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[Guide] PVE Brawler/Ravager

Hello, this is a guide to playing a brawler/ravager focused exclusively on dealing damage in PVE. It does not consider PVP at all, so don't read this guide if you want to be strong in PVP.

Due to the nature of this build, this guide targets people who are 65+. Feel free to read this guide if you are not that high level yet, but I am not going to hold your hand on builds/gear/etc. for anything below 60. 1-60 is very easy in this game.

A summary of this build is basically combining Tyrant's Fury 4 with max attack speed.

Now for the million dollar question: Why brawler/ravager? Isn't it basically a ravager/brawler but worse?

Yes, this is true. However, this is also true for pretty much every class in the game, so it's not really fair to specifically target brawler/ravager. The main reason for playing this class is because you want to play a brawler, that's all. It's cool, flashy, quick, and fairly effective. And if you don't mind getting carried by Tyrant's Fury to boost your DPS, then this is a great class combo for you.

Here are the obligatory pros/cons:

- Innately high HP, damage reduction, and evasion
- Self-heals
- Decent single target damage
- Decent AOE damage
- Very mobile
- Invincibility frames due to class combo (hereby referred to as iframes)

- Terrible crowd control
- Terrible ranged damage
- Low SPD


I will not start this guide with a build, because it is useless to you until you understand the mechanics of this game.

Autoattacks and Jumpcasting

Autoattacks are the essence of this class, as well as most DPS classes in the game. These are the regular hits you perform with your weapon while engaged with the enemy. These contribute around 60-70% of your single target DPS, so it is important to understand how to maximize these.

Your character will start autoattacking any target that you use a targeted skill on. You can also right click a target in order to autoattack it without using a skill. In order to stop autoattacking, just untarget the enemy either by pressing ESC or right clicking the ground.

The maximum autoattack speed is 0.5 for all classes, or 2 attacks per second. The base attack speed of a katar is 1.6, so you will need 69% increased attack speed in order to reach the cap. Your attack speed is the sum of all attack speed bonuses, including your SPD stat.

The base damage of each autoattack is your DMG stat. Brawler autoattacks are split into 3 hits - this is irrelevant. The sum of all 3 hits is your autoattack damage, and this is the number that is based on your DMG stat. In comparison, the base damage of any skill is the skill damage displayed on the tooltip.

If you've done any theorycrafting before, you should already be able to see why autoattacks are so important. Hitting with your DMG stat twice per second is a ****ton of damage compared to hitting with skill damage every 1-1.5 seconds.

By default, your character will stop autoattacking during any skill animation. This is really bad because we need to use skills in order to give ourselves buffs and maintain our rage, but we want to keep autoattacking in order to deal a lot of damage. This is where jumpcasting comes into the picture.

When your character lands on the ground after a jump, any skill animation you were performing will immediately end. This allows your character to start autoattacking again immediately. Thus, by jumping, then using a skill before your character touches the ground, you can use a skill without stopping your autoattacks.

Additionally, jumpcasting allows you move while using a skill. Some skills normally lock your position during the animation, and jumpcasting will eliminate that.


As a ravager sub, you have access to the rage mechanic. This is basically the whole point of ravager sub.

Rage is visible on your screen as a bar that fills up with red when you use axe skills. It currently decays at a fixed rate of 4/second. Each tick on the bar represents a different level of Tyrant's Fury. Keeping your rage past the final tick (80 rage) grants you the incredibly overpowered Tyrant's Fury 4.

Tyrant's Fury 4 gives you +12% DMG and -10% damage taken buff, but this is not really the main point. In addition to this buff, every attack you perform will inflict an additional hit to all targets within a 5m radius of you (hereby referred to as rage hits). This includes skills AND autoattacks.

Rage hits have no base damage and a DMG coefficient of approximately 70%. Despite being a ravager trait, the DMG used for this calculation is your mainhand DMG. And despite that, it is still considered a subclass attack, so you won't get any mainhand bonuses on it from your envoy path.

This means that rage hits deal about 70% of an autoattack, or maybe 55-60% if you consider the mainhand bonuses from your envoy path. EVERY attack will get this bonus, which essentially means your autoattack damage is boosted by 55-60%. Since the majority of your single target DPS comes from autoattacks, this translates into a large boost to single target DPS.

