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Install Shaiya OS in PlayOnLinux aka POL

How to play Shaiya on Linux. (Warning! Image heavy.)
Warning: This is not supported by AGE staff. You install and do this at your own risk. I will not be responsible for anything that goes wrong with your Linux machine.

The purpose of this guide is to help people be able to play Shaiya OS on a Linux machine by installing and configuring PlayOnLinux. If you do not have PlayOnLinux installed on your system, you can follow the guide here on where to download and install for your distro of Linux:

I have not tested this with PlayOnMac, as I only run a Mac from a VM on my Windows and Linux machines. So if someone wants to try a guide with this method go for it.

I have not tested this method with the newer Shaiya OS install file, but had used an older file from September 2010. It was a copy I had laying around on an old hard drive. The file size is about 1.3 GB, and can be downloaded from here:

Go ahead, and get PlayOnLinux started. Once loaded, click Install:

You will see all sorts of options to install things. Search for Shaiya Online in the search box:

You will see a message about it being in testing. Ignore the message and click OK.

Step by step instructions for installing will come up. Read them and click Next.

A pop about needing the download file will come up, and will open up a browser window. Close them out and continue.

A message will then come up about configuring the a virtual drive.

A message will come up stating that you will need to obtain a download copy of the install file for Shaiya. Just hit Next.

Hit browse and look for where you placed it on your system.

Select the Shaiya_US_Install_20100901.exe file and continue.

Click Next.

An error message will come up. Ignore it and click Continue.

Follow the steps as you would for a normal software install on a Windows machine:

A browser will pop up trying to get you to download the newer install file. Just close it out as you won't need this.

Click next. A message will pop up about a bug report. Ignore this and close out the bug report.

Once done, the PlayOnLinux menu will now show a shortcut for Shaiya. Click on it, and then select Configure.

From there you will then see the PlayonLinux Configuration Menu. Scroll down until you see Internet Explorer 8. You will need this so t hat the Updater.exe file will not be white and can at least see the announcements.

click install and then follow the directions as they come up. First select English and hit Next.

Select: " I do not want to participate right now." click Next.

Deselect install updates and hit Next.

Wait for Internet Explorer as it installs.

Click Restart now (Recommended). It will then simulate a reboot of Windows.

Once that is done. Close the PlayOnLinux Menu, and click the Shaiya Online shortcut on your Desktop.

The Updater will run with the old Ep2 interface. It will pop up with either the Goddess of Light or the Goddess Of Fury with the warrior standing on a pile skulls. It will then come back up with the Update that we have for EP 7.

While this updates, I do recommend to do something else for a little while or go grab something to drink. At the time of this writing there will be about a total of 132 or 133 patches to install.

Once it is done updating close the Updater.

Bring back up the PlayonLinux main menu, and select configure. Which will once again bring the PlayOnLinux Configuration menu.

Go to the Miscellaneous tab, and select: Run an .exe from this virtual drive. You will look in or around for a file in the /home/usrname/PlayOnLinuxdrive/ShaiyaOnline/C:/AeriaGames/Shaiya/CONFIG.EXE

Once you select whatever setting you have for your game such as turning off capes. Hit confirm and close that out.

Go ahead click Shaiya Online from either the Desktop or the PlayOnLinux main menu, and log in as per usual:

Once you get past the channel selection screen, you will go to the character selection screen. From there a warning message may pop up: "Windows is having an update, please restart the system and try again. Just hit ok and continue on like normal. This will pop up every time you play. A little annoying, but worth to play Shaiya on your Linux machine, right?

Some screenshots to show that it does work on the system:

Thank you for hanging in this long to read the guide. If anyone needs help or has questions feel free to PM me in game or on the forums.

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