb with special effects. Cooldown is the same as for main class GS.
I don’t use ultraviolent due to the short range and long cast time, but it is good for some AOE damage if mobs are just out of melee range and other gun skills are on cooldown (e.g. for ST floor 15 spiders during toxic net)

Brawler skills:
Earth charge skills
Swift Strike is your bread-and-butter spammable skill. It has a small (2 metres) AOE, -def debuff and gives +9%DMG if you have Cruel Strike mastery. Lowest damage, but also lowest GCD.
Sparks and Flame is your best AOE skill. With your secret stone that adds range to Sparks, it will have a 10 metres radius, and it will be your main lifesteal skill while mobbing
Electrocution is a small AOE (5 metres) with gap closer and damage increase. The pre-swing cast time is sometimes dangerously long, but you can jump cast in order to keep moving around while in pre-swing.

Sky charge skills
Blitz is your main single-target instant gap-closer, and your main initiation with low cooldown
Shadow Strike is your DoT, stackable to 3 times. 10% of damage is absorbed as HP. The better your gear is, the less you'll rely on this skill

Release skills (uses up all charges):
Inner Strength gives 20% dmg reduction on use. When it crits, it can heal 50-100% of your HP in one use. With a low cooldown (around 4.4sec cooldown at 26% speed), the dmg reduction is always up if you remember to use it. Before fighting a boss, it can be useful to store up sky charges then inner strength to temporarily increase your eva before initiating, as it takes several hits to cap eva
Lotus Strike is the best damage skill for brawler. A 3-earth charge Lotus Strike gives 450% multiplier, compared to an eidolon ultimate which is 900% multiplier. Again, see iDreamy’s post on Lotus Strike to see how good it is.
Your goal is to stack up enough earth charges so you can use a 3-charge lotus strike every time lotus is off cooldown.

Before going in, use Inner Strength. Re-use it periodically to keep the 20% dmg reduction up, ideally straight after you used up charges in Lotus Strike.
Decoy a target near the boss, or if the mob is too far away from boss, use your GS skills to lure the mob and boss close to each other, then Decoy.
To initiate, blitz > frost trap > dark flare trap.

Fighting boss
For easy bosses, just swift/electro/sparks, then lotus with 3 earth charges.
For hard bosses, stack up shadow strike, and lotus with 3 sky charges for maximum regen.
For very hard bosses:
Blitz> Swift > Sparks > a or b
a At this point the boss will be out of stun. The reason for using earth charge skills first is that if the boss hits you through your evasion, then use Lotus immediately to lifeleech your HP back (hooray for some earth charge with that Lotus). Proceed to stack Shadow Strike, and use Inner Strength if the boss hits you second time
b If he misses you, then stack earth+sky charges up and prepare to use lotus as soon as he hits you successfully

Clearing mobs
Several methods:
a. Face tank

b. Merry-go-round

Drop trap in middle of mob, run around the trap in a circle, using sparks/swift on nearest creep to keep mob on top of trap

c. See-saw

Select a target in middle of mob, then Electrocution>Sparks> run out of mob attack range, then Electrocution>Sparks> run to opposite side out of mob attack range, and repeat.
This is the preferred method for clearing hard mobs. The time spent in mob attack range with no lifesteal is minimised, thus giving greater survivability. Useful if you want to go yolo b2b with all mobs straight to boss with half the world chasing behind you and the boss stroking you tenderly.

Jumping then using a skill will allow for additional normal attacks during the skill, to maximise DPS. However, if you do not time it properly you risk disjointing the skill entirely or missing a portion of the skill damage, which may sometimes lead to sadness/QQ/death. This is especially true if you are playing with 400ms-600ms ping like I do. But even accounting for a massive latency, Lotus Strike and Electrocution are reasonable skills to jump cast. The rest require more precise timing, and will depend on your latency/timing.

If jump-casting is not an option for you, I would suggest Lethal Beast bottom armor set to account for the lost DPS.

For more info on jump-casting, see whitekite’s guide on brawler/rav where he explains it in detail.

As I tried to emphasize throughout this guide, there is no one best way of playing your brawler. What works for you might be unviable for another player due to gear, level, gold, time, internet speed, luck, and how much your character makes you want to touch yourself (i’m looking at you players with female characters staring up kotonoha’s skirt you sick people).

PVE guides
Sefi's game mechanics guides
Light’s guide on brawler/gunslinger: comprehensive guides on the different builds based on how much you can afford/level
Nyan’s guide on brawler/tachi: so many i-frames you’ll be giving MC Hammer a run for his money
Whitekite’s guide on brawler/rav: jump-cast timing 2good, tyrant4 OP
iDreamy’s guide on brawler/guard: very cost-effective if the RNGesus is with you on the procs. Tactics for playing off-tank in ST. Beware that iDreamy has retired and the guide may not be the most updated

PVP guides (PVP is unplayable for me given my latency, but if you are interested in PVP, the item/skill/tactics are very different and I suggest you read up on it)
Kishgal’s discussion on PVP (brawler/bard)
Blue’s guide on PVP (brawler/gun)

Reference websites

Special thank you to all you game mechanics/brawler pros out there. Feel free to critique or ask questions. If there are any errors, let me know and I'll fix it Smile


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PostedOct 15, 2014 6:48 am
Hey, it's a nice guide but i've got some question :

1. Why Murphy Trophy ? Don't you think the Argus Horn is better ? Or the Heart if you are not already capped ?

2. Why not Kitsune 3 Star ? She give 15% + 7% Stat EVA, it can help you for be more cap, and more points in HP ?

3. What do you think about the Lions set ?

4. Why don't you take the Fire Trophy ? It increase damage of Spark and Flame, or you just switch it for mobbing and then you take the Claw

EDIT : I've got a friend who get capped without points with Kitsune 3 Star and the Capoeira 3%, and capped Def with the same set. And he's 75. (That's just for some tips :p)


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15 Oct 2014
PostedOct 15, 2014 7:19 am

Quick question

Hey iceoutboys, thanks for the guide! I can see you put a lot of effort in to this. You must be very proud!