"Detailed Damage"

Some gear and effects that say "DMG +X%" do not actually boost your DMG stat, but instead give you a bonus under your offensive tab in your detailed stats page. This is typically referred to as "detailed damage" in the community, and it is extremely important.

All mobs in endgame content have a certain amount of damage reduction. The values are here:

I think the point of this is to make DOTs more powerful, since they don't normally scale very well, but this is where detailed damage comes into play. Detailed damage and damage reduction exist on the same axis, which means detailed damage directly subtracts from a mob's damage reduction. This means that if a mob has 90% damage reduction and you have 10% detailed damage, the mob's damage reduction is reduced to 80%, giving you a relative +100% damage.

Currently, the primary source of detailed damage is secret stones and orange gear.


Anyone can read what a skill does, so I will instead give some insight into the uses and quirks of each skill you possess.

Animation lock = if "Yes", this means you can't move while using this skill if you don't jumpcast it (jumpcasting will negate this)

Swift Strike
Cooldown: 2s
GCD: 1.5s
Coefficient: 1.45
Animation lock: No

The main purpose of this skill is to inflict a powerful DEF debuff. You should try to maintain this debuff on bosses. In addition, it gives up to +9% DMG (not detailed damage) with the Swift Cruelty mastery.

When jumpcasting this skill, it is important to time it as late as possible. This skill is split into 5 hits, and if you cast it too early in a jump, 2 of those hits will completely whiff, causing you to lose 40% of its damage.

Cooldown: 4s
GCD: 0.6s
Coefficient: 1.30
Animation lock: No

Typically you will use this skill to move around quickly while luring enemies in a dungeon. You shouldn't use it recklessly on bosses since they get 30 second stun immunity when you stun them.

Inner Strength
Cooldown: 6s (-0.6 with a secret stone)
GCD: 1.0s
Coefficient: 0.08
Animation lock: Yes

Generally, the CRIT/EVA buffs last too short to bother trying to maintain. However, it can be useful to keep 3 stacks of the EVA buff for mobbing.

The -20% damage taken buff lasts twice as long as the CRIT/EVA buffs (20 seconds). Keep this buff up if you need it.

The healing quantity is typically low if it does not crit, and this is one of the main advantages of maxing your CRIT. However, you can also boost the healing with damage vs element. Any +damage vs element will be applied to this skill's healing if you have matching armor. For example, +50% damage vs flame will increase the healing by 50% if you are wearing flame armor.

Cooldown: 4s
GCD: 1.3s
Coefficient: 1.35
Animation lock: Yes

This is a rather lackluster skill as a ravager sub. It's slower than Blitz and Soaring Slash as a gap closer, the radius and damage are smaller than Sparks and Flames, and the DMG buff is really small. You don't really have time to cast this skill as a brawler/ravager, unless you need a gap closer that is not Blitz or Soaring Slash.

Lotus Strike
Cooldown: 10s
GCD: 1.5s
Coefficient: 2.25
Animation lock: No

You'll mainly use this to release earth charges against bosses. It's a very large burst, so try to make sure all DEF debuffs are on the boss first, and attack the boss from behind for +50% backstrike damage.

Sparks and Flames
Cooldown: 4s
GCD: 1.7s
Coefficient: 1.55
Animation lock: No

This is your primary AOE attack. It has good damage (even more with the Suffocating Flames mastery), a huge radius, and a relatively short cooldown. In addition, due to the high damage, it is also your secondary katar DPS attack, for use when you don't need a Swift Strike.

If you are jumpcasting this skill, it is EXTREMELY important that you do not cast it when you are high in the air. If your character is floating too high, the entire skill will completely miss, potentially causing you to die.

Shadow Strike
Cooldown: 4s
GCD: 1.7s
Coefficient: 1.25
Animation lock: No

Due to detailed damage, DOTs are very underpowered in PVE. You will generally not use this skill unless
1) you need to quickly generate sky charges (for +EVA from Inner Strength)
2) the boss has a damage shield
3) you are often forced to stay away from the boss, but you still take damage, so you need more healing besides life steal and Inner Strength

Raging Slash
Cooldown: 6s
GCD: 0.8s
Coefficient: 1.05
Animation lock: Yes

This is one of the quickest axe skills, so you will use it a lot to maintain your rage on bosses.

