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12 May 2013
PostedMay 07, 2014 8:13 pm

the archive

ok so checking the archive a lot of items I cannot get now due to them being promotional or some other deal such as the mounts included in the first time spenders pack or the closed beta items.

id like to suggest you move all the promotional items to a new category of the archive and title it "Promotional" or something. its very annoying to see items in the archive that not only can I ever get, but will remain blackend even after I fill the rest of its area up. other holiday items have become available on item mall etc etc, but items like the class outfits and weapons especially the untradeable gears, this is just unfair to any collector to see all these items they cannot get no matter how hard they try. so please put them into a new archived section so that anyone who has not been able to be in closed beta, or gather all the class costumes, or buy every spenders package doesn't have to go "oh hey whats that item do, oh cool it looks neat too how do I get it? oh I can never get it?"

here's a list of items that we cannot get now: so far 69 archive items

warriors unique headdress
archers unique headdress
priests unique headdress
mage unique headdress
paladin unique headdress
ranger unique headdress
assassin unique headdress
cleric unique headdress
sage unique headdress
berserker unique headdress
wizard unique headdress
necromancer unique headdress
CB king memorial cape
CB knight memorial cape
warriors unique outfit - male/female
archer unique outfit - male/female
priest unique outfit - male/female
mage unique outfit - male/female
paladin unique outfit - male/female
ranger unique outfit - male/female
assassin unique outfit - male/female
cleric unique outfit - male/female
sage unique outfit - male/female
berserker unique outfit - male/female
wizard unique outfit - male/female
necromancer unique outfit - male/female
warriors unique weapon
archers unique weapon
priests unique weapon
mages unique weapon
paladins unique weapon
rangers unique weapon
assassins unique weapon
clerics unique weapon
sages unique weapon
berserkers unique weapon
wizard unique weapon
necromancers unique weapon
CB sprite commemorative gold trophy
CB sprite commemorative silver trophy
sprites teleport stone
green spotted lizard mask - the quest does not reward it anymore
yellow spotted lizard mask - the quest does not reward it anymore
happy funshine jelly rabbit mount 75% lvl 1
great elders white yak mount 75% lvl 1
messengers fiery dragon mount 75% lvl 1
yellow jelly rabbit mount 45% lvl 1
noble white highland yak mount 45% lvl 1
noble panda chieftan mount 75% lvl 1
noble black bear battle mount 75% lvl 1
starshine unicorn mount 80% lvl 1
invincible iron war lion mount 45% lvl 1
invincible captain war lion 60% lvl 1
holy starshine unicorn mount 40% lvl 1
holy kings starshine unicorn mount 60% lvl 1
holy Pegasus mount 40% lvl 1
holy flying Pegasus mount 60% lvl 1

this list is still incomplete, and its at a whole 69 items, that's a lot of black squares in the archive people cannot achieve, I understand that some people may think its great for them since they have been here since day 1 and have all the freebie promotionals, however I am not asking for these to be handed out or even be brought back as promotional items, it would be nice but what I wanna see is them all put into a promotional section of the archive, removed from the other sections right below island décor. along with all other future promotional items
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