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25 Jan 2014
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RagePrime´s Gren Guide

The Guide for the Grens that want to go to the Limit
This Guide Is under construction.
You can Tank Hard and even Lament with this Guide.
This is no lvl 50 or 60 guide or fresh 65, this is for the HIGH ENDGAME.
If you want to set your Goal high for the Future and have Arguments why you pick this set with that trophy and so on i will tell you.
I will try to update it from time to time!

First off some basic knowledge about Gren:
- High basic Dmg on weapon
- Only a few instant cast Skills
(this means skills that you press and the damage is applyed the moment it aktivates, this excludes all flying rockets)
- High Single Target Damage
- Medium AoE (compared to Wiz or Warbow the AoE is bullsht.)
- DPS highly depends on your playstyle!!!
(i will explain that later on)
- Only 1 Stun available (depending on sub, dont talk about stun-mastery on meteor shot)
(since this is mainly a PvE Guide i will explain later why i chose Gunslinger)
- Awsome DPS Class-Buff (up to 1.4k Crit+)

Now lets go first to the Items, since the gear lays down be basic concept of this Build.

I Choose these items:


As you can see now i will get a good chunk of HP/ATK/Crit from the Lion Roar and A LOT OF CRIT DMG.
The other 65 Set has another Zeal, but less CritDmg and no HP at all, it dose increase CRIT ... but you will not need it.
The CritDmg gives a overall higher efficientcy because you will have 50-65% Crit-rate with A LOT of ATK.


Most people might disagree on this one, since the Set Bonus is bad, i wont denie it it is bad. But you will gain a high Amount of exactly the Basic Stats that you are aiming for with this build.
Also the 10%+Heal dose effect your Lifesteal from Nocternal/offhand/carolines!
And a little CDr dose help too.

Accesour Set:

These 3 will be changed. Explenation following.


This Trophy is "bugged" the Lifesteal dose not work on SKILLS, it only works on normal attacks, but no worry since we will use between every 2nd or 3rd skill at least 1 normal attack!
This lifesteal stacks with nocternal and with the Nazrudin pistol lifesteal! (in our example up to 7% lifesteal)


You gone melt bosses ... just saying. Top Basic Stats exactly what you need and since you gone spam a **** of attacks in a small amount of time the efficiency is going to increase by a lot.


Free Zeal effekt, Element can be Fire or Thunder! For PvE is thunder better, for pvp fire.
Since we gone take both movement speed increases from the Envoys we will have to get the thunder improvement (2x8%dmg+).
And since the skill has a high basic dmg this will work realy well, but the animation is ****, so the aoe of it needs to make up for that!
Do not forget its like a red carpet, mobs CAN dodge it by running to the side!
So if you do pick Fire, you will increase its dmg ofc and the DOT too! Since thats the only DOT a gren has its fine too.

Since i do pvp and the thunder one is "bad" for pvp, i am using a fire element mainhand, but i would recommand Thunder>fire!


High Stats, good DMG for your Gunslinger Skills, passiv lifesteal, a awsome proc that increases Crit by as much as your Gren Class buff.
It also gives Surviveability 5%HP, this will ensure that you survive more then 1 Attack from Hells/lament/ST etc..

This is not all you have to get ... there is also Transformation!!!!

As soon as u get decend % gear you should use: 6 times on every Defensive-Gear part.
For the Pistols you gone use this: .
For the Gun you gone use this one: .

Now About the Cores for the Helmet and Armor !
You can choose here for your own between 3% movespeed or you go Dmg+ and HP!
No Def needet since you gona cap it anyway!



General Skills:
The Defense Reduction is realy good since this will increase not only your skill dmg but your normal attacks too, it also buffs up party and if you do go dot its just to weak to be worth it!
Reason why Canon Salvo and not other ... CD.

Attack Spec:
If i have to explain why Zeal ... then leave please ... now.

Advanced Skills:
I Choose the Wolf trap +5 lvl since this is the strongest DOT in the game, and if you gone use it (what you should do) then its a good dps increase, reason why not tower is simple ... if you do get the Cdmg+ it would only be worth vs normal mobs. Since your CritDmg should be high enough to cap Cdmg on Bosses.

Defense Spec
The 2% dmg reduction are flat and the 3%Hp dose help to increase your lifepool.
You can cap the Def without Iron Wall, but there is a secondary option that u might consider.
Extreme Speed ... but its expensive to get and if you do pick it you will have a ez time dodging red lines! So if you can afford xtremespeed>courage!

Tactical Spec:
Break Defense, you are dps, you want to deal dmg, then do so.

Spezial Skill:
Depending on your + you might not gone choose "teh best defense" but as long as you do not cap def take it, your basic damage is realy high this will scale your def up BY A LOT!
As soon as you cap def without it you can switch to Deep Blue.