Horizontal Slash
Cooldown: 10.5s
GCD: 1.5s
Coefficient: 1.75
Animation lock: Yes

In contrast to Raging Slash, this is one of the slowest axe skills, and it is prone to miss if you're jumpcasting. You don't even need this skill on your bar.

If you jumpcast this skill, you need to time it as late as possible. The first 2 hits of this skill will often miss if you cast it too early.

Soaring Slash
Cooldown: 24s (-2.4 with a secret stone)
GCD: 0.6s
Coefficient: 1.50
Animation lock: Yes

This is the fastest axe skill, and it generates tons of rage and deals decent damage. However, it has a crazy long cooldown, and it's kind of difficult to jumpcast, so you will mainly use it to generate a lot of rage. You can also use it as a gap closer or a filler AOE attack.

You are normally not allowed to use this skill while jumping, and the skill animation itself launches you into the air, preventing autoattacks. However, if you time the skill right before you hit the ground, you will skip the jumping animation and just slam into the ground immediately, allowing you to quickly resume autoattacks.

Mirrored Axe
Cooldown: 12s
GCD: 1.0s
Coefficient: 0.95
Animation lock: No

This is one of your only ranged attacks, so it is useful for generating rage while moving. It is also fairly quick, so you can use it as a filler rage generation move.

Flame Slash
Cooldown: 12s
GCD: 1.0s
Coefficient: 1.00
Animation lock: Yes

This is really similar to Mirrored Axe with slightly more damage and a shorter range, so you can use it for the same thing. It also has a small AOE, so you can use it as a filler AOE attack.

Tornado Spin (AKA Round and Round, or RnR)
Cooldown: 24s
Coefficient: 0.30?

This is the infamous "spin". However, there's a misconception that this skill deals a lot of damage. This skill deals a lot of AOE damage, ONLY if you have max rage. And against single targets, it is weak as ****, even if you have max rage. Don't spam this skill against bosses unless you want to die.

You can move around while using this skill, but you can't do anything else until you stop spinning. Also keep in mind that this skill completely disables autoattacks, and they will NOT automatically resume afterwards.

Cooldown: 24s
GCD: 1.8s
Coefficient: 0.90
Animation lock: Yes

This is an AOE stun, but the damage is pathetic, and the stun is incredibly delayed. You will almost never use this for actual AOE, but rather just for generating rage without a target.

This skill will completely miss if you use it too high in the air, similar to Sparks and Flames.

Stats and Masteries


As a ravager sub, your SPD will be pathetic, so we will get attack speed from gear and eidolon. So our two options for offensive stats are DMG or CRIT.

DMG: 99 points in DMG give +35% damage to DOTs (useless) and +35% base DMG, which translates to about +20% total DMG. Autoattacks and Tyrant's Fury directly scale with DMG, and skills scale slightly less. So your overall DPS gain with 99 DMG will be a little less than +20%. Adding DMG will also boost your DEF due to the Best Defense mastery.

CRIT: 99 points in CRIT gives +25% crit rate. With 300% crit damage, this translates to +20-25% overall DPS (depending on your initial crit rate). Adding CRIT will also make Inner Strength's heal more reliable, and also cause crit-based procs to proc more often.

If you really want to maximize your DPS, then go 99 CRIT and rest DMG. If you don't mind giving up a little DPS for some more DEF, then you can do 99 DMG instead, but this will make your Inner Strength less reliable.


Defensive points really depend on your gear. You must cap your DEF for higher level dungeons, otherwise you will be in a world of hurt. You get +1% effective DEF for every level that you outlevel the enemy, so you can include this in your calculations.

Any extra defensive points can go into HP or EVA. I recommend taking HP unless your gear is really insane and you have a full set of DMG +2%/EVA +2% secret stones.

Envoy path

Planning your envoy path mainly consists of deciding which "major nodes" to get, then taking the best nodes along the way.

