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02 Oct 2014
PostedOct 13, 2014 6:32 am


Hey really sorry to post it here but I'd lilke to get the word out so I'm gona spam!

Trion a competitive game provider is supporting a Mass marketed Trojan **BEWARE**

Trion & Archeage employees are supporting a mass marketed Trojan.

Upon installing the Archeage game it also installs a program called Akamai Netsession, which is supposedly a legitimate program.

I first noticed it as I installed the game, played and completely shut it down, a while later went to use the internet and my windows were taking a long time to load. Checked my firewall and a strange program Akamai Netsession was using up a good proportion of my bandwidth.

It runs in the background, uses your computing resources and bandwidth for its own purposes. If you uninstall the game it stays. If you uninstall it it resides in msconfig startup and possibly kernel base.

Upon finding this out... i posted on the Archeage forums.. and got flooded with trion employees posing as innocent community members discounting my posts, and I mean seriously, discounting it existed... stating my stupidity.... it was amusing to say the least.

Akamai is used for hive networking and in their terms and conditions.. which you never agreed to by installing this game.. unless in a a very fine print not made clear.. it states you give it permission to use your resources and allow it to send commands to your computer without your say so.

Illegal and very very dodgy. NSA eat your heart out!


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13 Feb 2007
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PostedOct 13, 2014 4:54 pm
Akamai is legit and its not a trojan. You agree to install the akamai net setssion when you accepted the EULA of the game downloader. You could choose not to agree to install akamai and get the game from an alternate source. Its merely a p2p service that can be turn off when you are done downloading the game. In fact it can be uninstall. Akamai is just like any other p2p software, if left on it will use your bandwidth to provide files that you've downloaded via akamai.


Use an mirror site to get the game installer rather than use game downloader if you don't want to install akamai. Otherwise turn off akamai service via akamai control panel when you are done or better yet uninstall akamai. Unless the game uses it to patch, you won't need it again.

If you posted in the R&R section on purpose, not much of a rant vs akamai. There been much better ones.

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