My question is, are you the most geared **** going around? I hope to one day become a 5w4gL0rD like yourself


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14 Oct 2014
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PostedOct 15, 2014 7:47 am
Sinchew wrote:
Hey, it's a nice guide but i've got some question :

1. Why Murphy Trophy ? Don't you think the Argus Horn is better ? Or the Heart if you are not already capped ?

2. Why not Kitsune 3 Star ? She give 15% + 7% Stat EVA, it can help you for be more cap, and more points in HP ?

3. What do you think about the Lions set ?

4. Why don't you take the Fire Trophy ? It increase damage of Spark and Flame, or you just switch it for mobbing and then you take the Claw

EDIT : I've got a friend who get capped without points with Kitsune 3 Star and the Capoeira 3%, and capped Def with the same set. And he's 75. (That's just for some tips :p)  

Good questions!

1. Murfeo is the defensive "base build" trophy that I tend to switch out. To deal more damage, I will switch Murfeo to another trophy - malodnak (green) is usually a good choice (proc on malodnak is counted on detailed offensive stat page). Argus heart is a good trophy if it procs - but 4% isn't a big value; and if it doesn't proc, then it is just the lv50 version of murfeo with worse stats. Might horn of Argus does not allow a core to be crafted in - and crafted core stats add up to a lot (1%DMG for me is over 600dmg, and 1%HP is over 800hp).

2. Kitsune/Kotonoha 3 star is a very viable option, but as you pointed out, it is a defensive eidolon. If you need her to cap eva, then get her, but try to strike a balance between offense and defense (as I pointed out earlier in my guide - get enough defense to survive, then maximise offense). Things to consider:

  • For example in my build, if I use kotonoha instead of uzuriel, I will gain extra 12000HP by putting stat points into HP, but lose around 30% dps on mobs, and around 10% dps on boss, which I don't think is worth it. I can already tank everything except ST floor 10/15, so that extra 12000HP is wasted.
  • Eva 15% is probably the worst deal in terms of worth in stat points: 15% eva = 43 stat points (kotonoha); 30% HP = 52 stat points (serif); 15% crit = 60 stat points (zaahir); 24% dmg = 66 stat points (yarnaros).

What some players do is keep EVA around 70%, and use kotonoha while fighting mobs (to bring it up to 85% then cap with water charge); then switch to another eidolon at boss (since eva will not be as effective at boss, especially on red carpets).

3. Lion's roar set is a fantastic set. Lion's roar set gives lots of crit dmg (highest amount of crit dmg you can find in one set), as well as massive attack speed proc bonus which helps you cap attack speed, useful for jump casting. It also gives around 3k of base HP (which can multiply to be double that amount to 6k HP if you put lots of stat points in HP). It is easier/safer to upgrade from lv 60 gear to lion's roar, then upgrade to lethal beast because of the HP it provides. It also allows more room for experimenting different builds (you can make up for the loss in offensive power by using different trophies/accessories). The reason why I used lethal beast instead is because 1. I cannot utilise jump-casting effectively because of my lag 2. I don't need the extra crit dmg or HP 3. need to make up for loss in jump-casting dmg with the flat 11% crit and zeal-like proc.

4. I do use fire trophy sometimes - but I rarely kill mob by mob anymore - usually i b2b straight to boss, and kill the mobs with the boss together. In that case I am usually using the elemental trophy+orange malodnak, or using green malodnak+orange malodnak. Mobs usually die before or around same time as boss dies. Again, malodnak's proc is detailed page damage, and with our crit rate over 70%, proccing it is no issue.
However for Infernal Abyss, yes, fire trophy all the way.


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PostedOct 15, 2014 7:57 am
nice guide babe

UpTownFunk Dance Cover @ [Lolipops]Tezcatlipoca~LVL7*Guardian/Alpaca~


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PostedOct 15, 2014 8:02 am

Re: Quick question

sikkient67 wrote:
Hey iceoutboys, thanks for the guide! I can see you put a lot of effort in to this. You must be very proud!

My question is, are you the most geared **** going around? I hope to one day become a 5w4gL0rD like yourself  

The true question is... are you the sikkest kient around Question

lizghel wrote:
nice guide babe  

Thanks babe Wink


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PostedOct 15, 2014 10:24 am
Thanks for your reply Very Happy


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PostedOct 15, 2014 3:44 pm
Very nice soloing/mobbing/bossing build.

Sekundes/Yuzero of EE/AK/DH/TOS


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PostedOct 15, 2014 9:58 pm

Mother of Brawlers.


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PostedOct 15, 2014 10:45 pm
Nice guide!

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