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16 Jul 2007
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PostedDec 10, 2008 8:32 pm

Earn AP With Offerpal!

Aeria Games introduces Offerpal, the newest way to get AP

Aeria Games is excited to introduce Offerpal, the newest way to get AP! You can earn Aeria Points (AP) just by completing various offers!

Participating in Offerpal is extremely easy!

1. Log into your Aeria Games account HERE
2. Visit the Aeria Games Offerpal webpage HERE
3. Browse the offers and complete ones you are interested in
4. Check your AP balance at anytime with the “Missing AP?” button
5. AP will be deposited to your account within 3 business days!

If you have any questions or concerns about the program please post HERE.

Feedback about individual offers may be posted HERE.


What is Offerpal?

Offerpal allows you to complete various offers and receive compensation, in this case Aeria Points (AP).

What kind of offers are there?

There are all different kinds of offers. There are surveys and trial signups and movies and credit cards offers and more! Check out them all and do the ones you like! You might find an offer for something you have been wanting forever, and you can get AP too!

Do I need a credit card?

Not all offers require a credit card. There is a mix of both. There are many offers that do not require a credit card, as well as many that do. Which you participate in is up to you!

What kind of personal information is required to complete the offers?

Different offers require different information including (but not limited to); address, phone number, social security number, credit card number, etc.

How soon after I complete the offer do I receive my AP?

For some offers the AP is given immediately after completing it, while others take up to 3 business days to receive AP. Make sure you fully complete the offer to ensure that you get your AP. Is you are ever wondering the status of your AP simply click the button that says “Missing AP?”. You will get full details about the status of your AP!

Is it safe to complete the offers?

Aeria Games is dedicated to ensuring our customer’s safety and satisfaction. Never give out your information on a site that does not ensure “Secure Server Transactions”. Be sure to review the offer completely before submitting ANY of your information.

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