Flame Charge: This is one of the most important nodes in your envoy path.
Secret Techniques: This provides a huge DMG boost as well.
Water Charge: It's kind of far, but this is really good for increasing your survivability.
Truth Seeker: Right next to Water Charge and pretty useful, so you may as well get it.
Charge Master: Gives a bit more DPS if you're not using crit dmg stones.
Weak Point Analysis: Since we will use Lion's Roar, it helps to get as many of these nodes as possible.
Brawler Mastery/Studies/Training: These boost your mainhand damage, which is most of your damage.
Hundred Blades: This is the only easily accessible combo skill. The damage isn't very good, but you are invincible while casting it, which can be useful.
Fleet Footed: Moving faster is nice.

At level 70:

Notable nodes I didn't take:

Ride the Winds: This sucks.
Shadow Spin: Too far.
Light Blast: Too far.
Inner Strength: Too far.
Electrocution: Like I said earlier, you usually don't have time to use this skill as a brawler/ravager.
Lotus Strike: We don't generate that many charges, since we have to use axe skills to maintain our rage.
Determination: This is not really a PVE mastery.
Muscle Up: Couldn't afford it.


Common: Swift Cruelty
Offensive: Zeal
Advanced: Suffocating Flames
Defensive: Extreme Speed OR Iron Wall, depending on your DEF
Tactical: Break Defense
Special: The Best Defense

I don't recommend Whirlwind Slash because the cooldown is too long.

I also don't recommend taking Courage because Iron Wall will outperform Courage if your DEF is not capped. If your DEF is capped then take Extreme Speed instead.

In theory you should split tactical masteries up among your party members to get the most number of debuffs on the boss, but I usually don't trust my party members to stay alive so I keep Break Defense on full time.



- Demon Winged Katar
- Sharpened Teeth of the Holy Beast

Either of these are fine, as long as you have a high % on it. The crafted katar has boss damage +10% and a core effect, which are great, and the yellow katar has higher base DMG, which helps for AOE.

If you like to solo a lot, then I would take the crafted katar with a Destroyer core, since one of brawler's weaknesses is its lack of %-based DEF debuffs.


- Sacred Scar Axe

The proc sucks but you really want the boss damage +10%. Make it with a Nocturnal core.

Your single target DPS is mostly based on autoattacks and Tyrant's Fury, both of which are non-elemental, so you should choose your weapon element to boost your AOE damage. This means you want to get a flame katar and a storm axe.

Top armor

- Devourer

Devourer top is standard for PVE DPS. You should not need Titan to survive, since you are a brawler main.

I only use Imperial cores. You can use something else if you don't care about move speed, but as a melee character you need to be able to move around quickly.

Bottom armor

- Lion's Roar

This is important to this build. Since our SPD stat is pathetic and we have no way of buffing it with this class combo, we need the attack speed buff from Lion's Roar in order to cap our attack speed. As a bonus, we get a big boost to crit damage.

- Lethal Beast

This is only an option if you are optimizing your build to receive a SPD buff from a gunslinger and ranger. Your target SPD without Lion's Roar is 40-44%, which you can't reach with just self buffs.


- Malodnak's Sharp Claw
- Malodnak's Dark Claw

The proc on these trophies is detailed damage.

- Elemental trophies

I didn't really talk much about elemental damage, but you can use these if you really know what you're doing.


- Flokja's Gale Claw
- Flokja's Tempest Scale
- Flokja's Tornado Fang

Mainly for the proc. The SPD also helps a bit with axe skills.

- Sloar's Slippery Skin
- Wade's Amulet of Destruction
- Varis's Signet

Flokja set is really expensive, so this is a very cheap alternative. It has nice stats, and it boosts your Sparks and Flames by a little bit (as far as I know, the +15% flame damage is a typo, it is only +8%). If you wear flame armor, this set will also cause your Inner Strength to heal 30% more as well.

- Elemental accessories

There are other elemental damage sets besides the IA and WA sets, but they can be kind of expensive so I don't recommend you get them unless you really know what you're doing.


Secret stones come with 2 bonus stats. As a PVE build, DMG +2% must always be one of those stats (note that it can only come as the second stat). This is because DMG +2% on secret stones is detailed damage.

The other stat can either be EVA +2% or Damage taken -2%. You could even get CRIT +1%. We don't really need crit damage since we use Lion's Roar.