Stat Points:

For stats you will go full DMG and depending on your current + and gear% you will go full hp or mix def and hp.
Why: You will get a lot of Crit trough your Set (Comet) + Crit Class Buff of Gren + Weapon Proc of Naz-pistols and each part of your gear will have Crit on it that you gone improve with the Transformation Tools.
Fact is the Stat points give more and more DMG/CRIT/SPD depending on your level. The Problem is that to get the most DMG from Gear (not counting weapon) dose not give that much compared to Crit that you can get insanily high without any points in Crit! (To provide more Information i will reset today my stats and show you the difference).

For the DEF Stats you should aim to have 65+% dmg reduction from your defense stat and the remaining points you stick into HP, since the only time you will need cap def is when you go into dungeons as a PARTY the means you probabaly gone have a tank -> Tank Buff , if that one is not enough to cap you there is allways Buffood!
(I have all points in hp with courage and im at around 90-95k hp and Def Cap´t -5%dmg taken from bosses buffood ... thats why i can tank hells/lament-bosses)


To start of building my enovy i decidet to evaluate all the possible options and what i lack the most and what i want to increase as 2. and 3. stats.

I Choose to maximize the overall DMG(prio3) increase, the CritDmg/Crit(prio2) and get as much Movement speed(prio1) as i can.
The Build from up top lacks Movementspeed, you should be aware that movementspeed dose not only increase you clear speed of dungeons, but also lets you dodge red lines more easely.
The Bardbuff that you will get as soon as you go to a dungeon where you need to dodge red lines helps a lot, but better be safe.
You can +20 your offhand to get movement speed +2 and 3% ... but thats pritty daman expensive.
None of your Set Parts or weapons give you movement speed so you basicly "have" to pick it up.

Now some might say: " well why not pick up the Nocternal 60 pistols that have +5% move speed instead of naz pistols".
The Reason why is simple you will only get +5% that wont do the job, you will need the 10% and the bardbuff to dodge 99% of the lines safe!
Also if you dont manage to dodge the 5% HP from the naz gun gone help a lot.

For the Crit i went for the static increase of % not for CRIT%+ since its worth more.
The CRIT% will scale up in late game depending on your lvl and such so you gotta evaluate it for yourself.
I will try to check it today and tell you my result at lvl70 with the gear up top.

I took as much DMG%+ since this will amplify all your skills and your normal attacks, this means you will not rely on using 1 skill 24/7 on cd to get the most out of your envoy.
Also since this build is unique in terms of using a lot of normal attacks this probably is not the best option for everyone!

You want to get as much CrtiDmg so you gona have to take all envoy with CrtiDmg%+.
Also dont forget the DMG+ when using a GUN since thats a Flat and big amount of Damage added to every attack!

Now you gone ask me probably ... why I go for the Thunder 8%dmg instead of maybe Crit rate to the skill or atk speed / cdr.
You do have a lot of Crit Rate and using 1 point in evoy for Crit Rate of 1 Skill is not that good compared to a raw dmg increase of that skill.
The 8% dose work on Noncrit and Crit, as long as you can pass the 50% Crit rate you dont need to bother with the Crit rate anymore, you will have slightly less chance to crit with it but therefore your DMG peak will be higher with this skill.

greetings RagePrime
Since i will work on it realy hard to explain it in Detail i would apriciate minor donations.


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25 Jan 2014
PostedMar 25, 2014 4:11 am   Last edited by RagePrimeEU on Apr 01, 2014 3:07 am. Edited 5 times in total

Now i have to explain how to fight, to make this work!

Its pritty basic, maybe some of you played Aion before or other Games where they heared of this mechanics.
Its called Weaving/Animation Canceling, this feature can be applyed to skills and autoattacks, but it is hard to master.

Now everyones probabaly like: "WHOOOT? How are you canceling Animations HAXXX!!!"
And i say: "nope ... just basic understanding of game mechanics".

How to:
As soon as you use a Skill there is a timeframe where you can not move or do anything else!
This one we gone bypass by using Jumps!
Yes spacebar is gone be your best new frend and you gone use him more then any other skill!
You will destirb the animaion of skills and normal attacks with jumping, but what dose that mean now?

If you are in the air and would get normaly imobilized by the machinc of a gren-skill you can still finish the animation of the jump since it has a higher priority then the animation of your skills.
After experiencing that and being that way able to dodge way more red lines while keeping on dpsing with full strength.
I guessed it might be able to cancle out parts of the animations of the skills since the priority of the jumps seams to beat the root of the skillanimation.