Specific stones:

Katar: Thunderous Swift Strike
Axe: Thunderous Raging Slash
Head: Sunset Sparks and Flames <- IMPORTANT
Body: Any
Waist: Sunrise Lotus Strike
Gloves: Azure Inner Strength
Boots: Azure Soaring Slash


Hat needs the Boss Damage +10% enchant, body needs Boss Crit Damage +25%. I also recommend having a secondary hat costume with Elite Damage +20%, since elites have a lot of HP to burn through.


Even with Lion's Roar, our SPD is so low that we STILL may not even cap our attack speed, especially if you don't use Flokja accessories. Therefore, your standard DPS eidolon should possess a +25% attack speed buff.

Bel Chandra: Gives CRIT, and also more CRIT and +20% crit damage if summoned.
Eligos: Gives DMG, and he inflicts a flat -DEF debuff if summoned.
Zaahir: +15% CRIT if you have 3 star.
Yarnaros: +24% DMG if you have 3 star.

Other cool eidolons:

Aelius: Very good eidolon to keep on hand in case you need an emergency cleanse.
Kotonoha: You can temporarily swap to a stun axe if you activate her life steal buff.


There are 2 main "modes" of fighting.


AOEing is fairly straightforward. Basically just spam Sparks and Flames and fill any gaps with Electrocution or any axe skill. You can jumpcast if you are confident that you won't fail Sparks and Flames (failure may kill you if you are taking a lot of hits). If there are a lot of mobs tightly packed together, then you can use Round and Round on them to wipe them out (make sure your rage is maxed first).


This class does not use a set rotation for bosses, so you should use skills based on what you need.

1. Need more rage -> any axe skill
2. Need Swift Cruelty buff/debuff -> Swift Strike
3. Have earth charges and Lotus Strike is ready -> Lotus Strike
4. Sparks and Flames or Swift Strike


You should attempt to attack bosses from behind whenever possible. If you are tanking the boss in a party, you may want to keep the boss facing one direction so the other DPS can backstrike.


Here is a video.


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PostedOct 11, 2014 5:09 am
Thank you, this has to be one of the most helpful guide in the Brawler section since iDreamy's off tank guide. Props to you man!


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PostedOct 11, 2014 5:46 am
+1 nice guide


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PostedOct 11, 2014 7:32 am
LEL a Guide for Spin2Win katar :v

with the class specialization... = Spin-Spin-Spin


errr... what is your Crit Damage ? i dont see it Shocked

you better cap the Crit Damage if you want to Crit Build :v

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PostedOct 11, 2014 10:17 am
Spinning is highly ineffective against bosses.

130% base
35% katar
5% axe
55% lion's roar
25% envoy
20% charge master
25% costume vs boss
270%, 295% vs boss

There are various ways to deal with the missing 5%.
- 6/2 stone
- 4/2 stone (cheaper)
- take brawler studies 1
- or just ignore it in case you get wiz buff


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PostedOct 11, 2014 11:23 am
Very nice guide, wish I could be this good!


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PostedOct 12, 2014 3:49 am
While jumpcasting, do I have to let the 3 autoattacks hit and then jump again or do I just jump consistently?


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PostedOct 12, 2014 4:17 am
not necessarily, you can cast autoattack after you jumpcasts a few skills


Jump+Electrocution>Jump+Swift Strike>Jump+Swift Strike>Jump+Swift Strike>Jump+Lotus Strike>Auto Attack

Not really the best rotation but pretty much that's how it work. It is all depends on how well your timing is.


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PostedOct 12, 2014 6:56 am
Even if you cancel a skill's animation, you can't jump during a skill's GCD. So, you will typically be forced to wait on the ground for a little bit between skills, unless you used a very fast skill.

But waiting before jumping is not something you need to consciously do, because your character can autoattack while jumping, too. Just focus on timing your skills properly.


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PostedOct 12, 2014 3:48 pm
i dont like doing auto attack since its only waste my energy.

why we smash our "SPACE" and "Skill" if we can just press D D D and V button like i did.

my rotation : Swift Strike >> Swift Strike >> Swift Strike >> Lotus Strike

The Best Rotation Ever !

* D = Swift Strike
* V = Lotus Strike

dont worry about your damage, since OP ravager will wipe the monster or the bosses.


Parental Guide Note :
this is just a joke, please dont do this at home.

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