But what dose that mean now for your dps bside surviveablity? And how dose it work (technically explaind)?
Basicly each skill has a point where the game realices ok he used "Skill X" that also have a animation to it.
Most People gone see ok i use "skill A" and wait till he makes his "260degree breakdance" move to shoot 1rocket.
But we aint gone wait! We will use the jump to tell the server "no skill anymore" stop, the server allready did get the message that the attack got exicutet at the start of the animation,
so now it gets a interrupt where it thinks the animation endet, the server will then be already ready to process the next attack!
So if you do not send the next skill the server gone count down to the next normal atk and use that.
Now if you time the next attack well you wont even have 0.1 sec between the normal atk and your second skill.
Because the Server is still distracted with the Jump animation.

I will upload a Video to it where u will see the Dmg-delt-Tab.

I am aware that if you do not see it directly it is kinda hard to imagine and to reproduce without trying a lot.

In a Timeline it would look like this:

The Part where the animation starts will be the time where the server gone count down the 0.5sec to do the normal atk.
Right after you see him trigger the normal atk you can instantly use the next skill!
This means instead of waiting out the Animations and standing still you gone move around or jump on the spot.
And Add normal attacks between your skills.

But now the big Question: "Dose it realy make such a big difference? it just normal atks ...QQ".
My answer to this: "Yes big difference!"

Here is the table for the SKill amplifiers:

Fiery Salvo - 103%
Fiery Grenade - 95%
Plasma Cannon - 120%
Icy Grenade - 115%
Meteor Cannon - 125%

Aimed Shot - 135%
Bombardment - 155%
Sonic Bomb - 145%
Ultraviolet - 170%

As you can see your damage of the skills not gone be much higher then the dmg from your normal attacks!
But the basic value of Gren ATK (weapon) is realy high and you can stack it up pritty high (what i did with the build up top).
Now that you see that the normal attacks has about the same value dps wise as a skill, you probabaly forgot 3 more important fact.
1. The Carolines Intent !
This thing is bugged so it means it wont work on skill, but it dose work on normal attacks!
Which mean you get a boost of 7%hp steel every 2nd attack.
and 2. The attack speed from Lion Roar set.
This Set will provide you with enough attack speed to hold the countdown down to 0.5sec for each normal attack (0.5 is cap).
and 3. The procs, this Build is full of OP procs that boost your dps and basic stats.
1- nazruding pistols 1.4k Crit
2- Malodnak Claw 45%dmg+
3- carolines see 1*
4- Lion Roar buff see 2*
But why do i count some again, i do it because i want to note that those buffs all proce 24/7 since you will have basicly 3 attacks at the same time.
And with the attack speed from lion roar you will be able to keep them up without any problems, and reproc it at the same time over and over again.
This is also called a snowball effect~ !

But how to realy use those mechanics most efficiently.
I will tell you right away this needs a lot of expirence, try and error, it allways depends on ping, and ofc on your skill, since you have to time everything -> manage CD´s -> dodge red lines.
I can explain it in detail with every hight point of the jump to use which skill and what not to use! But this takes a insane amount of time video footage and so on.
I could do it for a realy big donation, so if anyone wants to master it without spending a lot of time (but a lot of cash) contact me ingame or via mail (forum).

Achivement Screenshots
- Talco (Lament) Solo
- Sky Tower Floor 15 clear
- Stats / Gear
- Envoys
- Masteries
- Achivements (Medals)


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10 Mar 2014
PostedMar 25, 2014 11:03 am
Sounds convincing Shocked

You have my attention sir


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14 Feb 2013
PostedMar 25, 2014 11:10 am
cant wait o.o


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25 Jan 2014
PostedMar 27, 2014 5:44 am
Please wait with your comments till i say its finished Wink you can allready check it out partially.


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04 Jan 2014
PostedMar 28, 2014 4:16 pm
lol, this rage can solo the thunderdragon Taloc at Lament map. experienced it myself. I blundered and died, the others too. and he just pewpew it to death

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26 Feb 2014
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PostedMar 29, 2014 10:43 am
your imgur is private cant see the img Cool


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28 Mar 2014
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PostedMar 30, 2014 11:18 pm
Suggestion for stats?..


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25 Jan 2014
PostedMar 31, 2014 1:22 am
Hadnt quite the time to finish any section to add,
I can suggest you go full DMG if you have ~50% Crit. With the Set that i choose it is not hard to get up to 67% buffed and 52+ unbuffed.

The Defensive points depend on your enchantment you should get about 65% dmg reduction from defense unbuffed so if a tank buffs you and you use buffood you get def capped.
If you do +15 every part of the mentiond gear above and plan on going +20 you can put all points in HP.


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05 Jan 2014
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PostedMar 31, 2014 9:21 pm
Id like to know how you play your gren/gs, like what skills get used like at "regular rotation", or do you have somekind tricks when comes gs skills in? Specially when we got already enough low cd on grenadier skills that you can just spam them only, so dont find really place to throw gs skills. Specially traps, when its pure ranged class, do you actually walk to boss and put traps under and kite away always when it expires?

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